Anna Dressed In Blood.

When Louis Tomlinson dares his best friend and his band-mates to visit the house of 67th Lane, everything goes wrong. The house is believed to be haunted by a girl, named Anna. Her throat was slashed, and she was dressed in a white dress, that her blood covered. When they get involved in the sticky situations Anna passes them, will they ever get out?


1. The Dare.

Hey guys, so, this story is inspired by the real book, Anna Dressed in Blood. The story is amazing, and I wanted to make a story like it, but a one direction version, and a different one. I hope you guys don't judge me on this, and please comment what you think. Thanks, enjoy. - Liz xoxo

"Kay, lets play a game of truth and dare," Niall declared as his bored friends sat on the ground. They groaned, as Niall started whining.

"You guys are no fun, your bored anyway." Niall whined.

"Okay, okay, fine." Aphrodite, the band's best friend said.

"Okay," Liam said, since he had a monster crush on Alex. I mean, who wouldn't like her, right? She's gorgeous. The band refers to her as the 'greek goddess', with her shiny blonde curly hair, navy blue eyes, perfect tanned skin and amazing body. Simple. 

"GATHER IN A CIRCLE!" Louis screeched, making them all wince. Each of them gathered in a circle, as Liam settled beside Aphrodite.

"Okay, Louis, truth or-"

"DARE!" Louis said, not letting Harry finish his sentence.

"I dare you to throw away all the carrots," Aphrodite said, a cheeky smile playing on her lips. Louis groaned and fake sobbed, but getting up anyway.

For the next half an hour, Aphrodite had to strip, Liam had to use a spoon, Niall had to throw away all the Nando's, Harry had to straighten his hair and Zayn needed to break all his mirrors.

"I dare you guys, to go to the house on the 67th Lane," Louis said, cackling evilly.

"But Lou, Anna died in that house. Noway we're going inside," Zayn protested.

"I second that," Aphrodite said, raising her hand.

"A dare is a dare," Louis singsonged.

"Fine, but your going with us," Harry said, crossing his arms, and pouting.

"Fine, only for you pumpkin," Louis said, fake flirtatiously, and kissing Harry's cheek. Harry grinned at his boobear.

"Can we bring Eleanor?" Aphrodite asked, not wanting to be the only girl in the pack of boys.

"YAYYYY ELEANOR!" Louis screamed, before running upstairs to call his lover. They rolled their eyes, standing up.

Two hours later, after Liam had recommended they buy foods and drinks, their backpacks were filled with snacks, sodas, silly strings (don't ask why), torchlights, pillows and blankets. They were ment to spend the night.

"So, we set?" Eleanor asked, after arriving 1 hour ago.

"Yup," they said in unison, before setting off, to the house of 67th Lane, London

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