It started at hello

Hello this is a story about a girl named Bryelle charlotte Joseph , who has gone through alot and is facing these issues terribly . She makes some bad choices but she has a chance to get back on her feet and turn her life around but then she meets someone great, she needs to explain to her family why she did the things she has did but she needs to choose wisely .


2. As i said goodbye

 "I want a divorce !" "How do you think i feel!" I hear as soon as i walk in . "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN , WHY ARE YOU WET?!" my mother screamed. " where do you think i was? And MOM ITS RAINING" i answered bitterly. " Don't you backtalk me." With that she slapped me . "What the HELL, do you think im some doll you can just slap around?!" I cried. She always hit me and take everything out on me. "I'm sick of this." i ran away from her i grabbed a bag , i stuffed everything in that was valuable . "I'm sorry ." i heard her say, she came up to my door with a bottle of alcohol in her hand i heard the door slam looks like i wasn't the only one leaving ."Your the only one i got."she pleaded."No, you have noone left you did this to yourself and your only sorry because dad doesn't want you anymore and neither do I."I responded cold heartedly. I bumped pass her and grabbed money out of her wallet. I opened the door , i took on last look at the house , too many bad memories .. i turned around and walked out the door. I kept walking  until i got far enough away from my mothers search. I stopped at a gas station , to see how much money i grabbed . I had basically grabbed the whole wallet , there was $5,000 and 2 credit cards. My parents have money but as you can see money  that doesn't buy you happiness. So i grabbed a coke and some doritos. I decided to take a train to the airport , This airport  was topnotch , people looked at it and at the whole hollywood look  .  As i always say looks are a disguise.Walking inside the airport , i see the flights and i want the one that will be the soonest and that was a flight to London. Thank God i was smart enough to bring my passport, i looked a the desk clerk and handed her my passport and some sort of identification and bought the ticket , then she handed it back and said " your flight will be her in 15 minutes." So fifteen minutes i waited , ready to leave this town , this state , and even this country. I heard the bell ring and a voice saying " Flight to london." Grabbing my bag i put it on my back and handed my passport to the flight attendant for her to stamp it, she handed it back and reminded me which seat i had took. I sat down and looked at the windows as we started to lift , Goodbye California. ~Asa Jade

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