You're Mine

*Not Famous*
Zoe and her cousin Niall have always been close, as close as they can be with Niall living all the way Ireland. When an unexpeected event brings Zoe to Ireland to stay with Niall, no one could have ever predicted what could've happened. Not only will Zoe fall for one of Niall's friends, she will be ripped away from everything she's ever known.


12. Memories

"We're here! Get out of my car now!"

Harry honks the horn, hurrying us along out of the car. He spent the whole entire ride complaining about how there are to many people in his beloved car, which he decided to name Lucy. I will never quite understand the bond between a boy and his car.

"Guys! I said get out!"

We shuffle out of his car, one by one, each of us taking our sweet time. I guess annoying Harry is something they enjoy to do here and I completley understand why. He's pacing outside 'Lucy' running his hands through his hair, impatiently mumbling to him self under his breath.

"Calm down, Haz. Nothing is going to happen to Lily" Zayn teases, knowing the cars name is Lucy.

"Damn it, Zayn! Lucy! Her name is Lucy and you're not aloud to ride in her anymore!" Harry shouts exasperated.

He runs over to the other side of Lucy and yanks a laughing Zayn out of the front seat. We all laugh as Harry angrily shuts the door behind him, muttering not so nice things about Zayn. He storms up to the house and whips open the door to Niall's house, but before walking in, he turns around and stares at us all.

"None of you are aloud to ride in her anymore!"

He roughly slams the door and we all crack up, watching his reaction. Does he always get angry so easily? I never remembered him being so hot tempered, but it's absolutely hilarous! I watch as Liam, Niall, and Louis all walk toward the door, busting up over something Louis said no doubt.

I'm left outside the house to enjoy the warm Irish sun. In the beginning of summer, the air still has a certain chill to it in the breeze, but still entirely enjoyable. I glance around the front yard and let memories of Niall and I as kids resurface.

Running to go play out in the rain when I was five, playing tag with Harry, Niall and Gemma on my sixth birthday, a year before we left. One memory sticks out of all the rest.


"Go away, Zoe. This is a boys club only" Niall tells me.

"No girls aloud" Harry adds on.

My heart breaks hearing my best friends tell me to go away. I didn't do anything to them! Why don't they want me here to play with them? It's not fair!

"Why? I just want to play with you guys!"

I feel the tears well up in my eyes and let them fall. I don't want to play with them anyway! They are just stupid boys that I don't need. I sprint away from the stupid fort, away from the boys. They call after me, but I ignore them, legs pumping as fast as they can take me.

"Zoe! Stop!"

I slip on the slick wet grass and fall, not being able to catch myself. My hands slide out from underneath me as my chin collides hard with the muddy ground. Anger pulses through me, hurt and confusion running through my mind, head pounding. If they would of just let me play with them this wouldn't of happened!

"Zoe! Are you okay?!"

Niall appears next to me, muddy and worried. He's kneeling on the ground, not caring that his brand new jeans are getting muddy and soaked. Uncle Bobby is going to be really upset. Harry stands behind him, just as worried.

"No! You guys wouldn't let me play with you and it hurt my feelings and my head hurts from falling!" I finish, nearly sobbing.

Niall pulls me into his chest and coos me, calming me down enough to listen to his promises.

"I'm sorry, Zoe. We're both sorry. We just wanted a little boy time, but it wasn't even fun playing with out you. I promise we'll never kick you out of our club again, okay?"

He gives me warm smile, eyes glowing. Skepticism stirs inside me. What if he's just saying that? What if he won't let me back in tomorrow and I'm left to play along again?

"Come on, Zo! We need a princess to rescue! Come be the princess so we can play , okay?" Harry eggs on.

They both smile at me expectantly and when I finally decided to trust them and smile back, they cheer out loud. We spend the rest of the afternoon playing Princess Rescue, Niall being my Charming and Harry being the Evil Villan. 


I smile at the memory, remembering it like it was yesterday. That was one of the best days that I can remember. Niall or Harry never broke their promise either. They never refused to let me play with them again, at least not until we moved.

"You alright there? You seem pretty deep in thought."

The angelic voice half snaps me out of my daze. My heart beat still speeds up, but in the nostalgic state I'm in, it doesn't pick up nearly as much as it did earlier. 

"Yeah. Just thinking about when Niall and I were kids" I answer dreamily, still seeing faded silhouettes of Niall, Harry, and I running around the yard screaming. 

"You and Niall were pretty close, wern't you?" He asks shyly.

I nod slowly, taking a seat on the ground. The sun is beginning to set, turning the sky a magnificent orange. The orange envelopes the landscape, turning the trees, bushes, houses into nothing but a black tinted shadow. Zayn takes a seat next to me, staring out into the beautiful dusk, taking in the beauty like myself. 

