I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


3. The Truth Comes Out


I’ll Be Your Reason To Be My Love

Chapter Three:

The Truth Comes Out

February 15th, 2011

“You did what?!” My mother dropped the pot she was holding on the ground, quite dramatically. This caused a loud bang to occur in the kitchen which created a ringing in my ears. She overreacts too much. I had just told her about my debate team fiasco. And even though with her hectic work schedule, she hasn’t been to a single event, she finds time to scold me about dropping out. Mr. Reynolds, my idiot of a teacher, called home to notify her. Otherwise, she would have never even known.


“Mum, it’s okay. I’ll join some other extracurricular. I didn’t like it much anyway,” I tried reassuring her in the best possible way.

“Evie, you can’t just pick up an activity in the middle of the school year!” She yelled at me, though I was only three feet away from her. I cringed. Jeez, when did she start to care so much anyway?

My mother desperately needed a date. She hasn’t gone out in ages. I could hear the tension in her voice rising. If she had a man in her life, I’m sure she wouldn’t be on me as much. Besides, I wanted to see her happy, having a good time for once in a while.

“Yes I can, I’m very persuasive, I promise everything will be okay.”

She looks at me with tired deep blue eyes. Her dirty blonde hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail. I make a definite mental note to set her up on a date later. I walk from the kitchen to my room, slamming the door behind me. Ugh I have nothing left to live for. I need to find my mum a good date, a nice man.

I then smile to myself because I remember I have my own date tomorrow, and I’ve found my reason to live.

Harry has yet to call, but that’s understandable considering I just got home round a half hour ago. I expected something from him soon though. So, with that, I decided to get start on this homework that’s been plaguing me ever since I got it today.

I pick up the pencil next to my cellphone and decide to take my phone off of silent. Of course as soon as I do this my phone vibrates loudly a couple of times. I grasp for it and notice that it’s only Annabel. I figure that I haven’t spoken to her since “the incident” earlier so I pick up.

“Hi, Bel.” I wait for the drama to begin.

“Where did you magically disappear to after that DISASTER?” she screams quite high pitched.

“I’m sorry I just . . . I needed to get out of there.” I debate whether or not to tell her about Harry. Of course I’d have to do it when she was more calmed down, otherwise she’d probably have a heart attack. I decided to just keep quiet and let her rant and then I’ll TRY explaining what happened even though I still don’t quite understand it myself..

“Thank GOD I had another copy of my notes. How did you manage to take mine anyway? But anyway, what the hell happened to you? You never do that sort of thing. What’s going on? Something weird, I know.” Oh yeah, another thing you got to love about Annabel.

She will ask you ten questions all at once very quickly.

“I don’t know what was going through my brain when I took your notes. And yes Bel, I’m very aware that this NEVER happens to me, but this time it did, didn’t it? Not much I can do about it now since I quit.” I just pretty much laid all the cards on the table there. She’s kind of pissing me off since this really is the last thing I want to talk about right now.

“That was awfully foolish of you. Don’t you know what that’s going to do to your college application? We’re in junior year Evie, shit matters this year! What have you done?” Thanks for being so realistic right now. Can’t she tell I just simply need a friend who’s going to tell me everything’s going to be okay and not one who’s basically telling me the only future job I have is ‘thank you, enjoy the movie?’

At that moment I realize my eyes are welled with tears, blurring my vision. Ugh why was this happening, I hate crying so much. But lately that’s I’ve been doing. I sniffled, my nose was getting runny from the crying.

“Jeez, Eve, are you crying? Woman up! It’s just debate team,” she blurted out, quite heartless.

And at that I hang up on her. I don’t need this right now and especially not from her, my supposed best friend. Whatever, I’ll just focus intently on this math homework.

Just as I pick up the pencil and write my name on the paper, I hear my mom yelling from downstairs. I can hear her distinctly say there’s someone on the phone for me. Oh God. If it was Annabel calling back…which it probably was. She’s usually the only one who calls my house phone. I consider telling my mom to say I’m in the bathroom or something  but I realize I’ll have to deal with her one way or another so I just reach over and pick up the cordless in my room.

