I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


11. The Swag Master Shot Me Out of Doncaster


I’ll Be Your Reason to be My Love

Chapter Eleven:

The Swag Master Shot Me Out of Doncaster

February 20th, 2011

---Harry’s Point of View---

“Oh . . . my, God.”
Evie seemed to be frozen in place as her eyes were surely the widest I had ever seen them. I looked ahead of her to try and make out what she was focused on. Well, I couldn’t see a bloody thing in this fog. I could only remotely make out a shadow of two figures standing next to each other. They were all the way back at the building, pressed against it I think. I left Evie and Reyna to run up closer to them, almost sprinting past Liam and Niall. As I got closer to the figures, the fog in the night cleared and I was almost shot out of the sky at what I was watching.

 It was Annabel and Louis. Kissing.

Unsure if they saw me or not, I decided to keep my distance. I immediately turned around awkwardly in my tracks, lifting my hand to shake my hair, almost tripping over my own two feet. Thankfully I kept my balance and made minimal noise as my foot brushed against the road. I started walking back towards the girls quickly. As I was walking, I turned my head to the side and glanced back at them. Did they even notice us?

“Hey, Harold!” I heard Louis’s high pitched voice. I guess he did. Shit.

I turned around yet again and faked a smile at him. His head was jerked to the side so that I could see him past Annabel’s long blonde hair. “Oh, eh, hi.” That was plain pathetic.

“We were just going out to a late dinner. Get the rest of the lads and let’s go,” he proposed. My eyes drooped down to where his hands were placed firmly on the sides of Annabel’s waist. Slowly, I retracted my vision to Louis to look him in the eye. He must of knew that I noticed his actions and he quickly then shoved his hands into his back pockets. 
Yeah, sure, Louis you were only snogging a girl two seconds ago but let’s go eat and pretend like everything’s fine.

I wish I could say that. “Ehm, I don’t know let me see what they think.” I shifted my body, unsure of what to make of this situation. “Guys, do you wanna go grab a bite with Louis and Annabel?”

 Niall, even though he was carrying a giant bag full of food from Nando’s, jumped up and chimed, “Yeah I’m starvin’!” He handed me his massive bag and I took it with a look of confusion on my face. Right, then. Niall and Liam were headed up towards Louis and Annabel and I strolled in my own direction to Reyna and Evie.

“Guys come on we’re going to eat!” I yelled unenthusiastically. Eating was the last thing on my mind considering all of my uneasiness from this night.

“What?” Evie asked.

“Yeah Louis and Annabel were just ehm…” I paused, and pointed to them dumbfounded, “…yeah so let’s go!” I had no idea how to go about this. Do I say something? No probably not, I don’t even know what exactly I saw…I should probably just shut up and let things…progress. I blinked quite a few more times than usual awaiting Evie’s response.

“I think I’ll pass, I’m not so hungry.” Evie lifted her hand to brush it through her hair and I felt my heartbeat speed up. I sighed, this was going to be a long night.

“Neither am I, but…” I trailed off and she raised her head to look at me. There was silence and I tried not to break eye contact with her.

Eventually, it was, by Reyna’s annoyed tone, “Ugh what’s wrong with you people I’m starved!” she eyed us both skeptically and snatched the bag of Nando’s from my grip. She dug her hand in and instantly began eating. Yeah, same old Reyna I remember. Always eating with Niall . . . what ever happened to those days? I wanted them back. But it would probably never happen…

Since Reyna was walking up to the others I decided to try and break the ice with Evie as I shoved my hands into my front pockets. “So.”

“So. . . ” she trailed off.

I turned back to face the others for a second and then turned back at her and came up with a suggestion. “Since everybody’s going to…well wherever they’re going to . . . want to come and keep Zayn company with me?” I thought it was a pretty good idea, I mean everyone seemed to forget about him and we obviously wouldn’t want the poor boy to wake up and be all alone . . . plus it’d be a great opportunity to be alone with Evie.

I saw her look behind me over at the rest of everyone and then back to me. I gave her a sheepish smile, hoping to win her over with my incredible charm. I thought I was doing quite a pretty good job, actually. She gave me a small smile as she nodded slowly, “Sure!”

