I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


15. Hey I Heard You Were a Wild One

Quick Author's Note:
I apologize entirely for this chapter, it is a bit random but it completely shows everybody's wild side. The rating has changed to R for this chapter. Enjoy though :) 


I’ll Be Your Reason to be My Love

Chapter Fifteen:

Hey I Heard You Were a Wild One

March 5th, 2011

---Evie’s Point of View---

The face staring back at me wasn’t even half as shocked as I was, or even Harry for that matter.

“So guys, watchya in for?”

Louis had a certain glint in his eye that was making me question his motives. He was acting as if he comes to get locked in jail every weekend all the time. At first, I thought he was here to bail us out or something, but he was also handcuffed. And sooner rather than later was when the whole motley crew filed in. Annabel, Liam and Reyna came in, one after the other all looking near death. Jesus what went on while I was getting abused and Harry came to save me?

Louis’s hair was all messed up but it kind of looked good that way. Liam’s cheeks were red as was Reyna’s and her and Annabel’s hair was in a fancy-type bun and braids but they were mainly falling out and the bun was held now messily whilst tendrils of hair were falling out. They all certainly had a night.

“What are all of you doing here?!” Through the cell bars, my eyes wandered to each person standing before me. I really wanted to know what was going on.

Louis smirked, “Ah, I asked you first, love.” The officer came and undid Louis’s handcuffs and threw him into the cell with us. When I didn’t say anything he added, placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder, “So, this is where you escaped to in the middle of the party?”

“Party?” I questioned. Now things were starting to make more sense. That’s why Annabel texted me, probably. She wanted me to go with her to this ‘party.’ Oh God, judging by the way everyone looked, I can only imagine what went down at that party . . .

I glanced over at Annabel who looked distressed. Reyna looked normal, despite her ragged appearance. I shot them confused glares as they stood in a single file line, awaiting to be freed from the restraints around their wrists, and then they all strolled into the cell that was next to ours. Oh great, Harry and I were going to be stuck alone with Louis in one cell.

“What a night!” Annabel exclaimed once she was inside. Oh well okay then, maybe she wasn’t as distressed as I thought . . .

“Louis, what the hell happened tonight after I left?” Harry gave him a concerned stare and focused on him. I was trying to read his body language as well, since everybody was giving off a weird vibe to me now. I don’t know why, but I know something happened . . . well obviously something happened if they were all in jail. But I never would have thought something extreme . . .

I then asked, having a need to know, “Yeah, what?” I wanted to get all of the details from him. Everybody and yes I do mean everybody was acting stranger than usual.

“It’s a really long story . . . ” he trailed off, seemingly smirking at the memory of it.

I put my hand on his arm and said louder than I intended to, “Oh believe me, we’ve got time.”


---Louis’s Point of View---

Five hours earlier

That Night

This was probably one of the most boring Saturdays I’ve ever had. The here and there concerts that the boys and I had been having lately were finished and we had to wait two weeks until we had a meeting with our manager for new songs. We still had a few songs to write for our first album, but no one was going to want to do that now. It was our first lazy Saturday in a while, and it was supposed to be a relaxing one but it was already 8:00 P.M. and I was bored out of my mind. All I’ve been doing all day is walking around the house. It was a new one that Harry and I had purchased for us. I didn’t actually agree to buy this one since I didn’t like it much but Harry insisted that we buy it because it was located near Evie’s. He thinks that their ‘relationship’ or whatever it is that they have is going to get more serious and he wants to be close to her.

Last time I checked, they weren’t even officially dating and Harry thinks that they’re in a long-term relationship. Whatever floats his boat . . .

I actually, after speaking to her numerous times over text message was beginning to fancy Annabel. She seemed like a real humourous, fun, girl and that was just the type of girl I liked. I wanted to tell her that I did like her a bit more than a friend, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to risk rejection or not. I mean, I’d love to stay friends with her if she didn’t like me in the same way but I was a little scared of what would happen. I didn’t want to screw up a good friendship, after all. But I think I will tell her. Soon.

Zayn, Harry and Liam were playing a video game on the X Box, which I’ve won at least four times already and Niall was eating up a storm in the kitchen, as always. I decided to walk over to him. “Hey, Nialler.”

I snatched the baseball cap off his head and placed it on mine. He turned around from facing the fridge and held a huge bowl filled with pasta in his hand. He gestured over to me while he stuffed his face.

“Yeah partay boys I won, that’s right I’m the champion!” Liam yelled so loud I could hear him all the way from here.