“Hello?” I say in an annoyed tone. I can’t take any more of Annabel’s rubbish.

“Hello? It’s Harry.” My mood suddenly lightens a bit.

I squirm in my seat and perk up straight. I sniffle again to clear my nose so I don’t sound like a retarded horse while talking. “Oh hi!” My voice turned from annoyed to excited in a second.

“Have you been crying?” he asks. God, he was a good guesser.

“Um, no.” I lie. Not quite ready to share every detail of my life with him. Besides, this was a rather embarrassing topic and I’d like to avoid it for the rest of my life and forget this whole traumatic experience happened in the first place. I try to not sniffle again so he’ll change the subject but I find myself doing it anyway. Ugh bugger!

“Really, what happened?” he asked in that perfect accent of his.

He actually sounded genuinely concerned so I decided to open up just a little bit. I sigh, “It’s about what happened today. You know at my event. My friend called me and pretty much told me I’m a screw up at life but I guess YOLO.” …Did I really say that? I try not to vom in my mouth of what I’ve just said. YOLO…you only live once. Totally overrated expression and pretty much everyone’s excuse to getting drunk and high almost 85% of the time resulting in teen pregnancy. Yuck.

I hear him let out a slight laugh and then say in a low tone, “Don’t cry, I know your pretty eyes don’t deserve it.”

I smile through the phone as I feel my cheeks get hot as I blush. I’m not like depressed or anything but I never really had good reception to compliments. I don’t know they just made me always feel weird and make the situation a little uncomfortable you know? Well you probably don’t since I’m most likely the only weirdo who thinks that…right. Anyways, I straightened up in my seat more and said, “Thanks but I’m sure I’ll get over it soon and we’ll be back to being best friends in no time.” I smile to reassure him but then quit it as soon as I realize I’m on the phone and he can’t see me. Duh.

“So wait. She’ll make you cry and you’ll continue being friends with her?” he asks in that low, perfect accent he has.

“She’s my best friend of course I will,” I say automatically without a thought. Of course Annabel and I are still best friends…I’m just pissed about the whole screw up today, right?

I hear him sigh slightly and can tell he shifts the phone to his other ear through the static. “I’ll never understand that.”

“Yeah, well. Welcome to girl world!” I exclaim. I pick up my pencil and have a look at my math homework. I glance over it and see if there are any problems I know off of the top of my head. After a second, I let out a heavy, exasperated sigh. I might as well be reading Chinese. I stop shaking the pencil in my hand and bite the tip of the eraser. Horrible habit I have.

Harry exaggerates a shiver through the phone, “Girl world is scary.”

I giggle once I hear this, “It is . . . so anyway, why are you calling my home phone?” I ask. Did he not have my mobile number? God we were doing everything backwards and being the perfectionist I am, it was beginning to irk me. But at the same time, I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying every bit of it.

“This number was on the card,” he said calmly. A little too calmly in fact. At that moment, I envied his relaxedness. I was so stressed lately and it was really beginning to be quite the little bugger.

“Oh right! Sorry, I’m sure you must want my mobile number . . .” I trailed off chuckling at my own blank stupidity.

Over the phone, I hear a loud slammed door and the pitter patter of rapid rain. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion as Harry says, “Why don’t you come outside and give it to me?”

“What?” I get up and walk to my window and survey the grass on my front yard. And, there he is as expected. I shake my head. This was just unbelievable and all felt so unreal. Lately, I swear my life has been some giant, surreal film that has definitely had its ups and downs. I scrunch up my face in disbelief at him. “No!”

“Oh come on!” he whined, “I come all this way . . . and you’re gonna turn me down.” I watch him as he lifts his free arm in the air gesturing to me ‘really’ and I spitefully smile.

“Sorry,” I tease, “but unlike some people, some of us actually have work to do.” I lift my math homework to the window for him to see.

