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Hello this is a story about a girl named Bryelle charlotte Joseph , who has gone through alot and is facing these issues terribly . She makes some bad choices but she has a chance to get back on her feet and turn her life around but then she meets someone great, she needs to explain to her family why she did the things she has did but she needs to choose wisely .


1. Just the start...

"Finally the end of Friday. I cant wait till the weekend. To get away from my school, and the bullying." I thought as i was getting my bags out of my locker to go home. (the other place i didn't want to be right now.) If only i could get out without... "Hey loser! Where are you goin? Get back here and let us have a ' little chat'. We havent sopken all day.  We have a lot of catching up to do.'' The bully said. ( i dont like to name names). Oh just great. this started out to be a good day. not now.

''Where are you going freak?'' she said walking up to me. I knew not to walk away. That would only make it worse. ''You know, if you acted like a normal person I would like you. its just that your a freak.'' she said. ''How come in a freak? What did i ever do to you?'' I asked. I have no idea why she hates me. ''Just shut up metal mouth!'' she said. ''Well at least I can fix that. To bad there is nothing for your ugly personality'' I said. ''What did you say 4 eyes? You dont dare mess with me! Just wait till monday and see what we do to you!'' she continued ''Just turn around  and look at the wall.'' I turned around and saw an embarrassing pic of my face on a bear. ''Haha! Thats just the begining! Just wait you little whore.'' And with that she walked away. ''Well bring it bitch!''I said walking home. 'I wonder what is awating me at home this time' I thought as I walked to my house. Then I dropped my bag. Just great. Then to make things worse it started raining. 'Just my luck' I thought. I started to run, but I figured I was already drenched. so I just walked. I finally got home. And it stopped raining. I was dry by the time I got home. I heard my parents yelling from outside. They were obviously fighting as usual. I wonder what they were fighting about this time.


A/N: Hey guys! thanks for reading! :) it means so much to us! :) There are 4 of us writing the chapters. First is me (Bailee), then Asa, Then madi, Then Zara. then it will go like that. And after we finish that chapter we will put something to let you know who wrote it. :)

~Bailee Perrie

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