I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


14. Make It or Break It

I’ll Be Your Reason to be My Love

Chapter Fourteen:

Make It Or Break It

March 5th, 2011

---Evie’s Point of View---

I did it. I had finally been able to forget about the past and look forward to only the present and the future. Any grudges I had or anything I was mad about with Harry previously, I had all forgotten. They were all remnants of the past faded away. It was like it was just me and him, the only two people in the world.

I was done hiding my feelings and trying to mask them with other surfacing lies.

I forgave him.

But sadly, I was still traumatized in sobs from what just happened. What had possessed Derek? Was he always like this but I was too stupid to not notice? Or did I make him feel the need to abuse me like that? I’ll probably never know. And I didn’t want to know either. I just realize now that I want him out of my life completely. What would people at school say? What would my mom say? Oh God, that talk she wanted to have with me was going to be ten times more awkward now.

I was shaking. Harry placed his hands on my upper arms to steady me. “He won’t ever touch you again I promise.” He raised his right hand from my arm to stroke my cheek soothingly. “I’ll make sure of it.”

His tone of seriousness made me believe him. He was so much like my protector, it was unreal. I was still trembling in his arms and Harry rocked back and forth in an attempt to calm me. As if the night’s events weren’t enough, rain started drizzling down on us. I squinted and looked up at him. “Do you want me to take you home?”

I nodded. “But my car’s here.”

“Oh, well I walked here so we can just drive that to your house.”

I shook my head up and down again and looked ahead of us. I pointed to my little black Volkswagen and we walked up to it. I more like stumbled since I was still phased by everything, I couldn’t even walk properly. I just wish I had never agreed to go out with Derek tonight, it was probably one of the stupidest moves I’ve ever decided to make.

But at least a little good came out of it. I’ve finally realized how much I actually do need Harry. And him being in my life would only make it more interesting.

We got to the car and I threw him the keys. I was too distressed to drive anywhere but I needed to get home. This day was one of the worst and longest of my life. Harry opened the door and I did the same and we both stepped into the car. He was just about to put the keys in the ignition when he stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, curious as to why he didn’t start the car.

“I still only have my permit.” He gave me a half-hearted look and sighed.

I was in no physical state or mental, for that matter, to drive. I knew it was wrong but I mean, my house wasn’t far from here and I desperately needed to get home. I looked around the car, searching for some type of answer to this situation we were in. I decided to just go with the first thing that popped into my mind. “My house is only a few blocks, no one will notice.” I saw that he looked a tiny bit uneasy so I added, “Are you a good driver?”

He smirked at me and placed his hands on the wheel, steadily saying, “I am an excellent driver.”

“Well then it shouldn’t be a problem.” I adjusted my seat back so I could attempt to relax.

Harry put the key into the ignition and we were finally moving. He was right, he was a really good driver. The car ride was smooth and quite calming. After sitting for a few minutes in silence he said, “Let’s listen to some music.” He reached over and turned the radio on to BBC Radio 1. Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl was on. He made a face and stuck his tongue out. “Ugh, hate this song!” I agreed, it was quite inappropriate but I really did like most of her music a lot. He switched the station to BBC Radio 2 and what do you know, another Katy Perry song was on. Another inappropriate one, Peacock.

I looked over to Harry and shot him a playful look and to my surprise he belted out singing, “I WANNA SEE YOUR PEACOCK, COCK, COCK, COCK, COCK, COCK.”

“Uh, Harry you know she only says it twice right?”

He looked over to me and gave me a cheeky grin and repeatedly kept on singing “COCK.” He turned his head back to the road and continued singing it.

What was with this boy and male parts?

I cracked up at the thought and then cut off his singing, “Hey Mr. I’m On The Radio, you sound extremely off key!”

He gasped and his jaw dropped open. He turned to me for a second and then back to the road and challenged, “Yeah well, I’d like to hear you sing it better.”

I accepted his dare but said, “Fine. But not this.” I leaned over and switched the station back to BBC Radio 1. He looked at me with that silly grin on his face. I finally found the station and All Time Low’s A Daydream Away was playing. Perfect, I loved this song so much.