We both started walking towards the others to get back inside the dressing room, but then I remembered how I was so trying to avoid Louis for the time being so I unexpectedly grasped for her hand and pulled her in a completely different direction, remembering the side entrance to the building. It would be a longer walk but I didn’t mind.

Evie shrieked and asked, “Where are we going?!”

I laughed at her high-pitched girl scream and quickened my pace, “Just taking a little detour!”

“Oh God, it better not be another tree . . . ”

“Not that kind of detour!” I laughed at the memory. It seemed forever ago that we were having fun like that and it kind of made me sad to think about how carefree everything was then. I guess I should move on since I’m going to have to accept the past.

Clutching her hand tighter, I began to run even faster as I led her around the entranceway to the secret side door. Only the boys and I knew about this hidden entrance so that the fans wouldn’t come out and attack us. Even though we loved the fans with all our hearts, things got hectic a lot of the time.

Finally, we made it to the door and I hauled it open with all my might since it was massively heavy. I held it open for Evie as she walked through the doorway and into the warm building. My nose burned at the new heated environment since I swear it was below zero outside and I was freezing. As the door shut it made a loud booming noise and we both jumped out of our skin. Was not expecting that…

I led her down the long hallway and then we turned right and stumbled into the dressing room. It wasn’t large but it was roomy and had two bathrooms complete with a widespread living room with a telly and the occasional video games. I couldn’t complain.

We took literally one step into the room and were greeted by Zayn’s soft snoring. He was still passed out on the same spot we left him on the couch. He seemed awfully knackered, but surprisingly I had a bit of energy about me. I leaned over to check the time on the clock and it was nearly past eleven. I thought it was much later than that, but I guess not . . .

“And over here we have the hardest working member of the band,” I gestured to Zayn and smiled cheekily. She laughed in response and I leaned down to pat Zayn’s hair. If he was awake he probably would have slapped me across the face. I’m a risk taker.

“Does he always do this?” Evie laughed again and looked at Zayn who was snoring up a storm.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I walked over to the chair that was next to the couch that Zayn was laying on and took a seat. Once I was comfortable, I noticed that Evie was still standing so I gestured for her to sit down on the empty chair that was placed across from mine. She took the hint and walked over slowly and then it seemed like she was unsure if she should sit or not but decided to anyway. Maybe she was a risk taker too . . . something we had in common maybe? I cleared my throat, “So…”

Evie crossed her legs and then leaned forward and said softly, “Are you sure we should stay in here, I mean I don’t want to wake up uh . . . um . . . ”

“Zayn?” I tried helping her out. I couldn’t help but think it was slightly adorable that she forgot his name.

“Yeah, sorry.” She laughed nervously to try and break the tension in the air. Oh God I hope I didn’t sound irritated . . . that was the last thing I would want her to think of me.

But I was wondering, how did she not know of our band? I was pretty sure everyone in the UK had heard of us but I guess not. I was even surprised that I could keep this from her for so long even though I pretty much ruined our relationship. As much as I didn’t want to ask, I felt so curious and it was taking over as I inquired, “How come you never heard of our band?”

“What?” She seemed taken aback from the question and I suddenly got a worried feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked her that. I didn’t want to come off all conceited sounding…another thing that I would want to be the last thing to have her think of me as.

I stuttered to find the right words. “That didn’t come out right. I mean like—”

“How come I didn’t recognize that it was you?” she tried.

“Er, yeah.” I really didn’t want to be having this conversation right now but I felt like I needed to, somehow.

“Well for one, I had no idea what your last name was.” She did have a point there. I specifically left that little detail out when we met.

“But isn’t your friend a fan of us?” I pressed on.

“Yeah, but I never really cared enough to go and look you guys up and all.” She chuckled briefly, “Sorry!”

I saw her start to blush. Great, another thing to add to the list of situations that I’ve made awkward. “Don’t worry about it, I wouldn’t want you to become a crazed fan anyway. I’m tellin’ ya, they are pretty obsessive.” I added a playful tone to my voice to try and brighten the mood a bit.

“Oh, I’m sure they are.” The hints of sarcasm trickling in her voice told me that she wasn’t flustered by my complete awkwardness.

