I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


6. White Eskimos and Oreo Sundaes


I’ll Be Your Reason to be My Love

Chapter Six:

White Eskimos and Oreo Sundaes

February 16th, 2011

Annabel did not respond well to my news. I actually can’t believe I said it myself, especially so bluntly like that. But whatever. What was really scaring me was that I genuinely meant it and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Why did Derek even break up with me in the first place? Did he even give me a valid reason?

“I need my distance, it seems as if I think about you too often and I can’t focus on anything else…but I don’t even see how that is since you never seem to listen to a bloody thing I say anymore…and you’ve become rather boring . . . ”

I cringe, the words still fresh in my mind. I remembered every single syllable that he had uttered to me that day. And I really, desperately wish that I hadn’t. It was honestly tearing me apart, piece by piece slowly inside. And I most certainly don’t want to deal with it anymore. But how could something that was going so good for so long just end like that? I think something had gotten into him . . . but what? I wanted to find out so bad . . .  

Wait. What about Harry? The boy I was going on a freaking date with in a few hours? Was I using him for comfort or something? I don’t know. But truthfully, I can say that I am excited for tonight. And with that last thought, I softened my features as my eyes teetered over to the clock. It was 2:15 and school let out in fifteen minutes. My eyes glanced over to Jake who was seated in the row next to me. I know it must be awkward for him, his two best friends breaking up all out of the blue but imagine how it makes me feel. As I’ve said before:

Slowly. Killing. Me. Inside.

Jake shot me back a worried look. I did my best to lighten my mood and flash him a small smile to let him know everything was okay. Even though, you know, it totally was not. But I guess life goes on. I watched him as I noticed his eyes widen and I know in that look that Annabel had told him what I told her had been plaguing me lately. Jake’s been acting weird about it ever since. I think he can feel my pain, I’m torn and there’s nothing I can do about it.

At precisely 2:22, Mrs. Collins dismissed us to talk amongst ourselves. I lifted my body out of my seat, grabbed my book bag and sulked over to Jake. I looked at him, not taking my eyes off of him as I let my bag fall to the floor as I hoisted myself up on top of the empty desk directly in front of him. “Hey,” I started out smoothly.

“Hey,” he said, still that dazed expression on his face.

Jake was American, same as my accent distinguished. I know, it’s complicated but here’s the story: I was born in Westminster but then my dad was offered an incredible job offer as CEO of some company in New York City. So we moved there when I was almost two years old. We remained there for eight years until I was nine years old, causing me to develop an American accent. When my mom and dad went through a nasty divorce, she brought me back here. Really, I am British and I keep my accent slight English, but if I’m not focused or paying attention my American accent will come out. Very complicated.

Jake’s story is much less detailed than mine as far as his big move to a whole other continent goes. He had always loved the country and as far as New Jersey goes, I could see why he would want to move. He got a chance as a foreign exchange student here, and the next year due to his phenomenal grades he got a scholarship at St. Augustine’s CE high school. Which I thought was pretty cool. Plus the fact that sometimes I’m the only one who understands his American slang makes me feel pretty honoured sometimes.

“What’s going on with you?” Jake inquired, rather blatantly, jumping me out of my haze.

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean and so do I,” he paused as he looked sincerely in my eyes, as if with that gaze he could tell me what to do with my life. “I don’t think this is like you, what’s gotten into you?”

I close my eyes for a second and advert my glare from him to the window. I glance and see how the birds are flying so freely from the telephone wires as they dance along surfacing into the air. They look so peaceful, so liberating and instantly I’m envious. The way that they can just frenzy from place to place in an instant is enough to set me over the edge. I admire their grace in doing so along with their emancipating way about them. Why can’t I be a bird?

 I am broken out of my trance at the sound of Jake snapping his fingers in my face. Rude. “That’s exactly what I mean!” he exclaims at me. He licks his lips before demanding again, “What has gotten into you?”

At that, the bell rings, awakening us all as we make a beeline for the door. But Jake just stays put.

I sigh, not sure if it was contentedly, pitiful or sad but whatever it was it was a nice exhalation of air as I lowered myself from the desk to grab my back and bolt out of there and say to myself, “Love.”


“You look—”

“Save it!” I say, grabbing my purse to exit my house.

