It started at hello

Hello this is a story about a girl named Bryelle charlotte Joseph , who has gone through alot and is facing these issues terribly . She makes some bad choices but she has a chance to get back on her feet and turn her life around but then she meets someone great, she needs to explain to her family why she did the things she has did but she needs to choose wisely .


5. Changing it up

"Hi I'm Louis Tomlinson!" Louis said. "H-h-hi. I'm Bryelle Charlotte " I said. "Oh and by the way I just moved it next door. So I guess we'll be neighbors" "Cool! Just don't be too loud over there or ill just have to come over." "Whatever, anyway it was Nice meeting you but I have work tomorrow and I have to get my rest. " I said "Ok. Get some sleep. Bye" Louis said. "Bye."I said turning around to go back to my flat. I went inside and collapsed on the floor. I can't believe I just met Louis Tomlinson! I had woken up at about 10:30 about 2:30 in the U.S. I was still extremely tired. But, oh well. I went out to the orthodontist. To finally get my braces off. It had been a long painful journey. But now I can eat whatever I want. After I got my braces off I went to the eye doctor. I had wanted to get contacts for a long time. But now I want them now more than ever. After that I headed to the salon to get my hair done. Since I came here I wanted to "re-start " my life so to speak. I wanted to change my hair. I couldn't decide what to do. So I decided on blonde dip die. By the time I had done those 3 things it was time to go to work. I had gone home to get changed to my green polo top. And black pants. I headed to Starbucks. It was almost time to go home. Only 1 more hour. "Hello welcome to Starbucks what would you like?" I asked for about what seemed like the millionth time today. "Hello I would like a small mocha latte with extra foam." The guy said at the counter. "Ok. That would be $2.57. What's your name sir?" I said. This is goin to get old fast. "Louis. Louis Tomlinson." He said. I had looked up and noticed that it was Louis. "Oh hey neighbor!" I said "Do I know you?" He asked "Yeah. I'm Bryelle Charlotte. Your neighbor." I said in kind of a sassy tone. "Oh yeah! I thought I recognized you! You look different." He said scanning me up and down. "Yeah. I got my braces off and I got contacts." I said pointing to my teeth am then my eyes. "You look absolutely beautiful!" He said smiling. His eyes were absolutely beautiful. "Thank you. Oh an here's your drink." I said handing him the drink. "Thanks. See you around beautiful. See you at the flat" he said leaving. The next hour went by fast. I went to leave. I had got my things then walked out. I noticed Louis was still sitting at the table. "Oh your finally off?" He asked "Yeah. We're you waiting here for me to get off?" "Yeah. I just want to get to know you better. And I decided to walk you home." "Ok. I'm fine with that. " We walked to the flat and I went to go get changed. On the way there. We talked about the most random things. "Hey, i was wondering if you wanted to hang out some time?" He asked. "Yeah sure! When were you thinking?" I asked a little to eagerly. Oh well. "Um, how about tonight at 8. At my place?" He asked "Yeah sure! I'll get changed and ill be over soon. " I said walking into my flat. I can't wait to Hang out with him!  ~Bailee Perrie


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