You're Mine

*Not Famous*
Zoe and her cousin Niall have always been close, as close as they can be with Niall living all the way Ireland. When an unexpeected event brings Zoe to Ireland to stay with Niall, no one could have ever predicted what could've happened. Not only will Zoe fall for one of Niall's friends, she will be ripped away from everything she's ever known.


7. We're Done

"Get up you little bitch. I guess we need to have another little talk."

He roughly yanks my hair, trying to get me to stand up, but I defiantly stay on the ground. My head feels as if it's about to explode.

"NIALL!" I scream through my sobs, hoping he can hear me.


"Oh, Niall! Come help me!"

Seth spits the words in my face, mocking me. I hate him. I really, truly, utterly despise him. How could I ever think I loved him? What's the matter with me?

"Get away, Seth. We're done" I growl at him.

He throws his head back and lets out a sickening laugh that sends chills down my spine. Leaning in close, he tightly grabs my face in both hands. HIs blue eyes aren't the same as when I met him. Instead of being soft and curious and mischievous, they're hard and dark, some would even say evil.

"Well never be done, sweetheart. You're mine."

Despite my best efforts, he still manages to crush his lips on to mine. I'm filled with so much disgust and shame for both myself and him. How could I have ever touch, kissed, loved this monster? I see who he really is now and he won't fool me again. No guy will ever fool me again.

He finally pulls away and I make sure to look him dead in the eyes and spit on him, trying to wash his foul taste out of my mouth. I hold my breath, heart-thudding out of my chest in anticipation, and try to predict what he's going to do. He won't hit me again because we're out in public. If he does, he's more stupid than I thought he was.

I hear the distant sound of footfalls approaching and manage a smile.

"Better go, Seth. Four of them, one of you."

I watch the inner battle that goes on in his eyes as he quickly tries to decide whether to run, or stay and fight. His eyes dart quickly between my smirking, bruised face and the ones I love coming to protect me.

He whispers, "Don't you think for a fucking second this is the end, babe. Remember, you're mine."

Then stands up and sprints off toward his car. I roll back do I'm laying down and take a shaky breath, allowing my self to let go. My head throbs in sync with my face, both nearly unbearable pain. The tears flow out like a river as the sobs leave me gasping for breath. Everything I've kept in, comes out.

The fear, hurt, betrayal, pain, confusion, everything I felt toward Seth. The broken trust and shame, my stupidy of seeing Seth through rose colored glasses and stupidity of not telling someone the first time he layed his hands on me. How could I bee such a fool!? Now all I've done is manage to get my self pretty badly hurt and Josh knocked out.

Josh! I pick myself off the ground and frantically search for Josh. I find his limp body right where it was. Slowly and painfully, I crawl over, still crying my eyes out.

"Josh.. Wake up, Josh.." I half moan, half sob, completly defeated.

I'm sorry, Josh. I'm so so sorry. I didn't mean for you to get hurt! I should've just let Seth take me with him! Then you wouldn't of gotten hurt!

"Zoe! Oh my God! Are you okay!?"

Tina's the first by my side and she pulls me into her chest, gently stroking my hair and letting me cry.

"Jo-Josh! My f-face! Why!?"

"Shh.. Shh.. It's alright, Zoe. He's gone. He's not going to get you again" she coos, letting me soak her shirt in salty, bitter tears.


"Honey, can I get you anything? Another cup of tea? A blanket?"

I nod my head, accepting her offer of tea. Glancing around the fimiliar living room, I can only think of what he whispered to me before he took off. Is he going to come back to get me? Just the thought of having to see him again sends shivers down my spine.


Niall pops up and grabs another blanket, wrapping it around me gently. He must of seen me shiver. I offer him a sad smile as thanks, then return my gaze to my tea.

He said he loved me. How could he hurt someone he loved in such a horrible way? The doctor said I was extremely lucky I didn't break my nose. Maybe he never loved me. Maybe he just said he did.

"Honey? I've got your tea right here."

She pulls the cold cup out of my cold, lifeless hands, and replaces it with a new, warm cup. I nearly glance up at her.

"Could you tell us what happened, now? The officers really need to know, baby."

I raise my eyes at the two stone faced officers in blue. Ones short and lean and the other is tall and bulky. They probably make a really good team.

"Yes, Miss Welsh. If we're to have this file recorded tonight, we need to get on with the story" the tall one says.

The short one pulls out a note and scribbles something down before asking me yet again what happened.

I drop my gaze and stare back into my tea, being brought back to the whole horrific event. The fear and pain I felt return with a vegence as I wildly look around, reassuring he's not in the room. My heart beat quickens as my palms get slick with sweat, making it extremely difficult to keep a hold on the hot mug.

The house is silent, except for hammering in my chest, which I'm sure everyone can hear. He's waiting. He's hiding in the closet or in the kitchen and waiting for me to tell everyone about it so he can get me.

A sudden slam of a door sends me reeling. I scream, dropping my mug, and pull the blankets over my head, shouting at everyone to get him.

"He's here! Oh my God, he's going to get me!" I shriek over and over again.

Someone yanks the blanket off my head and I viciously glance around, trying to find the devil of a man himself.

"Where are you!?" I scream desperately.

"Come out and get me, Seth! I'm waiting, you bastard!"

Niall runs over to me and wraps his arms around me. I wrap mine back around him and hysterically cry into his chest, reliving each awful moment. The way his hand came hard across my face, the way he spit he words in my face, the way he knocked out Josh for trying to protect me, the way he endlessly yanked my hair, his venomous last words to me.

"Niall, don't let him get me.." I sob, clutching on to his shirt.

"He's not going to get you, Zo. I swear on my own life, I'll never let him get to you again."
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