True love never dies

Fred and Lily got up on the cold morning,the house they had owned for so many years was changing hands today.
They would miss the old place,they could still see their kids David and Jenny playing on the swings.
But the new couple the Penigar's seemed nice and they have small children as well,they could turn over the house to them in peace.
But little Timmy Penigar keeps seeing a ghostly couple is the house haunted.


1. Full short story

True love never die’s


He stirred from his fitful sleep as the small hand shook his tired old body, “Fred honey its time to get up”. Fred Littlejohn opened his eyes, as they grew accustomed to the dim light in the room, he saw the shape of his wife Lily looming over him. He smiled and let out a yawn, “Morning Lily my love”, another yawn escaped him and he quickly put a hand over his mouth.

“Come on sleepy head, you know we have to be out of the house today”, he raised himself up on his elbow. The day had finally arrived, he never thought he would see the day when they would finally move out of this lovely old house, which had been theirs for so long.Lily walked over to the bedroom window, the curtains moved slightly from the morning breeze, coming in from the small gap from the ajar window. She looked down upon the vast garden below, the lawn trailing off to a neatly kept hedge at the bottom of the garden. Beyond the hedge the sea swelled up to the long winding pebble beach. The sun had just risen on the horizon, a view worthy of any holiday post card.

She looked at the old wooden swing, remembering when David and jenny had laughed so much as they swung back and forth. Lily there mother keeping a close eye on them and Fred just in case he pushed them to hard.

The sound of her husband moving from the bed to the hard wooden floor broke her train of thoughts. She turned from the window and smiled at him, now wearing his best suit. Her dear Fred they had been together for sixty six years and he had only been her ever love, she remembered the tall handsome man she had meet at the summer dance in her teens. He had been a catch then, the girls had gone crazy over handsome Fred but he had never strayed and it had been a special love for the rest of their long life’s.

A single tear ran down her cheek, “Its not so bad love”, he said softly to her, seeing that she was crying a little. He went on, “The new owners look like such a nice couple”, she smiled at him and her face lit up as she replied, “And they have two wonderful children, just as we do”.

His arms opened to her and she slipped into his embrace, holding onto him tightly, “I love you so much Fred Littlejohn”.The chill in the room couldn’t dispel the warmth she felt in her heart as he gently stroked her hair. He whispered into her ear the words she knew off by heart, “I love you my Lily”. But she still loved to hear him say the words to her, his special words to her, “True love can never die, no matter what obstacles it may come up against”. He pushed her slowly away from him and held out his hand to her, she put her small hand in his. They walked out of the bedroom hand in hand and made their way along the landing. Then turning right they started down the stairs, she could hear the echoes from the past, their two children racing up the stairs, and laughter rang out round her.

The old couple reached the bottom of the stairs, Fred looked back and laughed, “Remember when David fell down the stairs, I thought he had broken his neck”, he laughed again, “That boy was made of iron”. She held his hand tight smiling, “Yes”, she said as they turned towards the large French windows, outside the chill morning was being replaced by the early morning sun shine.

It was going to be a fine summer’s day after all. She kissed Fred on his cheek, “Are you ready my love”, she said to him, he nodded his head with a smile on his lips, and “Yes my dear I’m ready”.

Still hand in hand the couple moved into the garden, Lily looked across at the gladioli flower bed. Fred also looked and said, “The frost has passed now”, Lily sais ,”Yes we should have told the new owners”. He scratched his head, “The corms are in the shed”, she smiled and replied, “I’ve no doubt they will find them”.

“I hope so”, he said looking at the flower bed, “It would be a shame if the garden lost the gladioli”. She sighed as they continued over to the hedge, “OH well”, they stood next to the hedge for what seemed an eternity. Just looking out to sea over the hedge, not saying a word, words didn’t need to be said as they were lost in their own thoughts.

They waited to go off to their new home. Lily felt Fred’s hand tighten and looked at his smiling face, she heard a car pull up on the drive way. The sound of young children’s voices drifting over to them, the time had come to move on to a new life together.

Little Timmy Penigar tugged on his mothers sleeve, “Mummy, mummy”, he cried to her, she looked down at her son and smiled, “Yes honey”. Half listening to her son, Linda was amazed at how beautiful the garden and house were. Timmy was persistent, “mummy, mummy who are those two old people over there”, she followed his little pointing finger to the end of the garden, all she saw was the well kepted hedge.

Brian her husband came up from behind carrying little Lucy in his arms. She smiled at her husband and looked down at Timmy and said, “Darling there is no one there”, she spoke softly to her son. Timmy shrugged only as little boys can, which always brought a smile to Linda’s lips, “I know they have gone now”, he spoke as if she where stupid.

Then that quickly forgotten Timmy ran up to the front of the house, waiting for his parents to open the door to his new home and exploring paradise.

Brian stood next to his wife Linda “What was Timmy saying about old people”, she smiled, “Nothing dear you know little boys”, Brian rubbed his chin and carried on, “Didn’t an old couple live here before”.

Linda put on a strained smile and nudged him in the side, trying to make a joke of it as she said, “Yes but they passed away silly”.


The end


C Robert Paul Bennett 1997/2012

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