You're Mine

*Not Famous*
Zoe and her cousin Niall have always been close, as close as they can be with Niall living all the way Ireland. When an unexpeected event brings Zoe to Ireland to stay with Niall, no one could have ever predicted what could've happened. Not only will Zoe fall for one of Niall's friends, she will be ripped away from everything she's ever known.


2. Ahh!

"Okay, so, I know you talk to Niall all the time," she begins, snaking across the room toward me. 

"And you probably know Greg's off to college and Uncle Bobby has to work all the time." 

I nod my head vigorously, agreeing with every word she says. Niall told me a few months ago Greg decided to live on campus at college, leaving Uncle Bobby and Niall alone in their huge, two story house. 

"I was speaking to Bobby- Sorry, Uncle Bobby- on the phone a few weeks ago, and he was telling me how worried he gets about Niall being to lonely."

"Niall does get lonely, mom. Harry is always off with different girls, his friend Liam went through a rough break up a few months ago, so Harry takes him out to meet new girls. His other friend, Louis I think his name is, is always with his girlfriend, Eleanor-"

"Eleanor. What a beautiful name" she mumbles under her breath, interrupting me. I throw my hands on my hips and stare at her, my annoyance with her quickly rising. She won't tell me this amazing surprise she has planned for me, and she's interrupting me, the one thing I can not stand. I think it's rude, childish, annoying, and shows that person just does not have manners. 

"Can I continue? Or do you have a story you'd like to tell in the middle of mine?" 

She slowly raises an eye brow and takes a step toward me. "Zoe Michelle. You better watch your attitude. I would hate for you to have to be grounded while your cousin is here" she warns. 

I relax my arms, letting them dangle loosely at my sides and feel the heat rush toward my face. I guess I stepped over the line. I mumble my apologies under my breath, slinking over to my bed. 

"Anyway, Louis's always with her. Like 24/7 I guess. But he does have a friend he hangs out with a lot. I think his names Zayn." 

A smile has crept on her face, green eyes shining with excitement and matching mine. She plops down on the bed next to me and takes my hands in hers. "So, Niall gets lonely and we thought maybe it would be good for both of you to spend some time together. Im flying you out to Ireland for the summer to stay with Uncle  Bobby and Niall." 

Excitement bubbles out of me as I leap up. "You're joking!" I scream. She shakes her head, jet black hair moving with it, giggling at my reaction. This is amazing! I get to spend a whole, entire summer with Niall, in Ireland! 

"Why are you screaming, Zoe?" 

I whip around to face the doorway and see my little brother Brandon standing there in long, orange pajama pants and no shirt. His black hairs a mess, sticking up every which way, and by the way he's standing, he just woke up. 

"I'm going to Ireland this summer to live with Niall!" 

Suddenly, he wakes up. Hazel eyes go wide, and his hands fly up in exasperation. "What do you mean? Mom!" he whines, pointing at me. 

She runs over to comfort him, as always. Brandon, being the baby of the family, usually just gets whatever he wants. "Brandon, honey, you have to understand that Niall and Zoe are a lot closer then you to are. Remember, we used to love in Ireland until I got pregnant with you, so Niall and Zoe grew up together as best friends." 

He sighs and pulls out of her hug, which clearly hurt my mom by the look on her face. "Zoe always get everything, mom." 

"Excuse me?" I laugh sarcastically. "Who didn't get to go to winter formal 9th grade year because YOU wanted to play basketball? Who didn't get new clothes for school this year because YOU wanted a new bike? Who didn't get to play volleyball 7th grade year because YOU wanted to play indoor soccer?" 

"That's only like three things, Zoe! Get over it already!" he shouts back. 

My breathing gets a little harder and my face flushed as he crosses his arms and rolls his eyes. He's so annoying! I'm so glad I won't have to see him all summer. He can see Niall right now and when I get home, but the rest of the time it's just going to be us two and his friends. With out Brandon. 

"I'm so over this already, mom. I'm going to play X-box. Don't bother me." 

Oh, now he's done it. I cross my arms and raise an eyebrow. Mom doesn't do talking back, ever. I wait patiently for mom to scold him. It's okay, mom. Let him have it. Without another word from anyone, he turns and storms down the hallway into his room. 

My annoyance begins to surface, as I roll my eyes and let out a sigh. 
Mom turns toward me, and with a sad smile says she's going to talk to Brandon. Of course she is. Stupid kid. 

After she's gone and my excitement returns. I whip out my cell and scroll to my best friend, Tina's number and hit dial. 

One ring..
Two rings..
Three rings.. Oh come on, Tina! 


"Tina!" I shriek. "You'll never believe this!" 

"It must be big because your accent is coming out." 

"Is it really?" I say shocked. I usually try and hide my accent as much as I can. I get a lot of 'no ways!' and 'are you serious?' and a lot of questions. So, I try to avoid all that as much as possible. 

"Yeah, it is Zo. So what's up?" 

"You know my cousin, Niall? He lives in Ireland still? You've met him once or twice, T. I talk about him all the time." 

"Yeah, yeah. I remember him. Brown hair, short, awkward looking?" 

Oh, okay. That's actually a dead on description of him last time they met, which I think was two years ago. He was always really awkward looking, but he grew into himself nicely.

"Okay! Well, my mom bought me a plane ticket and I'm flying out to Ireland for the summer!" 
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