I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


12. Louis Tomlinson Must Die

I’ll Be Your Reason to be My Love

Chapter Twelve:

Louis Tomlinson Must Die

February 20th, 2011

---Annabel’s Point of View---

Mother of God. Harry Styles is seated so close to me. I’ll never admit it to anybody, but he was my favourite member of the band. I don’t know, there was something about him that drove me crazy and made my heart skip ten extra beats whenever I heard his voice. I kept stealing glances at him from across the table to see what he was doing. He still hadn’t budged from the last time I saw him, stabbing the table with a fork.

Geez, by the time he’s done there’s going to be a massive hole in the table.

I’d say it was definitely anger management worthy. I then glanced over to Evie and Louis who were laughing up a storm at something ridiculous probably. From what I could tell, Louis really liked Evie . . . Honestly, I had no idea who she liked. She was so mysterious about the whole thing actually. Ah well, I guess this finally confirmed that Larry Stylinson wasn’t real. Harry looked up from his intent glare on the table. His eyes met mine and we shared eye contact for what seemed like a while, when it hit me.

Harry Styles was staring at me.

Oh, God, please don’t make me look stupid. All right, now this was just getting plain awkward. Reyna, Liam, and Zayn were all consumed in their food, stopping idly to chat about random nonsense. Actually, I was still so confused about all of this. Reyna and Liam had . . . a thing going on?! What the hell happened to Danielle? What if the press found out about all of this?

Well, whatever. I wasn’t going to say anything, obviously, but it all seemed so suspicious to me.

Evie and Louis looked like a couple. I didn’t want to say anything about that either since you know, I thought Evie and Harry were an item. I don’t know, I think this night just jacked everything up. I’d totally need to talk to her about it though, I think life is getting so much more interesting and drama filled now.

But seriously, Evie kept batting her eyelashes, flipping her hair, giggling hysterical at every little thing Louis said. It was actually vom-inducing.

I was still staring at Harry Styles. And he was still staring at me. He looked crushed and I honestly felt bad for him. I knew exactly what he felt like. I mean, hello, of course he really super liked Evie and here she was flirting with his best friend right in front of his face. Ugh, this was absolutely DISGUSTING. I wanted to stop it, but I’m not sure there would be a way that I could without losing a friend here. I’d need to talk to them all separately; since, I needed some answers here and was confused as hell.

Just leave it all to Annabel.

Since we still hadn’t broken our gaze, I decided to speak to Harry first. I finally looked away from him and motioned to the back of the restaurants where the bathrooms were located so we could go talk. He took my hint and scooted silently out of the booth. Wow. Nobody even noticed. Now it was my turn to escape. But how? Evie and Louis were both hogging my way to squeeze out of the booth and if I asked them to move, somehow I don’t think they would hear me.

You know what, screw it. I’m climbing over them. I mean, it’d be the only way they’d acknowledge anyone else’s presence at the moment. I pulled my bum off of the seat and placed it on Louis’ lap so that I could gesture my leg over his and Evie’s so that I could take one big step and be out of this disaster. When I was finally free, I muttered a ‘sorry’ only to see that they completely ignored that whole escapade. Well, all right then.

I sauntered over to the bathrooms, and Harry was nowhere to be seen. Damn it! Even though I was trying not to think about it, I was so excited that I’d get to be having a serious, private conversation with the man and now that was never going to happen. I sighed, disappointed, and started making my way back to the unholy table.

Suddenly, I was stopped abruptly by a fierce grip on my forearm. I was instantly pulled back and into one of the doorways. What the hell!? I turned around and saw that it was Harry.


Ahem, anyway.

He had the saddest look on his face as he stared into my eyes. It almost took me a minute to realize that we were in the men’s room . . .

“Uh, Harry why are we in the men’s room?”

He sighed, almost annoyed at my question, “Like anyone else is going to walk in here.”

“Isn’t my presence in here, like, illegal . . . ?” How was I supposed to go about this? I’ve never stepped foot in the boys’ bathroom my entire life. Well, this certainly was a new experience.

He looked flustered at my interrogating, making me feel worse as he said, “I’m sorry I just . . . I had to get out of there.”

