I'll Be Your Reason to be My Love

A backstabbing bestfriend, an abusive ex-boyfriend, a secret keeping mother, could 17 year old Evie's life be any worse? She's on the verge of falling apart until she meets Harry Styles. Even though she has no idea who he is, could he be the one to save her? Through their differences, will they ever be able to fix each other?


2. Harry, Student I.D.s, and Perfect Snogging

I’ll Be Your Reason To Be My Love

Chapter Two:

Harry, Student I.D.s, and Perfect Snogging

February 14th, 2011

After a rather divine snog-filled bus ride with Harry, it was at my stop. The bus came to a gentle halt as the breaks made a squeak noise. I then heard the sound of the exhaust resting and the bus was no longer moving. I felt Harry’s smile against my lips as I broke the kiss, but still remained so close to his face that our lips were half an inch apart.

“Do you have to go?” his voice was so low that if you weren’t right in front of him you wouldn’t hear a word he was saying.

Honestly, I considered it for a minute. I could remain on this bus forever, or at least for the rest of the day for that matter. I’ll have to face my mother’s nagging interrogation of what happened between Derek and I. I’ll have to explain what happened all over again to Annabel, finish my schoolwork, and then prepare for my speech on the debate team tomorrow.

I still need to rehearse in front of the mirror which is why I’m reluctant to whisper slightly louder, “I do.”

I stare at him, as if burning his face in my mind for a moment. I then turn, bend down to pick up my oversized bag, and run out of my seat down the aisle. I place my right hand firmly on the handle to help get down the stairs and glance back at Harry as he flashes me a quick smile. Upon seeing this, I jump off the bus and skip down the gloomy road (at least it stopped drizzling) to get to my house.


So now here I am, still that same bloody Sunday only it’s 4:33 p.m. And my life couldn’t be worse for numerous reasons:

 1.)I was stupid enough to forget to give Harry my number


2.)Harry didn’t give me his number or a last name either so therefore I have no way of contacting him so I’ll probably never see him again.


3.)I lost my student I.D. which I need.


 4.)I completely bombed my forensic science homework so I’m pretty much a dead man..er, woman.

Instead of getting off my lazy butt like I should, I just sink further into the covers of my bed, as if that’ll save me.

 February 15th, 2011

I’m standing to the side of the stage, taking deep breaths as I prepare for my speech in about five minutes. I have to persuade the audience that the use of technology is a great, wonderful, fantastic thing to have in all school systems. My opponent is pretty bloody amazing, I must say, which is partially why I’m somewhat nervous. I never get nervous, so this is big.

As soon as I hear the audience clapping fiercely, I take this as my cue. I’m dressed in my plaid skirt with knee high socks, looking like a schoolgirl. Debate team requires this ridiculous get up, but it has its perks at times. I quickly adjust the headband on my head so that my hair is out of my face.

I step up to the podium at center stage as I clear my throat. I set my pages upright on the arch and look up to the audience to make eye contact. My pages consist of jumbled notes that sparks remembrance in my brain, so I don’t really have to write much.

 “My topic of the use of technical devices has taught me something significant. I’ve learned that whilst computers may be, in fact—” I pause to look up at the audience, skewering over every person. “—the only resourceful sense of—” While I was saying this and looking into the audience, I noticed one person who seemingly stood out of the crowd. And by God, I would recognize that wild hair anywhere. But the instant I noticed that Harry was in the crowd, I felt tense. I kind of froze in place. He smiled at me with that perfect twisted look and—

Bugger. I can’t remember what I was just going to say… I look down at my papers in a jumble, praying that some of the gibberish I scribbled will help me. Wait a minute. This is not what I wrote…this is a rebuttal on why the washrooms shouldn’t be locked. Who the—no. I did not take Annabel’s …yep I did take her notes. Why is this happening, it has never happened before and it probably never will since I’m going to get kicked off the team because I have nothing to say.

 “The only resourceful sense of,” I clear my throat, trying to think of any word to use, “sensibility. Yes, that powerful feeling that you are in control of the mouse and the keyboard and yes, it’s a wonderful thing and uhm, if you’ll excuse me…” I ran off the stage and out the backdoor to get some fresh air.  

Just my luck, it was POURING outside. I always have this great luck. I swear the weather is against me. But never mind that, I just totally blew my chances at getting into a good college. Possibly. I can’t believe I just did that. I throw the headband that has been bothering me for so long on the soaked ground and don’t give it a second thought.

The heat of what I’ve just done hits me as it flashes through my body. My eyes well up with tears and I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. So I run. And run. And run. Into the woods across the street from the school. As I sprint to cross the street, I quickly unhinge the “DEBATE TEAM” pin from my maroon jacket and drop it on the road hoping a car comes to run it over and destroy it. When I get to the sidewalk I throw my hair pin on the ground as well. As if ridding myself of these items will erase my memory. I finally reach the woods where I lay myself against  a tree trunk and slide down to sit on the dirt on the ground.