It was six o’clock on the dot and Harry sure kept his word. I didn’t have to worry about my mum catching me leaving either, since of course it was another late night at work. Ugh. I really wish I knew what the fire truck was going on with her lately. I guess I’ll find out soon enough but I want to erase everything from my brain and just focus on having fun.
I was dressed in my black tight leggings with lace on each side of the lower leg, my beige light fabric top that revealed my shoulders a bit that was a little loose fitting but nothing extreme, with semi-high brown leather pumps. I thought it was saying casual yet somewhat sophisticated. My hair was straight but actually had volume today as I parted my bangs in the middle and braided them to the sides to get them out of my face. I think the clips that were supporting the braids added height to my hair.

Harry was dressed in a casual white button up t-shirt with a forest green light blazer-jacket draped over him, sported with black jeans. I thought it went well with his cute, white sneakers. Of course, Harry’s hair looked perfect I’m sure whether he just rolled out of bed so that pretty much covers that. I felt that his green blazer really brought out his amazing eyes.

My eyes lowered from his face to his hands as he held them up like he meant no harm, directed to my last comment I presume. I then watched as his left hand dropped to his side and his right opened out towards me. I took his gesture as a hint, and placed my left hand in his right. He shifted his hand so that our fingers laced together as I adjusted the door for us to get through and leave. I slammed the door shut and locked it and we walked down the porch steps.

Nando’s was only a few blocks away from my house, as is I swear, everything, so we walked it once again. After a minute of walking, I was lost deep in thought and then realized at that moment how lucky I actually was. God was giving me so many chances this year. I mean, I’ve had boyfriends before but not many who actually cared and liked me as much as I liked them. And even though many didn’t work out, at least I was given shots which I know is hard for some people to even get in life.

 As we walked a smile formulated upon my lips and I turned my head to my right and looked up at Harry. His features were neutral and his hair barely moved as he walked swiftly in the night. I was actually at that moment baffled by his beauty. The way his eyes glistened in the darkness almost parallel to the gleam of the twangs of twinkles of the stars in the sheer ebony sky. I was star-struck. I felt as if he was truly a genuinely amazing person that walked into my life. Upon this epiphany, I smiled up at him widely and it didn’t take long for him to turn his head and look at me back in the eyes. That was another thing I liked about him. When he looked you in the eyes it felt like he was boring his entire existence into your soul. Some might be freaked out by that but frankly, I liked it. It made you feel special or important or like you had the floor and everyone’s attention was on you. It made you feel wanted and his stare was absolutely welcoming.

“What?” His serious face quickly turned into a dumfounded yet adorable little smile, matching mine.

“Nothing,” I say in a casual tone, the same smile placed on my face as I turned my head back to its original position to look down at the sidewalk ahead of me.

“Come on, Evie,” he pressed on, squeezing my hand tight as he swung our arms up and down a bit. “Tell me what’s got you smiling like that!” he laughed.

My face turned serious for a moment, deep in thought. Then I reverted my gaze back to Harry and resumed my smile. “You.”

At this, he smiled back quickly but sweetly and looked behind us. When he saw no one in sight he stopped in his tracks, causing me to come to a halt as well. I turned my full body towards him and he reached his free hand over to mine and held it as he neared closer to me. With our stomachs nearly touching, he bent and leaned in to me as I enjoyed the blissful moment when our lips met. It was short but sweet and soft and tender. I wanted more.

He was the one who broke away first, our hands still holding. He smiled down at me and took his left hand to gently run it over my cheek and place a strand of fly away hair behind my ear. We stood there for a moment, admiring each other in the evening air.


Harry stopped walking causing me to stop as well. My arm dangled awkwardly as he pushed me back. “Whoa! Nando’s is this way.” I pointed in the direction in front of me.

“We’re not going there, love.”

“But you sa—”

“I lied,” he said, cutting me off in my sentence. He then grinned and turned his head to the side, gesturing towards a restaurant called Quirinale. I’ve heard of the place but never actually had the money to step one foot inside the establishment. It was quite the romantic place, if I do say so myself. “Come on!” he hollered, and he led me inside.

Suddenly, I was surrounded by the fumes of baked pastries and delicious food. It even looked enchanting as waiters passed us, lightly. I was actually really surprised at Harry’s attempt to impress me, it was getting quite adorable. My eyes glanced around all over the place. Whoa, it really was extraordinary.

