I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


4. Perfection in a Tree

I’ll Be Your Reason To Be My Love

Chapter Four:

Perfection in a Tree

February 15th, 2011

“You are so perverted!” It was six o’clock on a Monday night and Harry and I haven’t left my room ever since I invited him inside.

“No, but see I was referring to ‘pussy’ as the cats. So unless you have your mind somewhere else . . . ” he defended sheepishly. He was holding my pink pig pillow pet and squishing it for comfort. It was quite the adorable scene, I might say.

“Harry, you and I both know what you meant by pussy,” I say, rather serious as I raise my eyebrows at him.

“Maybe a little bit . . .” A smile sparks across his lips in a tantalizing manner and his eyes widen.

“And to think that I thought you were different from all those sex-crazed, horny teenage boys.” I move my index fingers across one another to gesture ‘shame, shame’ at him. I duck my head down and make a scolding face.

I look over at my clock and see that it’s 6:07. It’s beginning to get dark out now and I still haven’t gotten my coffee from Starbucks that I’ve been craving since I woke up this morning. I yawn. I’ve been in this room for too long, I need to get out of here…now.

I see that he’s making a puppy dog face at me from my last comment. I shake it off and change the subject, “Can we get out of here and go to like, Starbucks?” I ask, walking over to drag him off of my floor. I grasp his hand and attempt to pull him up. I groan. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

“No!” he exclaims, rather suddenly. He put his free hand on top of mine, which is grasping his other hand quite tightly. 

“What? Why not?”

“Ehm, I just want to stay here with you,” he said a little confused, kind of. I don’t know why he was acting a little strange every single time I mention going out somewhere. Like, before I asked if he wanted to actually come to library with me so I wouldn’t get that busted when my mom came home, but he made up some silly excuse that didn’t even make sense. Well, that was awkward. Now what? Were we just going to stay in here forever? Bloody hell, when he said we would go on a date tomorrow he didn’t mean just like, at someone’s house did he. . . ?

“Oh come on. We’ve been in here for hours and Evie needs her caffeine. Now.” I widen my eyes at him and make a scary face. I’m usually dead without my coffee in the morning and I don’t know why I didn’t cave in to my cravings sooner. “Seriously, a bomb might go off if I don’t have my coffee.” I got closer to his face, hoping this would make him feel a little uncomfortable and give in to my needs. Otherwise, I was going to have to kick him out and just go alone and oh, how I super do not want that to happen.

“All right. I’ll make you some coffee then,” he said as he stared into my eyes for a second and then stood up whilst giving me a determined look on his face as he made way for my bedroom door.

I run up to the door and block it so that he can’t get through. I look up at him, God he was tall, and force, “We are going to Starbucks or I’m going alone and you’ll see me tomorrow.”

He scrunched up his face at me like ‘ugh’ and closed his eyes as he took his thumb and index finger as he rubbed in between his eyebrows like I was giving him a migraine. Which, due to my total annoyingness, I probably was. He sighed heavily, like he was about to do something that he dreaded, “Evie, can you sit down for like a second I need to get this out.”

“What?” I say, completely dumbfounded by his words. I’ve known the guy for like a day. What secrets could he possibly be keeping? And as soon as I think that, I realize I still know absolutely nothing about him so he could possibly be some mass murderer or something, waiting for his next victim.

But that was a little bit of crazy talk…I hope. When he wasn’t responding I pressed on, “What are you talking about?” I realized that I had sounded a bit defensive but, could you blame me?

“Ehm . . . ” He needed to just spit out whatever he was going to reveal. I watched him as he ran his fingers up through his curls as he released them after a minute adding to its floppy volume. He looked all around my room as if that would give him an answer to whatever he was yearning for and then finally broke the silence between us. “Well, you’ll see when we get to Starbucks. Let’s go.”

He looked at me as he waited for me to stop blocking the door to get out. He studied my face and I studied his in return. I realized that he was only staring at me like this to silently tell me to move and I quickly got on and jumped to the side. I blushed furiously and turned the doorknob. I fumbled out of my room and he followed behind me. We walked down the stairs in silence but right before I went to open the front door, Harry took me by the arm and spun me around to face him.

He half laughed, “This is a bit embarrassing but, can you drive?”

“Yes, I’m seventeen, aren’t you?”

“Yes but I only turned seventeen two weeks ago, so I’ve only still got my permit.”

Oh great I was a cougar now. Not by much though, only nine months but still…awkward.

“Well, don’t worry. Starbucks is only a block from here so we can walk it.” I smile kindly, trying to avert the awkwardness he created between us. I wish I had my iPod or maybe one of those Chinese finger trapper things, or really anything to occupy my hands, as they were just flailing all over the place strangely since I had nothing to do with them. It’s then that I realize as I was thinking this I was staring directly at his face, not moving. Terrific.