“Oh please, like you were actually going to do it anyway?” How did he possibly know that…

“Yeah I was actually,” I lie. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!

I watch as I see him give a cheeky smile to the grass and then looks up, “All right. I’m coming in and helping you with it.”

I actually liked the sound of that idea for a moment. But then I remembered my mom would have a freak out fit and my eyes widen in horror. “No! I’m coming out, just . . .” I struggle to find words, “stay there!” I exclaim like a fidgety mess and press “END” on the phone. I reach for my cell phone and shove it in my skirt pocket and I grab my jacket off of my chair, my blue denim one that ties at the waist, throw it over my shoulders and messily knot it. I lift my long hair out from under it and let it fall into a wavy mess. I look at myself in the mirror and don’t quite like what I see, but shrug it off and slam my door open and closed as I clumsily fly down the staircase.

As I run through the kitchen to get to the foyer, my mother stops me dead in my tracks. “Whoa, where are you running off to so quick?” She asks in her ‘sweetheart’ voice, thinking that will make me more willing to answer her. But honestly, it actually quite irritates me.

“Just to the library to pick up some books,” I’m surprised with how quickly I came up with a lie. And a good one too.

“Well, hold on I’ll drive you, I’m going to the supermarket to get some food and then Laurie wants to meet me for dinner.” She turns around and reaches for her car keys. Bollocks.

This was not going to work out. Mother would walk right out the front door and see Harry standing there like an idiot. I have to get him out of here. So I do my best to try and stall by saying, “Wait!” I grasp her arm, motioning for her to drop the keys. “Can you make me a sandwich first, I’m kind of hungry.”

“And what’s wrong with you?” I need to get a boy the hell out of here, that’s what’s wrong with me.

“Please I miss the way you used to do it so perfectly and plus my wrists are sore from doing pull ups at the gym with Annabel,” I whine as she sighs, giving in. Yes. Good.

“All right, fine. But could you at least take out the trash please?” She hands me a giant black bag filled to the top, heavy. But this was actually a perfect way to get rid of Harry. I smiled at the rate things were going at.

“Yes,” I say as I turn around and walk out the door. I slam it shut and look in real quick to make sure she’s not watching me and turn to the left to the garbage cans. I throw in the bag super quick and then change my direction and start running towards Harry who is smiling like the Cheshire cat.

“Hey!” he exclaims once I’m closer to him. He grabs me by my sides and pulls me closer, and I try to fight him but he’s way too strong for me. He leans in for a kiss but I place one hand on his torso and pull back, while I place my other hand on his lips, quieting him.

“Shh. Don’t say anything and follow me.” I turn around so quickly that my long hair actually whips him in the face and he spits and makes a funny face at me. I giggle quietly and mouth, “sorry” and he just gives me a crooked smile. I grasp his hand tightly and pull him to the backyard. Once we get there, I realize then that the rain had stopped and I managed to step out of my house without getting wet at all while Harry was completely soaked.

He shook his shaggy hair like a dog and actually managed to get a few drops on me. He laughs huskily and says, “Sorry!” Was he mocking me from before? Ugh I’m going to get him.

“Just stay here okay, I’ll be back.”

 I run to the gate to open it when I hear Harry call from behind me in a playful tone, “So mysterious!”

“Yes I am.” I turn around to face him for a second, and then stumble out of my backyard and enter through the front door again, making sure my mum didn’t suspect anything suspicious. Thankfully, she didn’t and my sandwich was actually done. Huh, bingo! “Ah, thanks mum!” I say and reach for the sandwich taking a huge bite. I didn’t realize that I was actually starving from before.

“All right, Evie I’ll take you to the library when you’re finished, okay?”

“Mm, no mum, just go I actually think I’ll get more work done here,” I say my mouth filled with food. What a huge lie, but whatever.

“Are you sure?” What was I, five? She didn’t need to keep asking me stupid little questions like these.