“How did you win?!” Zayn shouted, being the sore loser that he was. Though, I was pretty shocked too. Liam usually was horrible at video games and now he finally won. Wow.

“I don’t know . . . but it calls for celebration! Party whoo!”

Party . . . that actually didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Plus there was nothing else to do…. “Hey, we should throw an actual party!”

“Really and who would we invite?” Niall slapped my back from behind as he proceeded to stuff his face.

“I’m sure we could think of a few certain, lady-friends.” I winked and became amused as Harry shot up from his sulky position on the couch. “And of course, we know a few other people.”

“Louis, that’s not a good idea.” Liam stood up from his position on the couch and made his way over to me. Great, now he was going all Daddy Direction on us?

“I think it is! Who else agrees?” I turned to the other boys in hopes that they would all agree and we could gang up against Liam and force him to let us have one.

“I say we should start inviting people now,” Harry walked over to me and took out his cell phone. Well, he was certainly up for a party. If only I could get Niall and Zayn to agree next.

I put my arm around Harry’s shoulder since he was the only one who was agreeing with me. I added, “Come on, boys we need a bit of fun! We’ve been working our butts off all week.”

“Yeah, I think we could all use a bit of fun actually,” Niall finally approved of my brilliant idea. He put the food down and walked over to the other side of the counter. “Zayn, don’t you think a party would be awesome?”

Zayn shifted in his seat on the couch and sat more upright. He smiled and said, “Sure, I’m bored anyway.”

“Yeah, Liam that’s four against one, we’re having a party!” I let go of Harry and ran over to Liam and tackled him on the couch. Niall then followed and tackled him as well. My plan was going terrific so far.

“Fine, but not too late. And don’t go crazy we’re only inviting a few people,” Liam gave in. Yes! Throughout the night I knew he wasn’t going to stop trying to be a dad though, but I’ll take it. A party was a party.

I started going through my contacts in my phone. First, I texted Annabel and told her to tell Evie for Harry’s sake, and our good friend Ed Sheeran, we haven’t spoken in a while so that should be fun. I had to invite one of my best friends Stan, and of course Liam’s sister Nicola, she was a total fun girl. Complete opposite of Liam though . . . I scrolled down the list inviting a few other people when I came across a familiar name. Reyna Adams.

I looked over at Liam; he was staring at the black TV screen with a serious look on his face. God, he was tense lately. We haven’t spoken of Reyna in forever but lately we’ve been talking so I decided to invite her for Liam. I’d never admit it but I really wish Liam would break up with Danielle and get back together with Reyna. I’d make sure of that tonight . . .

“No way I remember that!” Reyna was cracking up at the memory of when the boys and I used to do video diaries on the stairs. “‘I like girls who like carrots,’ seriously, Lou are you retarded?”

I hit her playfully on the arm, “Hey, I thought it was funny!”

“Yeah well you should have expected eight million girls to send them to you!” She started to laugh some more and I bowed my head down.

“Guilty,” Annabel whispered as she raised her hand slightly. I smiled at her.

“Aw you sent me a carrot, babe?” I said in my sincere voice.

“Yeah and then I forced my friends all to go on a carrot eating rampage. They are pretty yummy, if I do say so myself.”  Annabel looked down and I think I saw her start to blush. Yes, this was it. I was going to tell her that I liked her more than a friend. I was ready and I really hope that she was too. There was only one way to find out.

First I had to get rid of Liam and Reyna who were cackling like a bunch of hyenas next to us. That was totally not ideal for a way to ask someone to be their girlfriend.

We were all in the upstairs lounge, and actually paid no attention to the other people partying downstairs. I think Harry had left since when I yelled downstairs to him that Evie wasn’t coming he didn’t reply. I even did a thorough house search for him and he was nowhere to be found. Niall and Zayn were partying with Ed downstairs, here and there discussing our new unfinished track list for our CD. Ed worked on a song with us but it wasn’t quite finished yet.

Liam and Reyna were still cracking up, oh how I wanted them gone. What would I say though? I couldn’t flat out say to leave because I wanted to ask a girl out . . . I’d have to trick them.

I quickly thought of something. “Oh, Liam! Niall just texted me before and he said that you need to get downstairs and talk to him and Ed about the new song, you know the one that we’re collaborating on with him?”

“Now?” Liam asked in an annoyed tone.

“Yeah. Reyna you should probably go too I think he mentioned your name.” Wow, what a lie. Oh well at least I know that will get rid of them since whenever it came to work Liam was completely on top of it.

