You're Mine

*Not Famous*
Zoe and her cousin Niall have always been close, as close as they can be with Niall living all the way Ireland. When an unexpeected event brings Zoe to Ireland to stay with Niall, no one could have ever predicted what could've happened. Not only will Zoe fall for one of Niall's friends, she will be ripped away from everything she's ever known.


14. Little Blue Mystery

How long have I been out here? The suns glares into my tired eyes, temporarily blinding me. I can't believe I managed to doze off for a few needed hours. The nap didn't seem to help my emotional state at all, I'm still a hot mess.

With out needing a mirror, I know my make-up is in a awful state. Mascara smeared all around my puffy eyes, eye shadow nearly rubbed off, eye liner non-exsistant. My insides seem to be even worse than that.

An overwhelming throbbing has taken over my head, making me dizzy as I try to sit up. My body is stiff from laying on the ground for so long and I'm still fuzzy and groggy from waking up. I wonder how long I slept. Why has no one tried to come get me yet?

Maybe I was to hard on Niall and he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. The throbbing in my head increase, if that's even possible, at the thought of Niall. It brings a back the scenes of us in his kitchen from earlier. It was the first real fight we've ever had, if you can even call it fight.

I wouldn't blame him if he didn't want to talk to me, I acted like a child back there. Screaming and running away. But do I really want him to talk to me? He really hurt me by not denying that he wouldn't of killed Seth. He's seen what violence has done to me, why would he want to use it? I don't understand.


The deep, raspy voice snaps me out of my thoughts with a start. I whip around, heart racing, to find Harry standing a few feet away, hands shoved deep into his pockets. I can't help but feel a little relieve, knowing at least one person was worried enough about me to come looking.


He looks me up and down, probably taking my horrific state.

"Can I sit down?"

I let out a little giggle at his ridiculous question. We're in the middle of the woods, with no chairs or benchs, just soggy ground. I couldn't stop him if I wanted to if he wanted to sit down.

"Be my guest, Styles."

He closes the gap between us and plops down next to me, out thighs practically touching. Being this close to him oddly enough comforts me, allows me to sigh a little breath of relife.

I let my eyes slide over to him, towering over me even as we sit. Man he is beautiful. Not as beautiful as Zayn, but still! How the hell did Niall end up with such attractive friends? His sharp jaw line is caught in the sun, casting a shadow on his face.

"It's rude to stare you know" He mumbles, smile playing at his plump, pink lips.

I swear I've never seen fuller lips on a guy in my entire life. It is such a huge turn on. 

I quickly divert my gaze to the tree right behind his face, mine turing a nice shade of red.

"Don't be so flattered. I was looking at the tree" I snap back.

He turns his head toward the tree, curls bouncing with the light movement. Wonder what they feel like? They'd be good to hold on to in a make-out session.

Oh my God, Zoe! Get a hold of yourself, geeze. Harry is attractive, yes, but that doesn't anything is going to happen between you two. Stop with the dirty thoughts.

"Oh, yeah. That's, ehm, a very nice tree.."

I roll my eyes and lay back down on the ground, head still throbbing. How am I supposed to go back and face Niall and Zayn? I made a huge fool out of my self by just runnig away, not talking about the issuse like an adult. I don't even want to know what Zayn thinks of me now. Most likely, he wants nothing to do with me.

Why would he? One; I'm not particularly pretty. I mean, I have average looks. Not someone boys tend to stop and stare when I walk by. Two;  The only one-on-one time I've got with him so far, I managed to have a panic attack and freak out when he tried helping me. Three; He knows all about Seth now.

Let's get real for a second, what boy is going to want to deal with the scarred, panick attack ridden, traumatized ex of a guy who beat her?

No one. Exactly.

"You look stressed, Zo."

"Your'e good at observations, Harry."

I remove my hands from my eyes and turn my head toward Harry. He's got his arms resting on his knees, hands intertwined. He's looking at me with an expression I can't quite place. Pity? Confusion? Maybe even hope?

"Listen. I might have something that can help you relax and take the edge off, Zo. You just can't tell the other guys, okay?"

Help me relax and take the edge off? What is he talking about? He can't be talking about drugs, can he?

I watch him intensely as he pulls a baggie out of his pocket. It's got five or six little blue pills scattered around in it. He extends his hand toward me, baggie of who knows what hanging loosely inbetween us.

I stare at them stupidly, not knowing what to do? Should I take them? The throbbing in my head and the gnawing pain in my stomach insists yes, anything to take away this feeling of helpless confusion and constant worry and fear. My mom was right, I wasn't ready to come to Ireland, but what if these help me be ready?

As if to assure me it's ok, Harry reaches his hand into the baggie and pulls two out, one for him and one for me.

"They're nothing super strong, Zo. Just one and you'll forget about everything for just a little while. You'll be able to enjoy your time here."

He places the pill in my open hand with a smile. Am I really going to take this? Thinking about going back Niall and Zayn the way am I now only makes me anxious on the inside and out. Trying to explain to them why I was so upset, that's if Niall will even listen to me.

"Bottoms up" I mumble, tossing the pill into my mouth in sync with him.

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