“Yes, mum go have fun with Laurie, please you deserve it.” I smile as I lift up the sandwich, a reminder of her hard work of the day. Not that I’m complaining, this was actually the best ham sandwich I’ve had in a while.

“Okay, I’ll be home at 7, see you later, then, call me if you need anything!” She stresses, again.

“Yes mum, okay I will.” God could she leave yet? The universe must have set this up, the day that she’s going to annoy me about every little thing is the day when I actually have something amusing to do with my life waiting right outside.

Finally, she gives me a half-wave as she walks out the door and locks it behind her. I wait until I hear the car take off out of the driveway until I’m running out my backdoor. I quickly fumble my way around the stairs of my deck and run up to Harry and jump into his arms, letting him take a step back at my weight as he catches me. My legs wrap around his back and my arms lock around his neck as I go to kiss him hungrily. Wow, didn’t realize I was in this much need earlier. Ah, hormones.

“Uh, wow miss me?” he says once he pulls away from me. He has that crooked smile on his perfect face again.

“Mm, yes definitely since the past what, hour since I’ve seen you?” I say a little sarcastically, but then again in the same way totally serious. He was kind of like a drug to me now and I’ve only known him for not even a good 48 hours. Great.

He laughs. “Well good, cuz I’ve missed you too.”

“You know, our ‘date’ isn’t until tomorrow right?” I remember that myself just now, as well. Hell, whatever we had now was definitely unlike any other ‘relationship’ if you could even call it that.

He groans, “Can’t it be todayyyyy?”

He was such a whiney four year old child. But I did kind of like it, I admit. I jump down from his back and set myself on the ground. What the—? Was I wearing heels? Don’t remember putting these on, but all right . . . No wonder the world felt wobbly now. “Just come inside and we can talk or whatever, okay?”

He smiled at my ‘whatever,’ (that dirty mind of his) as he agrees with me and I lead him inside my backdoor. I then pull him up my stairs and we enter my room and I slam the door shut. Oh good thing I still have those gigantic posters of a shirtless Taylor Lautner hung up at every wall of my room. I see Harry looking all around my room and I blush at this. God he must find this amusing. He looks up at one and then looks at me as he points to Taylor Lautner’s eight pack. “I have one of those.”

I laugh loudly and obnoxiously and tease, “Oh really?”

He nods his head up and down, again resembling a child and gives me a childish grin. I walk towards him and say, “Let’s see.” I take my hand and begin to ride it up his shirt but he stops me.

“Nu-uh. It’s not perfect yet.” He takes my hand away from his chest and brings it up to his lips as he kisses my fingers slowly which gives me a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach.

“Oh come on. You’re in a teenage girl’s room. Isn’t that considered ‘the jackpot’ for some of you sex-crazed adolescent boys?” I raise an eyebrow skeptically.

He stopped kissing my fingers and took my hand away from his mouth, but still held it as he exclaimed, “I am not sex-crazed!”

“Uh, you’re a seventeen year old boy, if you’re not sex-crazed, you’re not normal,” I state, quite factually. It is rather crazy what extremes boys go to just to have a girl in their pants, it’s really disturbing and disgusting most times, well to me anyway. Can’t say the same for some of the sluts at my school, but I won’t go naming names . . .

 “Hmph.” He furrows his eyebrows in confusion at me and looks from me down to my hand and then back up at me. He’s still holding it but when he sees my face that is somewhat in between trying to not giggle uncontrollably and deep in thought, he lets it go.

I whine like a baby at this and make a puppy dog face at him. “Heyy, this hand needs some lovin’ too.” I raise my left hand at him.

At this, he raises both his eyebrows so high that they’re hidden under his wild, now damp hair. “Oh, so, you like it,” he states as he lifts it up to his lips to resume his process.

I wasn’t sure if it was a question or not, but honestly he’ll never know how much that I actually did.

A/N: Okay well I hope you enjoyed and next chapter definitely will be better!  Tell me if you liked it or not anyway in a review and read thank you thank you thank you! Next chapter update is SOON I promise! Big ideas in store for this :)

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