“I wish you could see your face right now. ’Cos you’re grinning like a fool.”

I looked over to Harry. It was funny because he was actually grinning like a fool. A few more seconds of silence passed and Harry pressed on, “Well come on, sing!”

Oh God here we go. I haven’t sang in so long, and my voice had surely changed so I probably sucked. But I decided to go for it anyway. I warned Harry if I came out terrible, I haven’t really sang in such a while. Then, I cleared my throat and waited for my favourite part of the song before I sang, “’Cos right now could last forever, just as long as I’m with you. You’re just a daydream away, I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you.” After the chorus ended, I stopped. I wasn’t sure if I sounded pitchy or just right or even good but I just waited patiently for Harry to say something.


Oh God, I was horrible I knew it. I immediately started getting defensive and blurted, “Hey, I told you I was terrible!”

He ignored my comment and then proceeded to say, “You’re really good.”

Never got that one before. I was genuinely shocked. “What? No I’m not! I haven’t sung in oh God, forever.”

“Seriously, you’re so good. Have you ever thought about actually pursuing this?”

I shook my head. No, the thought had never actually crossed my mind. Frankly, it was the last thing ever on my mind. I mean, I always loved to sing but I never knew I was as good as Harry was saying that I was. It was a bit unreal. Honestly I said, “Never.”

“One day I want to take you to the recording studio with us. Seriously. With a voice like that . . . ” he trailed off.

“God, I’m not Adele!” He was making it out to be like I was the newest sensation in music.

“Well you never know, which is why you are coming to the studio with me one day. Yes?” He glanced to me, expecting an answer.

In no mood to argue, I just agreed blatantly. After that, we switched the radio station back to BBC Radio 1. ANOTHER Katy Perry song was on, this time it was Teenage Dream. This one was actually decent, one of my favourites by her.

“Another one?!” Harry exclaimed, and then laughed.

I laughed too. “The radio seems to like her a lot today.”

“I know, you’d think that it was her birthday or something.”

 We laughed again and then I belted out the song lyrics and so did Harry for a while, but suddenly out of nowhere he stopped. He looked seriously out onto the road and furrowed his eyebrows together, deep in thought. He started to miraculously hum his own melody, something that I had never heard before. He even began to sing something. What was this song? I stopped singing Katy Perry and turned the radio down, so that I could hear him more clearly since he had been singly very quietly.

Katy Perry’s on replay, Katy Perry’s on replay . . .”

“What song is that?” It seemed catchy, but it seemed a little too long.

“I don’t know. It just came to me.”

I copied his melody and sang, “Katy Perry’s on replay, she’s on replay. . . ”

“YES! That’s it wait . . .” he trailed off and started thinking intensely again. “DJ got the ground to shake . . . floor breaking DJ . . . DJ’s got the floor to shake . . .”

The floor to shake . . .” I added. I thought it sounded pretty good. I mean, I’ve only ever written one song in my entire life and I was only fifteen years old too. My skills were probably horrible, but it seemed like he was on a roll as it is.

“Yes perfect! Pe—oh, shit.” His eyes grew wide, the mood he had was clearly gone. Now he seemed scared.

What was going on? “What?” I asked, a little worried.

He stopped the car abruptly which jolted me somewhat. “Look.” He pointed ahead of him and all I could see were blinding white headlights. “Police are here.”

“What?!” I screamed, scared. On any other occasion, I would be totally fine with this. But seeing as we were kind of, technically, somewhat doing something illegal, we were uh, well, screwed.

I watched carefully and frozen in place as the police man stopped his own car and walked out and over to us. He motioned for Harry to roll down the window, and he did so. He kept his gaze still only on the road ahead of him and took a deep breath. I could tell that he was as frightened as I was, maybe even more so. “Yes?”

Harry’s voice seemed calm as the police officer then asked, “May I see your license of registration please?”

“Uh, you see here’s the thing.” Harry put his arm on the rest that was next to him and appeared as casual as ever. “I just got one today but the DMV said that he wouldn’t have a printed one until tomorrow. So I just have my permit currently, but come back tomorrow and I assure you I’ll have it.” He  gave the officer a pleasant smile and looked up at him with gleaming eyes.