“Oh . . . okay well let’s go, I guess.” Liam stood up and Reyna did the same as they filed out of the room.

Finally we were alone. Just me and Annabel. Oh God, why did everything that I had in mind just suddenly fall out of my brain? Maybe I should wait a little . . . no stop it Louis, you are doing this. Now.

I cleared my throat and inched closer to her. Our legs were touching. I had on my ripped jeans and Annabel was wearing a short miniskirt. Her bare leg was against mine…oh God I hope this wasn’t uncomfortable for her. I decided to clear my throat again and go for it. “So…Annabel…”

“Yeah?” She looked up from the ground and stared into my eyes. Yes, this was it.

“Well…” I was careful not to break eye contact with her. “I mean since we’ve been getting on so well lately,” I moved in even closer to her to give her some idea of where I wanted this to go, “I was wondering if you maybe wanted to be a little more than just friends?” I hope that didn’t come off as forward as it sounded but I really wanted to let her know how I felt.

Annabel’s gaze never left mine as she started to ask, “You mean like—”

“I want you to be my girlfriend.” I finished for her. She seemed to be looking comfortable and welcoming which reassured me but she didn’t seem to say anything for a few seconds. But instead she reached over and took my hand in hers and squeezed it.

“Really?” she asked in a cute voice.

I nodded my head and whispered, “Yeah.” I noticed just how close her face was to mine. For a moment I hoped that this was going to go where I was expecting it to. When none of us moved any centimeter of an inch, I decided to be brave and make the first move. I took my free hand and raised it to cup the side of her face. I forced my gaze down from her eyes to her lips and began slowly leaning in. Suddenly, our lips touched lightly and I was going to leave it at that but before I knew it, Annabel was deepening our kiss making it much more passionate.

Any previous fears I had before were suddenly gone in that swift action. I decided to have some fun with it and grasped her by the side quite spontaneously. She seemed to like that since I felt her smile into my lips and laugh a bit. Things certainly were going well, I thought.

I grasped her hip bone more furiously as I rolled her over from her position on the couch. I was now laying on top of her, my arms supporting me as I placed them on her sides. I looked up to make sure that the door was closed, and to my surprise it was. I smiled. Perfect.  

I leaned down and we began to make out. I decided to take it a bit further and my tongue entered her mouth. Shortly after, I began taking my hand and running it up and down the side of her body rhythmically. She started to laugh and broke away from me saying, “That tickles!”

“Sorry babe.” I smirked and began to lean in again.

She stopped me saying, “Louis, I like you . . . a lot.”

I smiled and said, “I like you a lot too.”

She cleared her throat saying, “I know we’ve only known each other for a little while now but I mean if you want . . .” I noticed her tone had a hint of playfulness in it and I immediately knew what she was talking about.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to take it that far before, but now that she opened up the subject to me, I was in no way prone to turning it down. But just to be sure I asked, “Are you sure?”

“I mean, only if you want . . . ”

 And I did want. Instead of saying anything, I leaned down again and gave her a quick kiss and added, “Does that answer your question?”

She nodded and pulled me in closer and we started to make out again. This time, I allowed my hand to travel to her lower chest and stomach and I traced it over her shirt. I then moved it down and started slowly to ride it up her top. I moved it up, past her stomach and stopped at her breasts. I looked up to check her facial expression but she appeared to be enjoying it greatly. I smiled and then started to massage one of them, repeating a circular motion over and over. I felt her get goose bumps under my touch and my smile widened; I had forgotten what it was like to have a girlfriend since the incident with Hannah . . .

But I wasn’t thinking about that now. I moved to her other breast and heard a soft moan escape from her mouth. I kissed her again and removed my hand from under her shirt. “Let’s get this off shall we?” I remarked, quickly unbuttoning her shirt and then removing it off of her shoulders. I looked down and basked in the canvas before me. She was exposed on the top, wearing nothing but a hot pink laced bra. I then looked back up at her and said, “Ooh, pink.”

She giggled and said, “Okay, okay Mister, let’s see what you have under there.” She rode her hands up my shirt, feeling my abs and fully removing my t-shirt up over my head. She stared for a moment and then said, “Not bad.” She took her hand and started tracing the crevices of my abs.

“Not bad?!” I said, teasing her.

“I’m just kidding.” She pulled me closer and kissed my chest multiple times, now giving me chills.

