It started at hello

Hello this is a story about a girl named Bryelle charlotte Joseph , who has gone through alot and is facing these issues terribly . She makes some bad choices but she has a chance to get back on her feet and turn her life around but then she meets someone great, she needs to explain to her family why she did the things she has did but she needs to choose wisely .


9. Twists and turns


His last song was 'Kiss Me'.

Ed came of stage after doing a three song encore he came back. "What'd you guys think". "It was brilliant" Maria blurted out really fast. "Thanks" you could almost see Ed blush.

All the other boys left. "Hey I'm gonna go pull the car round" Louis said with a wink. "Yeah I'll go with him" I said jogging behind.

"So about that last song...." but Maria shut him up with a kiss


We let them snog for a while then finally broke them up. ''Hey guys. you have to breath every once in a while.'' Louis shouted.

They both broke apart and were blushing.

''Lets go to my house so we all can hang out for a while.'' Ed said. We all started running to the car with louis draging me behind him. The whole ride there consisted of snogging from louis and I. And dont Forget Ed and Maria were snogging too.

Once we got there we jumped out and went inside. We were sitting on the couch in the basement with Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam playing Call of Duty. Louis, Ed, Maria, and I  were just sitting  on the couch watching. It was quite entertaining.

<a couple hours later>

''I think its getting late. We should probably go home.'' Louis said looking at me. The rest of the boys agreed and we headed out.

We dropped the boys off then Louis and I went to our appartments. ''You wanna come chill for a while?'' louis asked. ''yeah sure.'' i said walking to his apartment. we walked in and sat on the couch. we sat on the couch with Louis sitting upright and me leaning on him. he was checking his facebook. ''do you wanna get on and see whats going on?'' Louis asked logging off of his and handing me his computer. I sat up and now was sitting on his lap. I logged on and started scrooling through the same thing that usually was on there. things like 'its a good day' or 'had a good day' that is usually the things that was on there. I was about to log off when one of my cousins had pusted something that had cought my eye.  it had said '' Hello Facebook friends and family. I regret to inform you all that a very close realitive has passed away. She was a wonderfull woman and she loved all of her kids and grandkids. Grandma Gene has passed away. please keep us in your prayers. thanks.xx'' 

I couldnt hold it together. I started crying. ''Whats wrong babe? What happened?'' Louis asked as he took back the laptop and pulled me close and held me tight. He is so comforting. I showed him the post and told him how I was close to her. 

'' I remember how we used to sing while she played guiter. she had an amazing voice. i loved her. she was like my mother. she acted like one. My real perents never treated me like a daughter. My grandmother was my best friend.'' I said before totally sobbing into louis chest.

''Are you going to go back for the funeral?'' He asked.

''I dont know. should I?''

''I think you should.''

''Yeah. but i dont know. i leave suddenly, then i show up only after someone i love passes away, just to leave again?''i said intently looking into his amazingly blue eyes.

' Its your choice. what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didnt encourage you to make your own decisions.'' He said pecking me on the lips.

''Yeah I think im going to..''





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