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Hello this is a story about a girl named Bryelle charlotte Joseph , who has gone through alot and is facing these issues terribly . She makes some bad choices but she has a chance to get back on her feet and turn her life around but then she meets someone great, she needs to explain to her family why she did the things she has did but she needs to choose wisely .


6. looking into the emptiness

I opened my door and looked into the emptiness that filled my flat. I really need some furniture i thought. Going into my room i grabbed some clothes . I had a blue shirt which ties in the front, bleached shorts,Blue chucks and high grey socks with a bow on the sides of them. Walking into the shower i realized i didn't just have an emptiness in my flat but also in my heart there was no one there to fill my heart with love.I was really excited that i started meeting people already i couldn't wait to hang out with Louis , maybe London will get even better.I hopped out the shower and slipped on my clothes.I went over to Louis and knocked on the door he screamed "it's open!." I looked at Louis on his couch all snug. "Hey lazy bones , I could have been a robber or something." "well i would have let you rob me" I giggled and sat right next to Louis , he was watching Titanic. Man , was it cold in here, I'm practically shivering. It's like he's a polar bear. Louis looks at me for a second " are you cold ?" " yes I feel like I'm in a icebox." " why didn't you say anything ?" " I didn't want to be rude." " that's ridiculous you need anything just ask, my flat is your flat." He put some of the blanket he was snuggled up in on my lap, I scooted closer to him to part the blanket evenly. Louis put his arm around my shoulder then looked down at me , I could feel his stare through the movie it was an comforting stare though. I felt myself dozing off , I tried to stay awake but I just couldn't .

I watched as Bryelle had fell asleep.She was breathing lightly and leaning my chest . I paid more attention to her than the movie . Her brown hair that'd blonde at the bottom , her beautiful lips , she was shorter than me .Bryelle was different she was really unique from lot of girls I've met . Maybe because she wasn't screaming in my face or panicking when she met me she just treated me like the regular guy I am. I finished watching the movie and fell asleep myself.

I woke up in Louis's arms . It was about 4:30 and I was so hungry . I careful unwrapped myself From his arms and got up and left. I walked down the stairs and went to go catch a cab because I was starving . " what is your destination madam ? " " umm.. McDonalds ." We pulled into McDonald's and the taxi guy parked while I went to go order. I order two cheese burgers and two ten piece chicken nuggets with fries . Yes , I'm that hungry. I also ordered two teas I was surprised when they gave me Tea in a coffee cup until I realized the tea was hot. It's not the American Arizona sweet tea , this is English brewed tea. I grabbed my bags and headed back to the taxi. We got back to the complex and I tipped the guy even though I had to remember to spend wisely . Walking back up to my flat I heard loud music and it sounded like my music , the songs I've written and recorded and put on my iPod but why would anyone here know those. I fidgeted with my fingers to get my key out. I opened the door and Louis sitting in the middle of my flat . " Louis how'd you get in here ?" " It's not good to leave your door unlocked ." " you're lucky it's me , and not a robber ." He mimicked my voice. I laughed and walked towards him and sat down with my food. Louis was going through my food I stared at him , " where's your furniture?" " well... Um , I actually have to go get some today ." " lets go my treat ." " I can't let you pay for that ." " I didn't ask you , I'm going to pay for it , besides it my gift to you." I looked at him and he smiled . " were you intending on share this , you must be hungry ." " I am hungry , so hungry." Louis laughed still getting some fries out of my bag , " who's song is this ? , That I put on." " uh how'd you find my iPod ." " Just looking around ." " so who singing it " he said once again . " it sounds lovely never heard it before." I looked down and blushed . " so it's you who sung the song ." He giggled in between." Who wrote it?" " I did, I mean it could be better." I stared at my food I was no longer hungry to eat. " it's good , have you ever gave it a go on singing for the rest of your life." " Lou, if I could I would but stage fright is killer." " you can get over it , just have fun." " I'll try it ." I looked at the clock , when right at that moment I see tea shot up into the air being spit out by Louis , he got up and poured the tea out in the sink. " you can't drink this stuff, Bryelle ." " You're cleaning that up right?" I said giggling . " I have to get ready for art shop ." I threw on some black skinny jeans and a white tiger shirt that shows my shoulder with some white converse . " that was fast." " I know but I have to go like now or I'll be late." " I could give you a ride ." We hopped in Louis's car and drove to the art shop. "I have to go do something with the boys." " okay ,bye" " what time do you need to be picked up ?" "In about 2 hours."

I walked inside and seen almost everyone partnered except a girl with long brown hair and green eyes , she turned to me and said ," hi I'm Maria ." " hello I'm Bryelle ." She handed me a apron and we got sculpting . We laughed the whole time Maria was a really cool person . She looked familiar she told me started working at Starbucks a day ago. We clicked I knew Maria was going to be my new best friend , we swapped cellphone numbers." Let's hang out later." " yeah." I walked outside getting ready to grab my phone and call Louis when I see his car already .

" hey." " hey , wanna met the boys later, we're have a barbecue ." " sure, sounds like fun ."Lou took a turn that I knew wasn't going back to the complex. " where are we going?" I said hesitantly. " we are going to get your furniture ." Walking into the furniture store Louis bet me he could find the best furniture fastest and I bet him too. Who ever lost had to do whatever the winner wanted. "Fine you're on Lou I'll kick your butt." " sure you will." We ran through the store like hooligans , searching for a couch , bed, tables, and lamps. Louis and I were in a tie we just needed a couch . Our eyes were on the same couch we ran to the couch and I swear I got there first, but Louis picked me up and sat on the couch . " Louis you cheater !" " You lost." I made a sad face and sat down next to Lou and put my head on his shoulder and pretend to cry. Louis smiled and hugged me , then said " it's okay that you're a loser you can't help it ." I gasped and punched him , we got off the couch and ordered the stuff and waited while they put the stuff in a truck." Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson your truck is ready." I saw Louis eyes lighten with delight and he grabbed my hand and said," come on Mrs. Tomlinson , our truck is here." I turned around and looked at Louis . " Oh my God , Louis , did she just call me Mrs.Tomlinson." Louis blushed , " I don't know I think we'd make a great couple." He smiled and looked away.I looked at him and kissed his cheek. I started moving our hands back and forth as we walked to the car . I let go of his hand and ran to the car he chased after me . " so what do you win?" " I don't know yet ." " c'mon gemme a hint ."" I don't know you'll just have to wait ." He smirked . Lou was smiling cheek to cheek the whole time even when we had to put the furniture in the flat. It looked beautiful , the furniture he'd chosen . Now my flat wasn't empty. At that moment I realized my heart wasn't either. A hour had gone by I was watching a movie . It was about a girl who'd moved to North Carolina and she was from New York and she didn't fit in but this guy saw her for who she was and that she wasn't a freak or wasn't just a doll, this movie reminded me of me.

Ringgg ringgg , I heard as someone was phoning me . " hello" " are you ready!?" " yeah" I took the elevator to the car lot and met up with Lou . He was driving us to the barbecue. It wasn't as far away as I thought it'd be , Lou told me we were going to Zayn's house and I'd meet some of their friends and family . I was excited and pretty nervous because I'd get to meet people that Lou cared so much about. Arriving to the huge house I was astonished . I got out the car and waited for Louis to park, when someone said , " hello , you must be the girl Lou talked so much about at the meeting earlier , my names Harry." " he did?, my names Bryelle ." " yeah , I could have sworn you were dating until he said that you weren't ." " yeah , he wouldn't shut up about you , I'm Zayn by the way." " nice to meet you." They walked me inside I couldn't wait to meet the others.


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