You're Mine

*Not Famous*
Zoe and her cousin Niall have always been close, as close as they can be with Niall living all the way Ireland. When an unexpeected event brings Zoe to Ireland to stay with Niall, no one could have ever predicted what could've happened. Not only will Zoe fall for one of Niall's friends, she will be ripped away from everything she's ever known.


4. Introductions

"So then, Louis comes out of no where with a bag of baby carrots and throws them all at Zayn and Harry screaming 'Ambush, bi-otch! Ambush!"

Niall's finishing up a hilarous story about his friend Louis, who sounds like her should be a comidean, as we pull up to the park. It's a beautiful day, seventy-five degrees and overcast, so the suns not constantly beating down on you, making you sweat like pig.

"Louis sounds like a ball, Niall. I can't wait to meet him! But we're here, Daisy's Park."

He peers out the window and points to a kid on the sidewalk, giggling to himself.

"Who the hell is that douche?"

I snatch his hand away from the window and glare at him.

"Niall, you can't just point at people like that! What are you, five? That's Seth" I hiss, making sure Seth won't hear me. If he sees me in a car with another guy, he'll get super pissed off.. I have to explain to him that Niall's my cousin, not just a friend.

"No fucking way!" he laughs, pointing at him again. "You're dating that!? Ahahah!"

I quickly get annoyed with his attitude and jump out of the car, making sure to slam the door. I guess when he physically grew up, he didn't mentally grow up at all. He's still the dumb fourteen year old dick I grew up with.

"Oh come on, Zoe! We both know he is so not your type!" He shouts after me, chasing me down the side walk. I ignore his comments and make my way toward Seth, trying to get my emotions under control. He doesn't like it when I'm bitchy or upset around him, it gets him upset.

"Zoe! Stop! I'm sorry, okay!? Just stop and let me ca-" His carefree voice is replaced by another's. The other persons voice is deep and gruff, one I know all to well.

"Why are you talking to my girlfriend, bro? Back off!"

Crap! I spin around and to see Seth has Niall by his collar and is in his face screaming. Niall doesn't fight back, or try to get out of his grip, he mearly looks at me and raises an eyebrow, unimpressed. I run over to where the are and try to get inbetween Seth and Niall, desperately trying to quickly explain to Seth who Niall is.

"Seth! Let go! He's not who you think he is! Let go, Seth!"

He takes one hand off Niall's collar and forcefully shoves me away. I stumble back a few steps, trying to keep my balance and Niall instantly puffs up. His eyes go a shade darker, and his hands twitch at his side.

"Touch my cousin like that again mate, and we're going to have problems" he growls.

Seth looks inbetween us, confused, and slowly relaxes his grip on Niall. I should've known this was going to happen. Seth doesn't like me talking to other boys, and driving up the park with one he's never seen or heard of? Diaster waiting to happen.

"He's your cousin, Zo?" Seth ask's cautiously, not quite letting Niall go yet.

I glance at Niall and see he's about ready to lose him temper. His eyes shine with fire and his face is turning red. His hands are still twitching at his sides as he tries to keep them still. He's going to lose it on Seth. I have to make Seth let him go and explain what's going on before Niall let's it out.

I rush over to them and wedge my self between them saying, "Yes, Seth! He's my cousin from Ireland, where I grew up! Now let him go!"

I grab his hand and yank it off Niall's collar, feeling his chest rise up and down rapidly. I gently shove Seth off him and pull Niall away. Hopefully getting him away from Seth with help him calm down. He's all fun and games until you piss him off. A pissed Niall is a scary Niall.

"Niall..." I say wearly.

"Who the fuck is that?" He snaps, thrusting his hand out in Seth's direction.

"Did you not see him shove you, Zoe? Cause I sure as hell did!"

I roll my eyes and pull him to the ground. I just have to tell Niall that Seth is a little different. He doesn't shove me or squeeze my wrist or occasionally hit me because he's mad at me. He does it because he loves me and wants me to be the best I can be. Like last week, when I was telling him  about how awful my day was and droned on and on forever and he just gently popped me in the mouth. He told me it's a huge turn off for guys when girl's talk about their day, and if I want to stay his girlfriend, I need to either not talk or be more interesting, which totally makes sense. Why would you want to date someone who is super boring all the time?

"I don't like him, Zoe. He seem's shady to me."

I shake off Niall's disapproval and lay back on the soft, warm grass, enjoying the few sun rays that leaked out from the clouds. "Don't worry, Niall. He's a lot better then he seems at first. Trust me."

I see the rest of my friends crowded around a white pick-up truck and jump up. Niall groans and holds his hand out to me.

"Help me up, oh loving cousin of mine."

With a sigh, I pull him up and drag him toward my friends and Seth who has now joined them. I trot up, Niall trying to slow me down, and finally reach the truck. Shoving through my friends, I find the tail gate and plop down.

"Everyone, this is my cousing Niall. He lives in Ireland is here to visit for the weekend. Then I get to go stay with him, in Ireland, for the whole summer!"

Tina shrieks with joy, again, along with Mandy and myself. Why aren't Lilly and Sammie screaming? They scream any chance they can get. I prop myself up and search for the missing girls and don't find them.

"Where are Lilly and your sister, Mandy?'

Lilly and Sammie are best friends, so they're no doubt out doing something together. Mandy should know where they are, considering Sammie is her twin. She rolls her eyes and places a hand on my leg dramatically.

"Do I even have to get into that?"

Noah, Mandy's boyfriend, gently pushes her off me, grabbing her hand and explains to me where they are.

"Well. Big, bad, quarterback Max asked Sammie out tonight, so her and Lilly 'just had to go out and like totally get a new outfit! Oh my God!"

He puts on his best valley girl accent and every laughs. It's almost a perfect imitation of Sammie!

"Anyway, nice to meet ya, man. I'm Noah" he laughs. 

He claps Niall on the shoulder and introduces everyone else, as well.

"The one over there laying in the grass is Tyler. He's a bit out of it, if you know what I mean"

He pretends to smoke a joint and Niall nods, understanding what he means. No surprise Tyler is high. He's always higher than a kite everytime I'm around him. He's friends with Josh, and Josh is friends with us, so Tyler just kind of hangs around with us.

"This little chubby boy right here, is Josh. Take a break from your sandwich and say hi to Zo's cousin, Joshie-Poo!"

Josh flips him off and continues eating his ham and turkey sandwich, that his mom probably made for him before he left. Josh is a little bit of a momma's boy.

"You've met me. This pretty little thang here is my girlfriend, Mandy."

Niall just nods and smiles. He's so completly uninterested in this. He likes to get to know people, but hates introductions.

"Thanks for introducing me, mate. I'm Niall."

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