The officer glanced skeptically from Harry to me briefly and I tried to give him my best small smile. He returned his gaze to Harry and inquired, “So, you’re telling me that you don’t have your license?”

“I have mine,” I said, as if that would totally blow over the situation. I even rummaged in my purse to get it but the cop stopped me.

“Ma’am, are you all right?”

Oh bugger. He must have been staring at my face and noticed the marks on it. Not to mention my now running mascara, and my puffy dried-tear face. He really didn’t catch me at a good time, but maybe I should tell him about Derek. He’d obviously be able to help but it was probably not the best time considering . . . well this little predicament here. So I just simply lied, “Uh yeah I’m fine.”

“Are you sure this young man here hasn’t been harming you?”

My mouth hung slightly open and I gasped shocked at the accusation. My eyes dropped down to Harry and I studied him; I could never imagine Harry hitting me. I exclaimed, “No, no! We’re fine, there isn’t a problem here. Would you mind if we left now?”

“Let me see your permit.” He gestured to Harry and his hand dug into his jean pocket. He took out a rectangular card and handed it to him. The officer studied it hard for a minute and then shook his head, handing it back to Harry. “I have to take you kids back to the station.”


Harry exclaimed, shocked as I at the same time said, “Are you kidding me?!”

“Driving without a license is serious and I need you two to come with me.”

His tone was critically serious and frightened me as well. This never happened to me. I couldn’t believe this night. It was definitely the worst night I have ever had. And what would my mother say about this? And Derek’s abusive ways on top of all of that?

I couldn’t manage anymore.

You have got to be kidding me.” I yelled to ‘Officer Dan’s’ face.

Harry stepped in front of me and then shouted, “You’re going to lock us up?”

Officer Dan ignored our cries and firmly stated, “Just for the night. Both of your parents didn’t answer the phone call to come down here so I’m afraid you’re going to have to spend the night.”

“This has got to be a joke.” I shook my head at the most surreal night ever. After the interrogation, this is what it’s come to?

No matter how hard we tried to restrain, the officer’s grip on us was tight as he threw us into the dingy cell. It looked and smelled horrid. It was dirty, unsanitary, but at least no one else was in here. That would have made this even more like a nightmare. And at least I wasn’t alone.

I glanced over to Harry and he had his hands wrapped around the bars of the cell door. He was staring straight ahead into nothing. I came up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. “Do you think we can survive this?”

Harry turned around and stared at me with broken gloomy hazel eyes. “I think you should at least tell them about . . .” he gestured to my face and placed a soft hand upon my cheek. He grazed his thumb over where it was scratched and it kind of felt a bit swollen too. I knew he was right but how was I going to tell them now? I was already locked up and during the interrogation, no one bothered to mention anything about my appearance.

“I know I should but—”

“I know.” He trailed his hand down from my cheek and to my hand that was rested next to my side. He took my hand in his and stroked my wrist. He must have felt something latex-like because he looked down and saw my rubber bracelets. “Love . . . forever.” He read my two bracelets that I had on.

“Annabel gave me the forever one. Hers says ‘best’ on it.” I reached my other hand down and placed it on his that was fiddling with my bracelet.

“They’re cute,” he said with a small smile. Not letting go, he looked up at me and softly pressed his lips to my bruised cheek. I closed my eyes. The fact that he made it feel better was magical.

“Yeah.” I managed to let out a small laugh as he pulled away from me.

He glanced down at the hard, dirty floor and then back up at me. “Even though it’s been a crazy one, I’m glad this day happened.”

I knew what he meant and I agreed. It had been a horrible day, but there was good in it. Things started to seemingly fall into place slowly and we both knew that everything would be okay. I was really happy that we had each other. “Me too.” Just then, a horrifying thought crossed my mind. “Oh God, what is my mom going to say when she finds out about this?!”

“Evie, it’s my fault that we got here in the first place. I’m so sorry, tell her that it’s all my fault. I’ll definitely take the blame.” His grip tightened on my hand.