I thought of something and then chuckled before saying it, “Totally, they’re all over me.”

“I bet it’s the curly hair.” She squinted and shook her head in a joking manner.

“Oh yeah, no it definitely is.” I bowed my head down and did my famous hair shake adding to its volume. I lifted my hand to shift it over to the side more so that it was out of my eyes and finally looked back up at Evie. I gave her my signature smile.

---Evie’s Point of View---

Jesus, God. Stop looking at me like that.

I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take. Was he trying to torture me or something? Did he know what he was doing? Lord, I bet he was doing this on purpose. The way he flipped that hair. . . it was overwhelming.

Okay, okay, Evie just don’t look. He’s staring right at me… I need to get out of here. Thankfully, Zayn, the boy sleeping on the couch, starting stirring and tried rolling over on his side resulting into him falling onto the floor and waking up.

“Ah!” he exclaimed, rubbing his eyes. “What’s happening…”

Harry laughed spontaneously for a second and then walked over to Zayn who was still sitting on the floor from where he fell. He whispered something in his ear and Zayn’s eyes grew wide and shocked. “Everyone left?!”

Harry chuckled again briefly and added, “No just kidding they all went to some dining place. St. Julien’s I think Louis said.”

Zayn looked confused for a second while he asked, “What, that place by the water?”

“Yeah, the one where Louis jumped in and then got yelled at by the manager last time we were here, remember?”

Louis sounded like a fun boy. He said he was turning twenty years old this year but I didn’t believe it for a second. He had such a humourous way about him and he was hysterical from what I could tell. I would love to hang out with him.

“Oh yeah, the seafood place! What are we doing here, let’s go,” Zayn suggested as he got up, walked directly to the mirror placed on the side wall next to the T.V. He quickly pulled the beanie off of his head and shook his hair and styled it so that it had a messy way about it but in a good way. Now that I think about it, he made bed head definitely look good.

Harry looked to me and my stomach growled. Guess I was hungry after all. I nodded to him and we all walked out of the dressing room and into the cold night air together.

“Look who decided to join us!” Louis exclaimed once we all showed our faces at St. Julien’s marina diner. Inside it was dimly lighted so that it had a somewhat romantic atmosphere to it. I don’t know why they were still open; I mean it was nearly past 11:30 now. Nevertheless, they all decided to get one big booth with Annabel and Reyna in the middle, Liam next to Reyna, the blonde boy whose name I couldn’t remember next to him and then Louis on the left side of Annabel. I chose to scoot my bum in next to Louis and told them all to move down and make room. Harry squeezed in next to me and Zayn decided to walk to the other side and took a seat next to the blonde boy.

I noticed Reyna was a little distanced from Liam and had a strange look on her face. I knew there was definitely something weird between them, but I didn’t know what since I was pretty sure she hadn’t known of One Direction like me. But I could be wrong . . . I’d definitely have to ask her about it later. She just seemed so . . . I don’t even know . . . pained?

“Ooh, sleepy head is awake,” another remark from Louis escaped and the crowd emerged in giggles. Zayn kept his head down and stayed quiet.

“So, what’s good here?” I turned and asked him. I was actually quite starved now.

“Me!” he exclaimed sassily. Well, he was certainly feisty tonight. Unless he was like this on a regular basis, I didn’t know. Regardless, I started laughing as I swatted his arm playfully. He was such a funny kid!

I heard Harry clear his throat and he tapped me on my upper arm twice, gently. “I heard the steak is to die for, here.”

I nodded slowly, sounded good to me. Just about any type of food sounded good right now. Soon enough the waitress came out, took Zayn and I’s orders and Harry just had a glass of water. By the time our food came around, I was beyond starving and started violently cutting my steak into little pieces before devouring it.

The group was consumed in an argument over if building snowmen was fun or childish. I inserted my opinion a few times, saying that it was totally awesome still building snowmen but it was hard since if you wanted to talk over them you would have to scream. And I was eating my steak so screaming wasn’t exactly something I wanted to do. Meanwhile, Harry stayed completely silent, focused on his glass of water like it was a million dollars, occasionally looking up pretending like he was a part of this conversation. I looked over at him to make sure he was okay, but he was still staring intently at his water. I turned my head back to try and convince Liam that it’s totally okay to still be building snowmen when Harry nudged me.