“I know what you mean it was practically a flirt fest over there.” I looked disgusted and I hope I sounded as bitchy as I was feeling right now. I can’t believe Evie; this isn’t like her at all. What’s wrong with her?!

Harry continued staring at the ground and cleared his throat uneasily. This was probably really uncomfortable. “This is all of my fault though.”

“What exactly uh, happened?” Before I could take sides or even really do anything to analyze this whole awkward situation, I needed to know everything. Not to mention that knowing Evie she’d probably leave out a bunch of stuff. I needed both sides of the story.

Harry painfully looked up from the ground at me and then explained everything. From how he met her that day that Derek decided to be a bipolar asshole to yesterday when I left Evie’s house to get my poster of Zayn. It all started making sense now and all seemed like a typical Evie. She always fell for people way to fast. Even if it was Harry Styles we were talking about. She did the same thing with Derek and look where that went . . . I don’t know why Jake even set them up in the first place but whatever.

“And here we are,” Harry finished. I just stood there in amazement.

A whole week and I never knew it was Harry Styles. Actually, I knew it all along, subconsciously…kind of . . . even if I was only joking . . . yeah. “Just give it time, I’m sure if you guys both really like each other, she’ll forgive you. I mean, she should anyway. It’s not like you killed her cousin or something.”

“I guess but I feel horrible that I kept this from her. I knew I shouldn’t have.” He looked at the ground again and shook his head.

“Okay hot pants, chill it. You guys have known each other for, like, a week. It’s understandable why you didn’t tell her in that amount of time.”

“Yeah, I was going to tell her . . . eventually.” He finally started to have hope in those huge, green eyes of his. Yes, I, Annabel Edison, have successfully reassured Harry Styles.

“Exactly, and you need to tell her that. She should understand. And if she doesn’t want to date you right now, you’ll still be friends! And I’m sure you could try again later.”

“But look at the way she’s been talking to Louis. She never looked at me like. . . like that.” Okay, honestly, he was breaking my heart right now.

“It didn’t seem that way last week.” I tried to relieve him but it was kind of hard to do since he did have a point. I didn’t know what was up with her. Maybe it’s all an act and she actually does want to date Harry again but she’s trying to hide her feelings or something. Again I question why this world has to be so complicated.

“What?” Harry’s face lit up a little bit.

“Yeah, seriously, last week she was probably the happiest I’ve seen her in such a long while. It was really nice to see a gigantic smile on her face every day.” I stared intently into his eyes. I laughed a little and then continued, “I’m sure that must have been the time you were the reason for that smile.”

He then smiled, catching my reference to Tell Me a Lie. “Yeah. I can’t complain though. At least we’re friends, it could be worse than that.”

“But dude, even I’m getting pissed off at her now.”

“Her and Louis are getting on really well . . .”

“Yeah and by the end of the night they’ll probably be getting it on if you don’t do something.” That was a little mean, but seriously nothing was giving him the push in the right direction. One direction . . . excuse that cheesiness. Thankfully, I could tell that Harry took my comment into great mind by the way he was staring distinctively at the ground.

“You’re right . . .” he made his way for the door and I quickly followed since I was starting to feel very uncomfortable in there.

Just as I was about to bolt out of there, he turned around and made me bump into his chest. OW. That hurt my head like a motherfu—wait a minute, his chest was hard. Ugh that means he’s built, Jesus take the wheel.

Looking down at me he said in a new tone, “But I mean it’s not like they would notice us . . .”

It sounded like there was more to that so I prompted him by pressing on, “Yeah . . . true.”

“So I think we should do something big so that they notice us.”

That sounded reasonable so I nodded in response. “Like what?”

He furrowed his eyebrows, pondering a minute looking around the empty bathroom. He placed a hand upon his chin and led it up to his lips as he stood there deep in thought. After a second, he took it away abruptly, as if he wasn’t even thinking in the first place and before I knew it, his hands were both cupped around my face. “Like this,” he said as he pressed his lips against mine.

Wait what, excuse me, what?! Is this real life or like WHAT?!