Since we were both completely exposed on the top, I figured we looked stupid with just our pants on so I started to unzip my jeans. I then reached over and fiddled with the zipper on her skirt, taking one hand and riding it up her leg, up and down. Before I removed anything else, I stated, “Before we actually start to get anywhere I think we should take this to the floor, since we’d probably end up there anyway.” I winked.

She gasped at my sentence and began sitting up. It was kind of hard to do since I was on top of her, but I moved awkwardly and stood up. I waited for her to stand up too and when she did, I fiercely pulled her down to the floor with me. She gasped again and then kissed my lips as I struggled to remove my pants. Finally they were off and I was in nothing but my Calvin Klein boxer shorts. I noticed Annabel’s skirt still wasn’t off and I mocked, “Ugh, we can’t have this.” I hastily took it off and threw it across the room.

After a few more minutes of making out, I chose to take things to a new level and was daring enough to reach for Annabel’s bra clasp on her back. I removed it, uneasily at first but when she showed no signs of protesting (like Jimmy); I went on to delicately release her of it. Suddenly it was off and her breasts were fully exposed to me. I looked down at them briefly, careful not to stare too long since that would be a little awkward, I supposed but they were certainly nice and big.

I kissed her again and then she broke away, reaching for my boxer shorts. She played with the elastic on them for a second, teasing me, but then slowly started to pull them down completely exposing my lower region. She stared for a second as I did with her, but then she pinned me to the ground, unexpectedly and started taking over. She kissed me hungrily and worked her way down from my neck, to my chest. She started going lower and lower and when she got to the place where I was needing her most right now, the complete unexpected happened.

The door slammed wide open.

We both jumped straight up, trying our best to cover ourselves up. I immediately jumped in front of Annabel, I didn’t want anybody to see her exposed like that, and I attempted to shield her body with my own. Thank God it wasn’t anyone who hasn’t already seen me naked before, it was Liam. But still this was bad. Since Reyna was with him.

“Oh God!” Reyna shouted, covering her eyes but I did see her peek for a millisecond. I laughed a little at that and to my surprise I found Annabel’s miniskirt that I had so delicately thrown across the room. I handed it to her and she took it, embarrassed.

“Louis!” Liam practically yelled. Well, he should expect me to do a thing like this.


“Louis! I can’t believe—God!” Liam found my boxer shorts at his feet and threw them to me. I put them on quickly and then resumed shielding Annabel. Her hand was digging into my shoulder currently and it was actually starting to hurt but I didn’t mind, considering the situation we were in . . .

“Would you mind uh, I don’t know, maybe giving us a little privacy?” I asked in a bit of a sarcastic tone. What was he still doing here anyway?

Liam raised a finger at me. “If I leave are you two still going to . . . ” he trailed off.

“Yes.” I nodded too.

“I don’t think that’s such a good—” He shook his head.

I threw back at him, “Liam, I’m older than you I can do what I want.” This was too true.

“But Annabel?” he looked behind me to Annabel and she blinked.

“We’re fine, Liam,” she reassured him, bowing her head.

I looked back to Liam and stuck my tongue out at him. “So could you leave now? And take Reyna with you?”

“You’re disgusting.” And with that, Liam and Reyna finally closed the door behind them.

I shook off his idea of an insult and then turned back to Annabel, removing my loose boxer shorts once more and her open-zippered skirt. “Now where were we, love?”

---Reyna’s Point of View—

Liam was still repulsed by what we just witnessed around five minutes ago. We were both sitting now on the downstairs couch in front of the TV which displayed some football game nobody at the party was paying attention to. Drinks were coming around and I took one for myself. I would have offered Liam one since he could definitely use alcohol right now but with his medical condition I knew that he couldn’t which sucked. He needed to loosen up. I didn’t think what Annabel and Louis were doing was that bad, I mean it’s nothing that—I’ll admit—Liam and I haven’t done before but I could tell that he was only trying to protect them both. Being such a father that he is.

I took a sip of the drink and put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. “They’re fine, Liam.”

“I know but . . . I mean they’ve only been talking for what three or four weeks?”

“Some people like to jump into these types of things,” I defended.

“I know but Louis . . . he always goes crazy in those types of uh, situations.” He gestured awkwardly and I knew he was talking about sex.

Since I had absolutely nothing to say I teased him, “Yeah and you would know that, Liam?”

“Hey, I’ve heard him personally whenever he had his ex-girlfriend over.” He laughed at the memory briefly but then resumed our previously uncomfortable conversation. “I just don’t want Annabel to . . .”

