Tomorrow will come only too soon

Suzy Lampton looked around the small cramped bed sit,she was in a strange place and a starnge town.
Tomorrow she would die and their was nothing she could do about it,she lay on the small bed and waited for the morning to come.


1. Full short story

Tomorrow will come only too soon


Tomorrow she would die, of this there was no doubt. Suzy Lampton sat in front of the small table looking around the small cramped bed sit, it was all she could afford on her income but a place to live was a place to live and like her father had always said, as long as you have a roof over your head you were doing ok.She was staying in a strange place and a strange little town, a weird place to spend your last night before tomorrow came. Thing’s would get better, thing’s would change, every thing should have been so different. The dim interior of the small room closed around her as she ran a hand through her long dark hair. She should have been sitting in a luxury room at the Ritz in London, mingling with the rich and famous, oh how she would die, excuse the pun, to be along side Brad Pitt.His strong arms around her shoulder’s as they smiled together for the camera’s. But this train of thoughts didn’t make things better, for tomorrow she would die.

She let out a giggle in the dead silent room; at least it wouldn’t be as bad as that time in the bath. Naked and defenceless in front of that entire stranger’s, that had been really embarrassing. She covered her eye’s a smile on her face, she let her hand drop and picked up her cup of coffee, “Boy that was a sad time”, Suzy spoke out loud to the empty gloomy room. It was funny how you always looked back on your life in times like these, like the time she had been lost in a crowd of people. In the middle of a mass of people, some with bad BO and smelly breath, there must have been well over five hundred of them. Feeling alone in the mass of people, desperately trying to be seen, but it had been hopeless in the middle of so many.

She took another sip of coffee, her face clouded over as she remembered the dark times The darkest and most horrible time of her life, nothing had gone right for her, she had even been down to the last of her money. What was his name, oh yes Jake that was the man’s name, he had tried oh how he had tried to talk her around. But Suzy had stood her ground; she would not stoop so low, no matter how hard times were. You see big Jake had tried to get her to do blue films, hard core sleazy muck. The thought of her family, especially her dear mother, had knocked that on the head for good. She relived that day she had told Jake where to go, she even surprised herself what with normally being so timid. In the end Suzy had been forced to go back home, her family had been great towards her until she found her feet again. Holding up the coffee mug to the empty room she said, “Thank you mother, I love you and always will”.

She drowned the rest of the Luke warm coffee and headed off to the single bed over by the window, there was only one room in the bed sit and that was a small toilet and shower together in a cramped tiny space.

The sun light shone through the tattered curtains. Waking Suzy out of her dream. Time to get up, time to die, she stretched and hoped that the bathroom along the landing was free, that was the spared bathroom where she could have a long hot bath. She felt dirty using the cramped smelly shower and tried as much as possible to get in the shared bathroom. Looking at herself in the small mirror above the tiny sink, she moved from side to side, turning her head this way and that, trying to get a good look at what she really looked like. Back in her room the small mini skirt showed off her long shapely leg’s to there best and the tight top done wonder’s for her cleavage.

Stepping out onto the unfamiliar street, the world about her alien, Suzy made her way down the street and into the unknown. Keeping her eyes down cast, she had always been so shy; she hated looking at stranger’s in case they caught her eye, as she would surely blush. The old warehouse loomed above her as she approached, its pure mass making her feel small and unimportant. This was the place, the door was open so Suzy walked right in, and this is where she was going to die.

She saw the large shape of George and he waved her over to him, “HI Suzy we’ve been waiting for you”, he said in a cheer full voice. “I know George but I got a little lost, sorry”.

“Not to worry love”, he said putting his arm around her waist, the tight top making her feel conscious, but she allowed him to do it, after all this was his show.

Suzy walked over two the two gangsters’ and they smiled at her as she joined them, they wore the traditional pin striped suits of old gangster movie’s and held sub machine guns in their hands. A third gangster man stood over to the right side holding his machine gun at the ready, he did not smile at her, and he looked the part a real henchman type.

Suzy braced herself, she heard George shout some thing then the sound of gun fire erupted in front of her. She fell to the ground, her face twisted in agony, blood spreading out over her tight top. “Great” roared George, Suzy opened her eyes and one of the gangsters’ helped her to her feet.

George patted her on the head and then put his hands under her tight top; he removed the exploding blood bag from around her thin waist. “That was really good Suzy”, he paused smiling at her, “I’m really proud of you”.

She smiled back at him; maybe she could make it after all, this being her first big part and all. Hell it beat doing television advert’s and rock music video’s.


The end


C Robert Paul Bennett 1997/2012

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