It started at hello

Hello this is a story about a girl named Bryelle charlotte Joseph , who has gone through alot and is facing these issues terribly . She makes some bad choices but she has a chance to get back on her feet and turn her life around but then she meets someone great, she needs to explain to her family why she did the things she has did but she needs to choose wisely .


8. Like Fate

I was awakened by the smell of something burning and the sound of a smoke detector. I ran down the hallway to see Louis with a fire extinguisher trying to put out something on the stove. I ran over and helped. We got the small fire out and started laughing. "Well that's not exactly my favorite thing to be woken up to".

"I don't know what happened i was cooking pancakes for you then all of a sudden..." he said doing a gesture with his hands. "Well i appreciate you trying. How about we go to the bakery and get muffins or something?"

"Sure, lets go hop on the trolley and head downtown"

When we arrived at the bakery we sat in the window seats. Louis went to order and came back with two little bags and two caramel frappucinnos. "Oh you know me so well" I said "Well of course I am your boyfriend" He said winking. Louis's phone beeped "Oh shit I completely forgot that me and the boys were going to see Ed perform tonight you can come if you want". "Sure, but can I bring a friend"

"Yeah, but you've only been here for a week what friend do you have" he asked with a certain tone of voice. "Well Mr.Tomlinson her name is Maria, we met at art shop and it just so happens that she is going to start working at Starbucks" I said "Well then Miss Sassy it looks like we have ourselves a date"

After leaving the bakery we ran by Starbucks to talk to Maria. She screamed she was so excited. I don't know what about Louis and I dating or the Ed Sheeran concert. We are both going out later to get our nails done. I mean it's not everyday you meet six celebrities at once.

I got a red mani/pedi with white tips and a flower. Maria got the same but with blue instead of red. Then, we went next door to forever 21 and got new dresses because they were on sale.

We went back to my apartment and got changed, when I walked out Louis's mouth dropped it was a one shoulder, red, pencil dress. "Wow you look great Bryelle" he said with a cheeky grin on his face. "Well thank you" I say, probably the same shade as my dress.

We leave the house hopping into Louis's car. Me and Louis in the front, Maria in the back. As we were listening to the radio in the car when 'The A Team' comes on and of course I start singing. Louis chuckles to himself when the song is over and I look over and say "What is so funny". "Nothing that was really good" he says.

When we arrive people cheer and scream. Louis only stops for a couple autographs and avoids all questions about Maria and I.

As we were walking inside all the boys ran over and gave Louis a man hug. We all walked back to a room with a couch. Everybody sat down I was inbetween Louis and Maria. Across from Maria on the other couch was Ed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Ed kept stealing little glances at Maria. I texted Louis and told him. Louis realized too then, he sent a text to the boys saying we have to get them alone. Zayn and Harry got up next came Niall and Liam then us. "Maria we will be right back you can stay here and talk to Ed" Maria blushed "Ok".

After about 30 minutes Louis and I walked in. They were sitting together on the couch with his arm around her shoulders.They looked so cute together and happy. It felt a little awkward, they were just staring at eachother. Louis cleared his throat and they both jumped a bit. "Oh um sorry" Ed said. A tall man in sunglasses came in the room and told Ed that he had to go and get ready.

After a little while we all went and stood in the wings and watched him perform. Through about half the concert he got a ten minute break and came back and talked but then had to go right back on.

His last song was 'Kiss Me'.

Ed came of stage after doing a three song encore he came back. "What'd you guys think". "It was brilliant" Maria blurted out really fast. "Thanks" you could almost see Ed blush.

All the other boys left. "Hey I'm gonna go pull the car round" Louis said with a wink. "Yeah I'll go with him" I said jogging behind.

"So about that last song...." but Maria shut him up with a kiss.



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