I wanted to pull away and ask him what the hell he was doing but I mean . . . it was just a harmless kiss, only something I’ve ever dreamed about since July 23rd at 8:22 P.M. So initially, instead of listening to my right mind I decided to just go with it. Even though it was most likely wrong. But hey, if you were in my position, admit it, YOU ALL WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING.

He pulled away then, it was a medium-long kiss and it took everything inside of me not to freak out, cry, or faint. Or possibly die from the rate of my heartbeat. I really should take my blood pressure right now. I looked up to check his facial expression and he licked his lips, looked down at my lips and then back up at my eyes. He reached out to gently touch my arm and caressed it a bit.

Dear sweet, sweet, Lord, give me strength.

“So will you do it?” he jumped up a bit reminding me of a child, and then stood in place silently awaiting my response. If it meant I got to kiss him again while also potentially fixing a relationship, granting not only my best friend happiness but Harry Styles as well I was definitely all for it.

I nodded haughtily. I didn’t need explanation, I knew what he was going to do, or try to do. Make Evie and Louis notice us, making them jealous and pretty much forcing me to talk to her and same with Harry. 

“Ah thank you!” he smiled widely and engulfed me in a hug.

“No problemo Styles, now can we please get out of here it’s really creepy being in the men’s.”

He laughed, “Yeah let’s go. By the way, since you’re helping me out so much I could probably set you up with Louis.” He winked at me.


“Yeah I saw you guys snogging behind the building before, you sneaky girl.”

What? Louis and I snogging? Okay, I don’t think so. Was he seeing things or something? “Wait what? No we weren’t.” I laughed it off. This was a little awkward.

“Yes you were, I saw you guys.”

“We were standing next to each other but we weren’t kissing. I can tell you that right now.”

Harry must have seen him whispering to me. He told me a secret and I promised him that I wouldn’t tell anybody but it was going to be really hard. But I wasn’t going to say anything since I didn’t want to jack things up in any relationships going on here. But I was going to have to say something soon, it was kind of a really big deal . . .

“Then what were you doing?” Well, someone was being extra inquisitive tonight.

“Just talking.” I shrugged it off.  “Look it’s fine you don’t have to do anything. Friend helping out a friend right?” For a little while there it felt like I was conversing with a regular person. Then, I just had a realization of who exactly I was talking to and added limply, “I mean if you want to be friends of course. . . ”

“Of course we’re friends! I think you’re awesome and especially awesomer for doing this for me.” I laughed at his use of non-words. But that did warm my heart of course. I mean I was being dubbed awesome by Harry Styles. I nodded and shoved a piece of hair behind my ear. “Give me your hand.”

“What, why?” I questioned him.

“Just give it to me!” I did as he said and out of nowhere he pulled out a pen and started writing something on my palm. I winced since it tickled, and then he finished and let go of my hand. I looked down at it to see it was a phone number and then I smiled back up at him. “Call me sometime, babe!”

I smiled. “I will. Now let’s go please I’m dying to get out of here.”

He laughed and then opened the door and we made our way out to the fire like pit of Hell, also known as the front of the restaurant. Harry impulsively grabbed my hand and interlocked our fingers. When I looked up at him he said, “For more effect.” I nodded and smiled.

Even if it was just pretending, this was seriously the best moment of my life. We strutted out to where everyone was seated and sat down ourselves, our hands still holding. Niall and Zayn nodded their heads over to us signaling a ‘hello.’ I turned my head to face Harry and was immediately greeted by his soft lips against mine. We just stayed there in place for a while until we quickly broke apart to find that finally they all noticed us. Even Evie and Louis.

Louis coughed awkwardly, Niall sat there with his fork to his mouth, not moving, his mouth wide open, Zayn had an unreadable yet still expressionless face on, Reyna and Liam both stared at us, more like gaped at us with extremely wide eyes, worried looks upon both of their faces. And then there was Evie. She was giving us somewhat of a death glare but trying to be as subtle as possible about it but I saw through her wall. She was hurting. I’m not sure if Harry saw it but I did. She always tried to hide her feelings, but I saw right past them. I turned back to Harry to see if he was going to say anything because I was a little speechless.

When the silence between the table wasn’t ending, Louis cleared his throat. “So Haz, find yourself a new girlfriend?” He had a joking smile on his face and I could tell he was trying to start up a bit of antics.