“No, no. I can’t let you do that. It was my fault too, I was stupid to say that it was okay for you to drive.” I caressed his hand with the tips of my fingers.

“I guess it was kind of both of our faults then,” he admitted.

I sighed, another realization coming down on me. “I just can’t believe we have to stay here. I can’t get any sleep here, I know it. I’m going to be up all night. ”

“Well, at least I can do it all with you.”

“Thank God I’m not alone, we’re gonna be like this all night. No sleep, I’m telling you.”

He shot me a skeptical stare while saying lowly, “Wait. Do it all with you…Up all night . . . Like this all night . . .”

I was confused now as I asked, “What?”

He jumped up excitedly and exclaimed shocked, “Evie . . . some good actually came out of this night after all! Oh, my God I need a pen.”

“Wha—? Here.” I threw him my eyeliner pencil, the closest thing I had to any type of writing instrument. It was a piece of proper crap so I figured, might as well put it to some good use in getting rid of it.

He pulled out a napkin he had in his back pocket and started scribbling down jumbled words. I sauntered over to the thing that the police station wanted to pass off as a bed. I disgustingly removed the soaked and stained blanket from the mattress and took a seat. I was in serious need of a shower and my own room right now. I glanced around the room as I tried desperately to grasp the fact that I was actually here right now. I still couldn’t seem to do it.

After five minutes or so, Harry came and sat next to me. He was staring at the napkin that he wrote on and I looked over at it. “What do you think of this?” he handed me it and I stared.

Jesus, what a handwriting he had there. I tried to make it out, but it was seemingly impossible. “Uh, I can’t read this.”

“Fine I’ll sing it.” He stood up and cleared his throat and attempted to look professional. It was kind of hard to do, considering his shirt was practically ripped open and damp, not to mention his ratted up jeans and white converse sneakers. Nevertheless, he proceeded to sing:

Katy Perry’s on replay, she’s on replay

DJ’s got the floor to shake, the floor to shake

I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun

I wanna stay up all night and find a girl and tell her she’s the one, hold onto the feeling and don’t let it go

’Cos we got the floor now get out of control

I wanna stay up all night and do it all with you

Up all night like this all night!”

I liked the song, honestly I really did. “That was seriously awesome! Did you just come up with that?”

He nodded. “Yeah, see I told you this night would help with something, finally!”

“But I kind of feel like it needs something.” I stated, truthfully.

He squinted, “Like what?”

“Uhmm…” I trailed off and looked around for a hint at something. Then something unusual and quite disturbing caught my eye, two police officers, a man and a woman were intently well, making out. Right in front of freaking everybody. God, they were really going at it. This should be interesting, but it gave me an idea so I started, “People going all the way . . . ”

“Yeah, all the way!” He paused and then added, “I’m still wide awake . . .”

“Yes, yes that’s perfect!” I smiled and then jumped up to hug him. Glad this night helped somebody out. But if only we could get the hell out of here . . . Who am I kidding there was no way out of this hell hole. We were probably going to be stuck here for the rest of the night. It was at least one A.M. I knew that much. But where could my mother be that she didn’t have the nerve to come and see what was wrong? I could be dying for all she knows!

Harry was the one who interrupted my thoughts by saying, “Oh, my God.” He was now staring in front of him but I couldn’t make out anything out of the ordinary when I looked so I asked what he was staring at. He only pointed in pure shock, his mouth hanging wide open. As the figure he was looking at got nearer to us, I exclaimed to.

You would never believe who was staring back at us.

“Hey guys, fancy seeing you two here.”

Yep, definitely number one on my list of weirdest nights ever.


So guys just a reminder:

I know the CD Up All Night has not been released to anybody seeing as this is taking place in 2011 February/March. But since this is a fanfiction, the only songs that were released was “More Than This” and “Gotta Be You” at their little concert that they had in the previous chapters. Other songs they sang were covers from the X Factor and blablabla. Okay sorry, just had to clear that up in case any one was confused. All other songs that One Direction has have not been created yet in this story. All right! Thanks guys, hope you enjoy :D 

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