“Can I have a bite of that?” he was staring at my steak and pointed to it, a mysterious look on his face.

“Sure!” I pushed the dish a little closer to him and he picked up his fork on the napkin and began taking little squares of steak that I cut.

“Mmm, it’s like—”

I instantly covered his mouth with my hand. “Harry Styles, if you make another Jesus-food comparison I’m going to get scissors and cut off all of your curls.”

I felt his lips purse and he swallowed. I took my hand off his mouth and resumed eating.

Reyna burst out laughing and she stared straight at Harry. “Hazza, you still do that?! To think you would have grown up by now!”

I choked. Wait what? Reyna knew Harry? I knew there was something strange going on with her.

But I probably would have never expected that.

--Reyna’s Point of View---

I had gone into total laugh attack mode. Harry’s obscene quips of comparing food to God-like things always cracked me up. I remember when Liam and I used to completely make fun of them but instantly end up dying of laughter.

Throughout the duration of the night, all of the boys had been only acknowledging my existence like I had just met them. I remember just seven months ago we were back here in this exact same restaurant, dining like six best friends. It was still the definition of awkward and I can’t believe Harry was the only one not being a jackass about the situation. Wait a minute….

“That was the greatest dinner I’ve had in like two years!” I blurted, still amazed by how spectacular the food here tasted. It was probably now my favourite place to eat.

“Only the best for my girl,” Liam said as he sneaked up behind me and laced his fingers with mine. He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. I smiled. He was the best.

I watched as Louis raced in front of us and jumped straight into the water surrounding the establishment. Harry came up next, chuckling like an idiot as he passed us and took off his shirt. He started undoing his belt buckle as well and was just about to take his pants off. I shielded my eyes and yelled, “Harry, I don’t think this is a very good place to get naked!”

“Babe, this place is as good as any other.” He pulled his pants down revealing his black Calvin Klein boxer shorts as he jumped and screamed just like Louis. Zayn and Niall jumped straight in after them. I looked to Liam. I knew he didn’t like the idea since we were probably going to get kicked out of the restaurant but I couldn’t help but wander to the edge of the water.

He gave me a look of question but I only took his hand and dragged him into the water with me. It was cold but it was a refreshing type of cold since it was over ninety degrees outside. We all started having massive buckets of fun and it was like we were already best friends. It had only been a little over a week since Liam was put into this band One Direction with these other four boys. We were all trying to do our best on the X Factor and we tried not to see it as a competition because it wasn’t.

Liam and Niall got into some depth conversation about what food was the ‘ultimate meal’ at Nando’s. I turned to Zayn and Louis who seemed to be gossiping about previous X Factor contestants. So I swam over to Harry who was all alone, swimming around.

“Hey curly, watchya doing?” His response was splashing me in the face. “Hey Styles that wasn’t very nice!”

“I know,” he smirked. “That’s why it was fun.”

“Well someone’s being very mean today,” I stated.

“It’s okay Rey-Rey you know I love you.” He gently splashed me again.

I laughed. “Yeah, yeah I know. Hey, it’s been exactly a week since ‘One Direction.’”

“Exciting isn’t it!” he exclaimed. I couldn’t even believe what was happening myself. I was still a little iffy about the whole thing.

“Yeah . . .”

“Hey, promise me that we will all stay best friends no matter what.” He must have sensed my uneasiness but I liked the fact that he was going into all-sensitive mode. It was reassuring.

“I promise.”

And we meant it.

That was probably one of the best days we’ve all had by far. Aside from Liam and I’s awkwardness, everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. Even I was enjoying myself! It was a surely fun night.

I glanced over to Harry since I just happened to have a thorough flashback of him, but it seemed he was stabbing the tablecloth with his fork staring blankly at it. Well he definitely wasn’t having a fun time. I then looked over at Evie who was laughing at some hysterical punch line Louis just said. Harry looked up at them shyly and then back down, seeming to have an expressionless face.

Oh my God. Harry was jealous. And I knew that look…

I think he was in love with Evie. In fact, I was sure of it.


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