“Evie can I talk to you?” I said before anybody else could respond. For a second she looked a little petrified, but she must have caught herself since she then returned to her expressionless look but I saw the glossiness in her eyes. She nodded and stood up and we both made our way out of the booth.

We walked to the back and I shook her shoulders abruptly to force her to look at me through her hazy eyes. “What is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with you?!” She spit back at me.

“A lot. But, that’s beside the point. Why are you flirting with Louis?” I decided to take a direct approach.

Flirting? Bell, please.”

“Well if you don’t like him then I really think you should stop sending him mixed signals,” I said a little quieter.

“What now I can’t even talk to guys?” Ugh she was getting all defensive.

“Well, like, I don’t think you should go like this every ten freaking seconds.” I paused in between words to flip my hair mockingly at her.

“I was not doing that! God what’s your problem, even if I was flirting with him at least I didn’t kiss him.”

I rolled my eyes. If she only knew. “Dude, you were so focused on him that was the only way you would actually notice us.”

She looked at me confused. “So you guys aren’t an item now?”

“I wish! Evie, are you dense? He likes you. A lot. And I really think you should give him a second chance.”

“Bell . . .” she sighed, “this whole thing happened a couple of hours ago.”

She started to continue but I cut her off, “False, it is past midnight. It happened yesterday.”

“It’s still a lot to take in. I just, I need time.” She looked around the crowded corner we secluded ourselves in. “And space.” She tried to push past me but I stepped in front of her again so that she couldn’t.

“Kay, what aren’t you telling me?” I knew she was hiding something. She always avoided the conversation when she was.

“What? Nothing.” She shifted her eyes. Yeah, uh-huh Evie real subtle.

“Seriously tell me.”

She sighed heavily and then gave in. “Derek wants to have lunch soon.”

I gave her a death glare. “You’re passing up Harry Styles to go out with that douchebag again?”

“No of course not, I just want to see what he has to say. We’ve dated for over a year Annabel; feelings don’t just magically go away you know.”

“Okay whatever yes I know, I’m sorry. But we’re all still friends right?”

“Yes, yes of course.” She nodded quickly.

“Will you at least consider giving him a second chance? Evie I’m serious, he really, really likes you.” You know how it feels when you’re watching your favourite TV show and there’s two main characters who are so perfect for each other it’s like a match made in Heaven and everyone can see that they need to be together except for them?

That was what was happening in real life. Right now.

“I’ll think about it. I will.” She meant it, I could tell by the serious tone in her voice. I just hope she’ll come to her senses really soon and act on it.

We started to walk back to the group but I stopped her again. I had another matter to discuss. “Are Reyna and Liam dating?”

“Ugh, Annabel you can’t just go around asking people if they’re dating.”

I laughed at her reference to Mean Girls. Best film ever, if you haven’t seen it go out and rent it now since you don’t deserve to take another breath without seeing this movie.

“No, seriously what’s the deal?” I asked when my laughing fit ended.

“I have no idea. They seem to be friendly with each other, I think that they knew each other well a long time ago or something. I don’t know, I got her cell number so we can ask her about it sometime.”

I shrugged. “Okay, cool. Now go tell Harry you’ll think about giving him a second chance and then let’s get out of here. I’m as tired as fuc—”


“Fudge cakes.” Evie was such a child sometimes, she hated swearing. And then there’s me. What a wonderful pair we make. When we got back out to the restaurant area, I nudged her towards Harry and watched from behind a counter. They both smiled sincerely, and I hopefully suspected that was a good sign. Evie walked back to me with her coat in her arms and we walked over to the door. We both waved back at everyone, claiming that we will talk soon and definitely keep in touch.

We both started walking back to the arena where our car was parked. It was only a few blocks away, so it wasn’t too bad you know, besides the fact it was freezing cold outside. A few minutes into our silent walk, I heard that Evie was receiving a text message. I hoisted myself onto my tip-toes and looked over her shoulder and saw that it was from Harry.

She never did tell me what it said, but from the cackling sound of her giggling laughter, I could tell it was something cheeky. 

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