“Harry, this is really awesome.” I knew I sounded like an idiot but I was too mind-blown by the entirety of this night and it hasn’t even officially started yet.

He just chuckled as he escorted me to my seat and even pulled out the chair for me. I daintily sat down as he pushed me in more to the table. I smiled up at him sweetly, expressing my thanks and he made his way to the seat in front of me. That’s when he finally spoke.

“So, how’s this for totally-not-a-date?” He leaned in to the table and grabbed the water that was poured in a glass as he sipped it.

“Oh, give it up. You and I both know this is totally a date.” I laugh once and mimic his actions of reaching for the water in front of me.

At this, his eyebrows raise as he looks down at the floor and then puts down the water firmly on the table. He stares at it for a good moment and then returns his gaze to mine. “Good. ’Cos I want it to be.”

“Y-you do?” I stuttered for a second. This was somewhat of a reality check towards me.

“Of course I do, Evie. What do you think I don’t like you or something?” he smirked like that’s crazy and I believe my heart skipped a beat.

“I like you, too,” I blurted out kind of blatantly and out there but I really wanted to let him know how I felt. And I meant this, I honestly did.

“Well I like you more.”

I stopped him right there. This is where I draw the line. “No, nu-uh. Not doing the cutesy couple liking thing!”

He reached his arm across the table and engulfed my hand with his, they were rather large and his voice just above a whisper, “But I mean it.”

I’ll admit he was beyond cute. Hell, what was I saying this boy was definitely attractive. But I still couldn’t help but feel like he was still somewhat of a stranger to me, so I decided to break the ice a little bit. “All right, pretty boy don’t get carried away here. The night’s still young.”

He chuckled to himself and we began to chat.


Two filet mignons, three waters and half of an ice cream parfait later, I had learned so much about Harry. He had an older sister, an incredible mom, divorced parents like I, and had lived in Holmes Chapel forever. That is, up until last year when he moved to Westminster, London. We were actually really alike in that fact that none of our parents had dated in at least what seemed like a million years. He also told me that he loved to cook, as did I, and that he worked in a bakery. On the side he said he loved to sing and that he was in a band called White Eskimo. I really liked that name, it seemed completely original and I wondered if they were still together as a band. He didn’t say so much about it though, and I didn’t want to pry so I didn’t ask. Though he did mention that he had four amazing best friends and that they were really close, I thought that was cute.


“And that’s why Louis is superman!”

Harry had just finished telling me a story about his best mate and his fascination with superman. I couldn’t help but to crack up uncontrollably at the stupidity of the whole situation. I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt as I managed to let it while clutching it, “That is crazy!” Harry stopped laughing and his eyes widened at me. His expression was slightly unreadable causing me to ask, “What?!” through my chuckles.

“You’re American?” Oh great, and apparently my New York accent was coming out too.

I swallowed, an uneasy feeling in my stomach as I explained to him. When I finished, he had a smirk on his face while saying, “I love American girls.”

“I’m not even genuinely American!” I exclaimed, my British accent returning. I can’t even believe this is happening right now. This never happens to me. I ducked my head down a bit in embarrassment.

“Still, the accent is incredibly,” he paused, lurching himself towards my direction from across the table whilst whispering lowly, “sexy.”

I almost choke on the Oreo I was working on that was incorporated in the parfait. I look up at him with innocent eyes, “Oh?”

He nodded once but slowly, leaning back in his seat and then winking. “I think you should speak in your actual voice, it’s a major turn on.”

Scratch that, I most definitely choke on that Oreo. “Uhm, excuse me are you pretty much asking for it in the middle of a restaurant?” I ask haughtily but in a playful tone, American accent and all. What? I, of course, could not pass up an opportunity like this to make Harry all jittery in his seat.

“I’m a risk taker,” he whispered. There he goes again with the seductive low whispering in the middle of a total public place like we do this all the time. Yeah.

“Yeah, well I don’t think you’ll be seeing any risks tonight.” Even if I kind of wanted it too. Not that I would ever admit that to him. Well maybe . . .

“Didn’t think so . . . hey can I have a bite of that?” he gestured towards my chocolate-oreo parfait and pointed as I pushed it towards him. We both dove our spoons in at the same time, making a clanking noise. I watched as he put the spoon to his mouth and delved into the deliciousness that is chocolate. As he swallowed, his eyes widened before they rolled back in his head slowly and groaned, “MMM! It’s like God giving birth in my mouth!” He leaned his head back and grunted.

