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Hello this is a story about a girl named Bryelle charlotte Joseph , who has gone through alot and is facing these issues terribly . She makes some bad choices but she has a chance to get back on her feet and turn her life around but then she meets someone great, she needs to explain to her family why she did the things she has did but she needs to choose wisely .


7. Meeting the Band & My Fate

                  Louis, being the gentleman he was, opened the door for me, and he, Harry and Zayn followed behind. Walking into Zayn's house is something I will never forget. You entered the living room, and the first thing that caught my eye was the giant chandelier that hung from the ceiling that was very high up. There was a 60" flat screen, HD tv mounded on the wall, and underneath was a glass shelf that held many one direction merchandise inclding both platinum albums, and original albums, and there book about themselves, and a book about their lives. Many magazines that they were on the cover on, and even a box of earphones. Next to the television was a hole in the wall. It was square, and inside the whol was what looked like an Xbox720. There was an identical hole on the opposite side of the tv, and that had a PS4. That was all I could make out of the room, with the thirty seconds that I had in the room.

          Walking into the backyard, It was huge. The sight of Niall and Liam fighting over a hotdog caught my eye and I couldn't help but laugh. At last, Niall won, and Liam had the last hotdog, which was burnt. After they put their plates down on the table, they came over to me to introduce themselves. "Hello, I'm Niall." A familiar irish accent said to me, and he left a hand out in the open, waiting for another hand to shake it, and my hand shot up to shake it. "Hi, Niall." As I shook his hand, I knew I was blushing, because, I felt my cheeks get warmer. As Liam approached me, he said "And I'm Liam." and at this point I knew I was as red as a tomatoe, and I shook his hand, and said "Hi, Liam". As the two went back down to eat their food, I looked at Harry, and he looked at me, and he decided to point and laugh at me and yell "LOUIS, YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS REDDER THAN A ROSE!" I knew that Louis was looking at me now, so I put my face in my hands trying to hide my face, laughing with the boys, wondering if Louis recognized when Harry said girlfriend.

        After the laughing died down, I picked my head up, and picked up a plate and went to the grill to pick up a hamburger, and sat down at the picnic table that could fit three on each side. I sat on the end next to Louis. Next to him was Harry, which put Louis in the middle. Across from me was Liam, next to Liam was Niall, and next to Niall was Zayn. We were all eating when Louis got up from his seat. "Where are you going?" I asked. "I have to use the Loo".

     After Louis went inside, there was empty space between Harry and I, so Harry scooted closer to me, until our hips touched. "So Bryelle. . . . Are you dating Louis? I mean like boyfriend and girlfriend?" I didn't know the answer to Harry's question. Louis didn't deny it when Harry pointed out that I was blushing. As i recall Harry said "girlfriend" and Louis didn't say "Shes not my girlfriend" but then again he didn't say I was his girlfriend. I had just met Louis a few days ago, but I did have feelings for him. "I don't know." I made my point clear by shrugging my shoulders. All four boys seemed to close in on my, and Niall burst into laughter. "You can tell, he really likes you, thats for sure." Liam said, very seriously. "Do you like him?" Harry asked. YES! I wanted to go out right and just tell the boys that I had feelings for Louis Tomlinson.

           At that moment, Louis walked out of the door, and as Harry scooted back over Louis said "What did I miss?" There was an awkward silence between the six of us. Harry decided to break the ice. "We were just trying to figure out if you two were dating." You could tell that Harry hated games.Louis just looked at me. He smiled at me, and said "It's up to her." WHY?!?!? I hate making the final decision. Of course. I would love to be with Louis. He's sweet, kind, generous, and most of all funny. The downside would be all the hate I would get.All the fans would tell me to kill myself, and I deserved to die. I think I would be used to being bullied, by now, so I had made my desicion. "Sure, if you want to give it a go."

        At that moment, I saw Louis' face light up. I saw the excitement in his eyes, and he grabbed my hand right away, and said "Well hello there, girlfriend." My stomache was filled with butterflies and I felt excited , too. While we continued our conversationmine and Louis' hands were interlocked, and it felt great. After the barbecue, Louis drove us home, and we were holding hands walking to our apartments, and we stood infront of my apartment door. We stood facing each other, hands in hands, looking into each others eyes. "Sooo, we are official?" I asked and Louis just laughed. He let go of one of my hands and put it on my cheek. He pulled me in for a kiss. At first it was just our lips that met, but soon, his tongue went against my lips, so I opened my mouth and our tongues slid past each other. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, while both of his hands were on my cheeks.

       After we released from the kiss, he looked at me and said "Does that answe that for you?" we both laughed. "Yes. That answers my question." I unwrapped my arms from his shoulders, and held hi shands again. "Well, boyfriend, I have to work early tomorrow, which means I have to go to bed early. Plus I have to catch up with my new friend, Maria." Louis pecked my lips with his, and said "Goodnight, girlfriend, and I hope you two become best friends." We both laughed, as I went into my apartment and closed the door behind me.

            I couldn't believe it. My first boyfriend, and first kiss on the same day. I felt like I could almost throw up. I was now dating Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, a dream any teenage girl dreams. I changed into my pajamas, and crawled into my new bed. I snuggled into my pillow and thought of what my new life would be like, if it starts like this. Maria could be my Best Friend if I got to know her better, and I was dating Louis. I work in a Starbucks, in London, England. The best thing I have ever done in my life, is run away from home, and move here, to my new home.


~~Madi Leigh-Anne~~

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