You're Mine

*Not Famous*
Zoe and her cousin Niall have always been close, as close as they can be with Niall living all the way Ireland. When an unexpeected event brings Zoe to Ireland to stay with Niall, no one could have ever predicted what could've happened. Not only will Zoe fall for one of Niall's friends, she will be ripped away from everything she's ever known.


16. Voices

Flying. Soaring high above the world, above the memories, above the problems. No one can reach me up here. Nope, no one. Not Niall, not Zayn, not even Seth. The only person who can reach me is Harry and that's because we're soaring together. 

I spin my head around and watch the colors and shapes blur together, creating one big rainbow streak. Giggles escape my lips, even though nothing funny is happening. No wonder people do this, it's amazing. I could definitely do this again. With Harry though, I don't know if I would be okay by myself.

I attempt to navigate my way through the now mystic woods and fail completely, tripping over the first stick in my path. I feel nothing as I land with a hard and heavy thud. Again, I'm struck with the giggles, only this time there's something to laugh at. Harry cracks a smile and lets out a husky laugh, before pulling me to my feet.

Damn he's hot. I'd tap that in a heart beat. He wraps a muscular arm around my waist, guiding me along the unsteady path. Mmm, he smells good, manly and musky and clean. I inhale heavily, taking in his scent and sigh with comfort. 

"What the hell was that?" He asks, laughing. 

"I thought I smelled s'mthing go-good."

The words come out slurred and heavy, but also flirty, which is what I was going for. Maybe I can get him alone in the house, have a little fun on this trip. That's why I came out here, right?

He chest shakes with the throaty laughter that comes out.

"This is your first time doing this, isn't it?"

His question catches me off guard. First time doing drugs? Is that what he means? He really can't be talking about anything else, can he Zo. 

Tell him no. Tell him you've done it before. You don't want him to think your a loser, do you?

I ignore the voice in my head, one I haven't heard before and answer honestly. 

"Yeah, it is."

He gives a small smile and slides his arm up a little, so it's on my torso, not my lower back. I can't help but be a little disappointed. 

"I can tell. You don't seem the type."

I let the comment slide, despite the nagging feeling in my chest. I'm not the type though, I'm not sure why I'm a little offended. 

Maybe you want to be the type, let go and be wild for a bit. 

The voice returns, louder than before. Do I want to be seen as the wild child? Always out partying and drinking and doing drugs?

I shake my head at the ridiculous thought. That's not me, not Zoe. I'm the girl who gets A's and B's in school. The girl who's a friend to everyone. The sweet girl that could never hurt a fly. 

The girl who get's taken advantage of. The girl who every one secretly makes fun of. The girl no body would miss. 

I will the voice to be quiet, and she finally shuts-up. No body makes fun of me, and lots of people would miss me. Every one likes me. Well, not every one, but the majority of people in my school I'm friends with. 

"Hey, earth to Zo. Were here, now I need you to listen okay?"

Harry's voice snaps me out of my thought, and even though a fog still clouds my mind, I try to focus on his words.

"Everyone is going to ask if your okay, blah blah blah. You just say you don't want to talk about it, and don't tell anybody about the pill I gave you, okay? They don't know about that. Got it?"

Harry's voice is intense and serious, making me giggle. He looks so silly when he's trying to be serious, he should just stick to being laid back. No one could take him seriously. 

"Oh my God. You're going to be a handful, aren't you?"

I laugh harder than I have in a long time at his distress. He puts his hands in his face and cracks a smile through his fingers, pointing one at me. We both sit and laugh at each other laughing for I don't know how long until Niall runs out of the house. 

"Shh! Stop laughing!" Harry hisses, giggling him self. 

He puts a finger on my lips, trying to shut me up, but it only makes me laugh harder. Hard enough that I fall to the ground, laughing so hard no noise comes out, and clutching my stomach because my muscles hurt from laughing so much. 

Harry points at me on the ground and collapses him self. Niall just stands there with a confused expression on his face, looking between us. 

When we can finally breath again and settle our selves down, Harry and I sit on the ground, back to back. We still have a massive fit of the giggles, but we can at least talk now. 

"What the hell was all that about?"

We both peek up at Niall, then share a look. Harry smiles a cheeky grin and winks at me before answering. 

"Between us, mate. Can we go inside, it's freezing out here."

He hops up, landing me flat on my back on the ground. The grass feels soft on my arms and legs, almost like a fuzzy blanket. The sun warms me, beaming directly on my body, so it's almost as if I'm under a real blanket. 

I close my eyes and enjoy the heat, the grass, the feeling of flying only getting stronger. God, I could do anything right now.

Go get some with the curly haired one. 

She's back. I peek open an eye and stare at Harry. The sun shines on the right side of his face, illuminating his strong features. His jawline, sharp as a razor, flexes as he talks. The mop on top of his head flops around as he laughs at something Niall says. I'm glad they aren't noticing me. 

Look at the body. Just imagine seeing it with nothing on.

The voice peaks my curiosity as my eyes travel the length of his body, on their way back up, stopping at waist level. Wonder what he packing. 

Go find out. 

I shake my head at the voice, but my eyes stay steady on his bulge. A picture of us getting hot and heavy flashes in to my mind, causing a tingling sensation to take me over. 

Before I can put to much thought into my fantasy, I'm being pulled up by Harry. He wraps his arm back around my waist and whispers in my ear,

"Don't think I didn't see you looking, love."

His hot breath travels over my skin, giving my goosebumps. He pulls away and winks at me before trotting off inside. Oh my God. I want him. Now.

Go get him. You've got the body. It won't be that hard. Flirt a little, then bring him upstairs. 

I give a little thought to the voice in my head, she makes a little sense. Go get what you want, but I'm not very good at flirting and I really don't have a great body. And I'm just getting to know Harry. It'd  be wrong to go hit and quit it. I want to get to know him first. 

"Hey, Zoe. You coming?"

Niall calls to me from over his shoulder and I nod, heaving myself off the ground. I jog inside behind him, ready to face whats waiting for me, thanks to the help of the little blue pill.

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