Trying to conjure up the last bits of collectedness I possibly may still have, I turn back around and unlock the door and hold it open for him. As he passes by me, I slam the door shut and smile that the rain has finally truly let up. Though it was semi-dark out, it was nice to just feel the cool air on my skin and nothing more. When I looked up, I could make out Harry’s facial expression which looked a bit pained and nervous. I wanted to ask what was wrong but I felt like kind of an annoyance. We walked in silence for about a few minutes until I broke the cold air stillness with my burning curiosity, “Um, are you okay?”

He looked up at me from where he was boring his gaze into the sidewalk, when it looked like he was lost deep in thought. I feel a bit bad as I inch a little closer to him, trying to tell him through my demented body language that whatever it is, he can tell me.

Even if we have only known each other for oh, a day and a half.

As he glanced at my genuinely concerned expression, he cracked a half-smile, and I’m not sure if he meant it or he was just trying to make me feel better. Instead of answering my question, he just reached his arm over and pressed his firm hand gently upon my back, nudging me a little closer to him. He put his arm around, over to my right shoulder as he we walked close to each other. “Now I am,” he said a little quietly. He jammed his free hand into his pocket as we finally approached Starbucks.

I reached out with my arm that Harry had his grip on and pulled open the door. He released my shoulder to hold the door open for himself as we went to the front of the counter. There were only three other girls in the corner table. As we waited for someone to get to us, I bumped my shoulder into his arm, signaling for him to cuddle me like that again. To my surprise, he didn’t get my hint and I was left standing there like an idiot.


Finally, a tiny woman came to the counter, I got my mocha Frappuccino and Harry got a Carmel one. As we sipped our drinks in silence, we both heard those three girls shouting about something ridiculous. As it was just us in there, Harry’s face started to gain a relieved look which made me feel a little better from that paleness I noticed before.

“And then Hailey was all ‘VAS HAPPENIN’’ like Zayn in that one video and it was a crack-up. She sounded just like him, it was actually quite creepy!” one of the girls exclaimed. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how stupid they sounded, even though I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

Harry’s eyes shifted from those three girls back to me and his eyes widened as he sipped his frap. He separated from the coffee to say, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“We just got here two minutes ago!” I protested. Was he an indoors person? Because honestly, I felt like he has a problem with showing his face in public which is a bit odd, but I guess everyone’s different . . .

“I know but . . . ” he trailed off, his face losing colour again as it had previously. Now I’m starting to feel a bit bad for dragging him all the way out here . . . what? Shut up, Evie it was three fudging blocks. Everyone needs exercise, gosh. I heard him swallow hard as he used his coat collars to shield the sides of his face a bit. I could still notice the blank whiteness on it now, though which was starting to worry me. God, I wish he would just tell me why he’s being so weird all of a sudden . . .

Maybe he was shy.

Oh, Christ, like hell he’s shy. Just think back to yesterday when we first met, yeah, definitely not shy.

Unless he’s one of those guys who at first come on all confident- like but then turn into some kind of uncharacteristic timid boy.

I should probably stop psychoanalyzing this. Now.

“Okay, okay, we’ll leave.” I don’t want to start some type of wild argument with him, especially since we’ve known each other less than forty-eight hours and we were in Starbucks, for crying out loud. Plus, from what I’ve heard today, Harry can have an extremely loud voice sometimes and it’s really low and husky which probably makes his yelling seem frightening. I wasn’t quite ready to uncover that part of him yet.

I pushed out of my chair and picked up my drink as I watched Harry quickly exit the joint like someone had a bomb. I was left standing there like an idiot yet again. The three girls in the corner heard his vast, loud movements and all looked at me like I was taming a lion. They had the most disgusting looks on their faces and I kind of wanted to throw my coffee at them but of course I didn’t. I just smiled and waved innocently, then rushed out of there possibly faster than he did. When I was exposed to the cold evening air, I looked all around but couldn’t find him. Did he just leave me here? What a stupid, lame, deranged, jer—

“Boo!” Oh.

Harry greeted me from the top of the tree that was just outside of the coffee place. It was quite tall, and has been there for literally forever. Harry perched himself on a sturdy branch and had his coffee in between his legs. I squinted to try and make out what exactly he was doing in that tree as I yelled up to him, “How did you get up there so fast?”

“I got skills in tree climbing, babe!” he yelled back down at me. God he was so high up.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Now that I think about it, he kind of reminded me of a six year old child who loved adventure and action, but when they finally pursued it they chickened out at the last minute. I was just waiting for him to scream back at me that he couldn’t get down and to call the fire department quickly. I laughed at my own thought absentmindedly as I replied, “I’m sure you do. Now are you going to get down from there?”

“OF COURSE NOT!” he hollered down at me, I think a little louder than he intended. I shook my head at him disapprovingly. I wondered if he could see me from all the way down here. Before I could say anything to his sudden outburst he added, “You’re gonna come up here!”