“By the looks of it, she knows what she’s doing. Don’t worry about her, they’ll be fine. I promise.” I squeezed his shoulder again to try and get him to loosen up and comfort him. “I promise,” I repeated, inching a bit closer to him.

“Reyna, I’ve missed you.” Whoa subject change. Not that I was complaining or anything.

“What?” I wanted to hear more about this, and not discuss the sex life of others thank you very much.

“I know we’ve been talking these past few weeks but I never told you that honestly, I have missed you. A lot.”

“So have I, Liam,” I said honestly. I put my drink down on the coffee table in front of us and cleared my throat.

“I’ve wanted to tell you something ever since you got here, actually.” He turned to face me and looked at me with those big brown eyes of his.

“Really? What was that?” We exchanged a look of almost I think it was, sympathy and I heard him say what I’ve actually wanted to hear for so long.

“Today, before you got here I . . . I broke up with Danielle.”

“You . . . you did?” My face started to get hot as he moved in closer to me. Oh God.

“Yes,” he said his voice almost as low as a whisper. “I didn’t tell anybody else yet. I wanted you to be the first to know.”

Now I was confused. “What, why?”

Liam took my hand in his slowly and laced our fingers together as he said, “Because I’m still in love with you, and I still want to be with you.” He looked at me with those brown eyes again and something came over me. Immediately, I found myself leaning in and pressing my lips to his vigorously. After a few minutes, I broke away and he said in a low tone, “I think I’ve missed that most of all.”

I smiled and allowed myself to run my fingers through his shaggy hair. It was soft and smooth, just like I remembered it. I studied his face and suddenly all the memories that we had shared together in the past I remembered crystal clear. I think the only reason I didn’t remember anything before was because I didn’t want to. I had chosen to save myself the pain, but now sitting with him tonight everything was new.

We kissed again for what seemed like forever, just rediscovering each other until I finally broke away. “You know I don’t think what Louis and Annabel were doing was that bad,” I started.

“Oh, really?” Liam said, using his playful tone now. He raised an eyebrow at me.

I shook my head back and forth quickly, resembling a child and I then said, “Nope.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so either.” He leaned in for another kiss but I stopped him.

“Oh, so now you approve?” I questioned, teasing him again.

“Reyna, it’s different with us. We actually have a history.”

“Yeah well, from the noises emerging from upstairs, Louis is certainly making history,” I remarked. Liam laughed for a while but then stopped abruptly.

Liam adjusted his arm around me. “Yeah, Jesus what are they doing up there, creating a zoo?”

I was welcome to his embrace but now it was my turn to laugh hysterically. But then again, I was wondering that too. “I don’t know, wanna go find out?” I asked, raunchily.

“Reyna!” he shouted, shocked at me.

“Hey, it’s not a bad idea, we were about to just do the same thing.” I thought I had a pretty valid point.

Liam shifted. “Yeah but like I said, it’s different with us.”

“But haven’t you always wondered why everyone says that Louis is such an animal in the bedroom?”

Liam raised another eyebrow. “Well . . . ”

The Jail Cell

Present Time

---Evie’s Point of View—

“Jesus Christ in Heaven. Don’t tell me . . . ” I couldn’t believe it.

“You guys—” Harry couldn’t believe it either.

“Yes, for the final time. We had a foursome.”

“It—it wasn’t a full-on one, I promise!” Liam yelled from across the cell. I wonder if he had been listening to the entirety of the story. That must have been awkward for him . . .not to mention Annabel. And Reyna. Dear God.

“Liam, stop trying to sugar coat it. Just embrace the fact that you, my friend, have a wild side.” Louis was completely ecstatic about the whole situation, like it was a thing to be proud of. I was just questioning if I could look at all them the same way again.

I had come to the conclusion that Harry and I were the only two pure people in this place at the moment. Well I mean, I was no virgin but I had never done something as wild as that.

“Louis please! We barely got anywhere before the cops showed up.”

“What are you talking about? You think a—”

“Louis, shut up before you make anything worse.”

I guess I’ll never know what exactly went on this night. But I had no problem with it at all. In fact, I could have gone my entire life without knowing what went on and from the pained look on Harry’s face I could tell that he could too.

I looked over to Annabel and Reyna. They seemed fine. Liam was the only one who was uneasy about all of this. I walked over to the mattress that was now on the floor and took a seat. After that story, I could use one. Harry came over and sat next to me and put his arm around me in a comforting manner. I smiled at him.

I was just wondering when we could get the hell out of here.

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