"We all were. Niall, Harry, Gemma and I. You couldn't separate us during the day. I missed them so much when I moved. I couldn't seem to find friends quite like them, still haven't." 

I pause taking in a deep breath, letting my words soak in. I really haven't found friends quite like Niall, Harry and Gemma, more so Niall and Harry. Gemma stopped taking interest in us when I turned five. She had her own older friends she'd rather hang out with. 

"I tried to convince myself that America was home, a place where I could be comfortable and stay forever. But to be honest, America will never be home. Right here will always be home to me."

I see Zayn nod out of my peripheral vision, not looking away from the mesmerizing act of nature taking place in front of us. The sun is half way sunk now, coating everything in it's path in imaginary fire, a breath taking orange. 

"I know what you mean, Zoe. I moved out to Ireland a year ago, and I don't think it will ever be home. Bradford will always be home in my heart."

With out even thinking I lean my body over and rest my head on his shoulder, absorbing his words. He doesn't flinch or tense up, only seems to relax even farther, hands resting on his knees.

The comfortable silence shared between us lasts until the sun is far pass set and the stars have come up and out to shine. We both end up on our backs staring at the dotted blackness that surrounds us. He points out one of the many constellations, and I end up pointing out another.

The stargazing turns into a laugh sessions as he cracks a joke about the stars. We both end up with the giggles and don't calm down until we hear the front door open. We shut up immediately and stare wide eyed at each other like little kids with their hand caught in the cookie jar. 

"The hell you doing out there? It's been over an hour! Get yer arse's in here!"

The giggles come again as Niall scolds us like Uncle Bobby used to. I can't believe how much he sounds like his father!

Zayn pops up quickly and holds out a hand that I gratefully take. His hand feels warm in minds, filling my body with the same kind of warmth. He let's go a little quickly, much to my disappointment, and starts to head inside. 

I walk slowly behind him, trying to make this moment with Zayn last forever. It's almost like a fairy tale. Out of no where, the last words Seth whispered to me flash in my mind. 

"You're mine."

I take in a breath, trying to flush out the fear that's quickly rising. Seth. Oh my God. He couldn't of followed me out here, could he? He didn't see me and Zayn out here, did he? He might kill me if he did. 

My breath starts to come in short pants as I wildly look around, memories of Seth's hand coming down hard across my face clouding my vision. Seth knocking out Josh and nearly dragging me across the cement by hair. 

"Zoe? Are you okay?"

Zayn whips around and reaches out for me. I scream and fall to the ground, covering my face. He's here! He's going to come get me and go after Zayn! No! NO! He can't! I just met him!

The rest of the boys come running out of the house at my shriek, Niall leading. He takes in the scene, me laying on the ground, sobbing and frightened. Zayn standing above me, hands up in surrender, not knowing what to do. 

Niall roughly shoves him away and picks me up, knowing exactly what the problem is with out me even having to tell him. Carrying me bridal style across the yard, not saying a word, and shooting dirty looks at the boys, I fell the smallest bit of relief flow through me. 

"N-Niall.. He-he's here a-and he's go-going to get Z-Zayn and i-it's all my fa-fault!"

He shakes his head furiously, coming through the door, giving Harry a quick nod of thanks for holding open the door. With out a word, he plops me down on the couch and kneels in front of me, taking my face tenderly in his hands. 

He wills me to stare him in his pained blue eyes. I try my hardest to refuse, turning every which way in hopes to catching a glimpse of Seth before he comes out of hiding. After painfully steadying me to look at him, I stare him down, defeated. 

"Zoe. Seth is not here, okay? I promised you he's not going to get you, and he's not. He'd have to get through not only me, but also my dad, okay?"

"He'd also have to take me out, Zo!" Harry chirps in.

He's planted in the chair across from the couch, bent forward with his elbows resting on his knees, hands under his chin. He intently stares at me, watching my every move carefully and watchfully. Louis stands behind him with Liam. They glance at each other confused. 

"I don't know who Seth is, but if Haz is willing to protect you, so am I."

Lou glances at Liam, who nods approvingly at his declaration. 

"I guess he'd have to go through me to."

Louis claps Liam on the shoulder, a sign of respect. I focus my attention back to Niall, breathing slowed down a little. Maybe Seth isn't here. And if he was, he'd have to go through a lot of muscular guys to get to me. 

"See, Zo? There's no reason to be afraid. Take a deep breath, and come here" Niall says gently. 

I inhale a shaky breath and lean into his familiar, comforting chest, letting myself feel safe surrounded by strangers who seem to care.  

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