I laughed at his complete and total imagination. “Uh, I don’t think so!” It was then that I realized I don’t even know his last name. Wow, this just turned weird. It made me feel so strange to think that I’ve only known this boy for such a short time, yet I felt so comfortable with him. I mean, I was never really shy per say, but there were some things I just didn’t admit to people. But with him, I kind of felt obligated to just say whatever was on my mind, which felt nice to have a person to say that about.

“Come and get up here, you know you want to!!” he exclaimed. It amazed me as to how he could go from looking so insecure to shouting things from the top of his lungs from the top of a public tree.

I actually considered it for a minute, but then totally decided against it as I remember what happened when I was a little younger. I admit, I loved to tree climb, pretty much every day, whether if it was raining outside or not. It felt so liberating and exhilarating. I used to climb every one of my friends trees in their backyards or front yards. But one day in the summer, Annabel and I walked out to this wooded area in the middle of well, nowhere in particular. We both decided to climb up as high as we could, this one tree that was placed right in front of the opening to the forested place. When we were possibly as high up as we could be, some middle aged menopausal woman emerged from this tiny house that we didn’t even notice, and yelled at us for climbing her tree for what seemed like an eternity. We were so high up that we couldn’t make out a word she was saying so we yelled for her to wait as we climbed down. But since it was a really tall tree, it took us a while to get down. It’s definitely not as easy as getting up. It must have took us ten minutes but to our surprise, by the time we got down the cops were there and wanted to take us to the station for ‘vandalizing’ and ‘trespassing.’ I thought it was absolutely absurd since we didn’t know this was occupied property and should have at least gotten off unnoticed with a warning, but of course not. It turned into this whole big thing with both of our parents and we thought we’d never see or hear the end of it. It was so bad that I haven’t climbed a tree since.

And that concludes my traumatic experience.

Which is why, I shook my head numerous times to Harry as I turned to leave him in the dust, seeing as how he wasn’t coming down any time soon. The cold night breeze wafted through my hair, causing some of my curls to unwind to go back to its dull, flattening straightness. I heard Harry holler out my name a few times but I was kind of done for the night. That is until I heard that one word that he shouted to the heavens.


I stopped dead in my tracks. What did he just call me? Yeah, okay now it was definitely on. I turned around, my hair smacking my face, and I squinted to make out Harry grinning like an idiot in the tree. I changed my facial expression from confused to you are so dead to me, as I sprinted as fast as I could back to the Starbucks. I finished off the last of my drink as I tossed the empty can to the side of the bushes, not caring if I was harming the planet. I was actually considering picking it back up and heading to the nearest garbage can but decided to screw it. Who cares anymore, really. As soon as I approached the tree, a rush of adrenaline washed over me and I climbed that thing as high as I could. As I hoisted myself up on each upcoming branch I felt a wave of excitement flood through my body and before I knew it, I was higher up than Harry was.


I stopped myself, as I realized I was going way too high than normal so I stopped abruptly and looked down. I saw Harry was looking up at me with the strangest look on his face, kind of like I was a crazy woman so I adjusted myself properly to prepare to climb down a few couple branches to get more level with him.

“Don’t get too carried away there, love,” Harry tried as I plopped myself next to him on the branch that he was patting his hand on, invitingly.

I rolled my eyes at him sarcastically. I readjusted myself on the branch to get more comfortable, making sure that I don’t fall off. I struggled for a second to let my feet hang down but I found myself losing balance a bit and reached to my left to grasp onto the fat trunk of the tree. Harry noticed me failing and placed a protective arm around my waist, ensuring I won’t fall, break my neck and die. His hand grasped at my side gently, holding me up to position myself. Once we were both settled, he still didn’t release me. I turned my head to the right to look up at him, silently telling him that I was fine, but then I realized he didn’t want to let go. This made me feel like a rush of ecstasy was making its way through my whole body. I hadn’t felt this way with a boy for a long time and even though Derek and I just broke up yesterday, I realize now that I wasn’t really happy with him. I always assumed that it was because we’ve been together forever like one of those old married couples and this was the way it was supposed to feel like, but I don’t know. With Harry I’ve only known him for a day so I obviously can’t tell but I try to think back when I first started talking to Derek. Did it feel like this?

I don’t know.

But what I did know was that Harry’s arm around me couldn’t feel more right at the moment, which I was trying so hard to make the best of. For a second, I forgot where I was at what I was doing, it was like we were in a perfect world. I wasn’t thinking about anything, I wasn’t worrying and it was like we just were. Nothing more.

It was then that I remembered Harry and I were supposed to have a ‘date but it’s totally not a date’ tomorrow. We were doing things so backwards it wasn’t even real anymore. But right now I didn’t mind at all. It was actually kind of spontaneous, which was nice for a change. I liked it.

I rested my head on Harry’s broad shoulder. It was pretty comfy, if I do say so myself. I felt his head gently press upon my own and we just sat there in silence for a little while. “Are we still on for tomorrow?” I whisper, not wanting to break this perfection.

I felt his voice vibrate on his neck as he said, “What do you think?”

I couldn't help but smile.

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