I took my napkin from my lap, reached across the table and slapped his upper chest with it. “Shut up!” I giggled. Though he was right. He returned his head to its normal position and reached his spoon in for another bite. “Hey don’t eat it all!” I tried nudging his hand away and swat his spoon with my own but it was no use as he made his way around it.

“Sharing is caring!” he yelled back at me as he surprised me by stealing an Oreo. Soon enough, the waiter came around with the check and Harry pulled out his wallet. As he fished for money he asked me, “When can I see you again?”

“Soon!” I exclaimed excitedly.

“What are you doing this weekend?” Well, he was a bit forward but of course I didn’t mind it at all. In fact, I admired him for his confidence. It was inspiring, but not obnoxious in any way since I did notice times when he became shy and insecure. Which was nice. It showed me that he had many sides to his personality.

“Absolutely noth—oh wait.” I paused, remembering. That concert with Annabel was this weekend. And her parents over the phone today even confirmed it with my mom and I. They’re driving us down to Doncaster and spending the weekend in some fancy hotel. Joy. “I’m going to a concert with my best friend this weekend.” I made a disappointed face.

“What, the one who made you cry?” Well he was being very straightforward now.

“Harry, I told you to drop that!”

“I’m sorry but I’m not very fond of her . . . ” he trailed off.

I took a huge sip of my water. What I wouldn’t do for a beer or at least some type of alcoholic beverage at this moment. “That’s because you haven’t even met her. You don’t know anything about her!” Now I had gone in defensive mode. I was sure to keep my tone a bit playful, though. I didn’t want to start any arguments, especially not with Harry.

“I don’t think anyone’s worth your tears, you don’t deserve that,” he said slowly as he looked back at me for a reaction. Which was probably a mix between utter shock and unreadable since I had no idea how to process my emotions at the time. Harry really was something else.

Question: Is it possible to be in love with someone within a forty-eight hour time period?

Because honestly, that was what was happening. And I didn’t know how to respond to that so I just sat there, staring at him. Hoping that my stare gave off even the slightest hints of gratitude in my expression.

I think he caught on to my uneasiness and reverted back to the previous topic, “Who’s concert are you going to?”

“Oh God I can’t even remember the name but it’s something really stupid and unoriginal. Like One Way, One World, One Area . . . ? I don’t know something like that.” Bloody hell, what was that groups name?

“Never heard of them,” he chuckled back in his seat. “So you’ll be gone all weekend?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. I couldn’t abandon Annabel, especially not her parents like that. Suddenly I got an idea. My eyes enhanced and I shot up in my seat. “Well maybe on Friday you could come over and help me pack my stuff. Annabel, my friend, will be there and you can finally meet her.”

He smiled. “Splendid!”

I just sat there in ease as waves of excitement flowed through me.


Harry walked me back to my house after dinner was over and sure enough, my mother still wasn’t home. I received a text from her saying that she won’t be home until afternoon tomorrow. Well, at least there was no school tomorrow. Ugh, but I know I’m going to be lonely this is great.

When we reached my house, our walking came to a halt and Harry spun me around so that I was facing him. I looked down at the ground, bending my head but then subconsciously looked up at him. He placed his hands on my hips, forcing me to huddle in close to his body. Sliding his hands across from my hips to my back he crossed his hands, entrapping me in his embrace. I inched in even closer and lifted my head up to gaze at him. As I did this, he bent his head down and met my lips, kissing them softly at first but then with complete and total force. It sent chills down my body and I had totally forgot about my insecurities that I had experienced earlier this day.

I was most definitely not in love with Derek anymore. With that weight lifted off my shoulders, a new one came on, this one being that I was completely falling for Harry way too fast. But I still couldn’t help but like every bit of it.

“I don’t want to leave you,” he said quietly so that only I could hear.

“Then don’t,” I blurted out, not knowing what came over me as I continued. “my mom won’t be home until late tomorrow. You could stay the night.” I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Well, maybe I will be taking those risks tonight after all.” His eyes wandered around in the night as he added, “I mean if you’re sure?”

God he was so cute and the fact that he even asked me that showed me that he actually cared about me. I just smiled as I led him to my doorstep, “Babe, I’m more than sure.


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