Probably ruining my skirt but I could care less right now. I’m never going to get a scholarship to the college I want. My hair fell in front of my face as I shed a few tears. Besides the patter of rain, the forest was dead silent. That’s why when I heard the crunching of branches and tree leaves being stepped on, I flinched so much. I slowly raised my head to get the hair out of my face. I wiped my moist face on my sleeve quickly under both eyes. I blinked and saw that it was Harry.

How did he even manage to get here or find me? I wanted to ask so many questions. But I didn’t. I stayed silent because my mouth couldn’t connect with my brain and make words.

Harry took note of my silence and didn’t say anything either. Instead he walked toward the tree that I was parked under and stood there staring at me as I had a blank expression on my face towards the tree that was directly in front of it. I took in a loud deep breath and shakily exhaled. I felt a warm hand on my back. It was comforting to see that he cared so much but I couldn’t handle the frustration at the moment and squirmed away.

He noticed my movements and said, “I’m sorry.”

 “Who are you?” I spat out. I was done with these games. Especially after what happened today.

He blinked at me twice with a blank expression on his face, “…You don’t remember me?”

 “Of course I remember you.” I decided that saying something short, sweet, and to the point was the best way to go about this conversation. I didn’t say anything more.

 “Then, I don’t understand.”

 “I don’t know a bit about you other than the fact that you . . . you make me nervous.” I decided to just spit the bloody words out. I was in no mood for playing games, as I’ve said before.

 Harry smiled that crooked smile of his, another little thing that I did know about him. I could tell he got amusement out of this. “I make you nervous?”

What was there an echo in here? “Yes! You do!” I exclaimed, fed up with this conversation already.

 “Right then, so tell me how could I make you nervous when you’ve already said you don’t know a thing about me?” He stuck his hands in his pockets and kneeled down next to me on the ground.

“I don’t know. That’s partially what scares me too. And the fact that you pop up everywhere,” I smirked slightly and turned to look at him. He was looking down at the ground this time, his hands still buried in his pockets. He had a sly smile slapped across his face.

“You make me nervous too . . . like a tingly feelin’ in the pit of my stomach, yeah?” he laughed at the cheekiness of his own comment. But he had me spot on.

“Yeah…it was especially horrible in there.” I laughed at my own pity. “I, like, couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t even finish my speech...” Shut up, Evie. Don’t think about it..

“I thought you were great. . . up until, well, you know . . .” He looked at me briefly, then at the ground again and furrowed his eyebrows as if deep in thought. “I can totally relate though, it must be pretty nerve-racking.” He seemed as if he truly knew what I was going through, which did make me feel a little bit better.

“You’ve no idea. I just feel like . . . ” At this point, I’ve pretty much screwed everything and let the tears flow freely from my eyes. And of course it started raining even more now, so much that it seems like a downpour. I suppose I’ve gotten used to it but honestly, I could do without it. I sniffled and finished my sentence, “I feel like I’ve sort of let everyone down.” I huddled my body with my arms, it was rather cold out today.

At this, Harry didn’t really know what to say so he saw that I was shivering and offered me his jacket. I felt a little awkward taking it, but accepted since I was freezing to death and thanked him. After a moment he said, “Do you not want to go back inside?”

“Are you kidding me? And face that embarrassment? No thank you!” I made my hands gesture as in “NO WAY.” Harry had apparent amusement from this as he laughed a few times.

“You’re a funny girl.” Could he seriously get any more cheesy… I’m not going to complain though. I need something to lift my spirits, in the slightest. I noticed Harry leaning in to me slightly, gradually increasing his speed after every second. In less than a minute, he was an inch away from my face.

I knew where this was going. And this time I was certainly going to stop it.

But God…look at that face and those eyes and those dimples . . .  I gave in, I’m ashamed to admit. I kissed him for ten seconds but then pulled away. His eyes shot open, and I smiled a bit. “As I’ve said before I usually don’t do this type of thing. . . and I know literally nothing about you.”

“I know . . . I just . . . I like kissing you . . . but I promise you will get to know me. Please, I want to take you on a proper date. Say tomorrow? I want to know everything about you.”

At this, I sighed slightly. Was I really ready to just go out with another one of these same boys who would just end up breaking my heart or dumping me in the street, not bothering to care anymore? Would going out with Harry really be worth it?

 I mean, I knew we had some sort of connection by the way I felt when we kissed but I couldn’t stop seeing myself as some type of slut if I continued to do this sort of thing without even knowing anything about him. For all I know he could be some type of pervert or player or heartbreaker or something. I didn’t know. “I’m not so sure if that’s such a good idea for me right now.” I responded truthfully. No matter how much I did want to go out with him, I was only setting myself up for pure failure.

“It’s a date. One date, I’m not asking for anything more. It’s not a marriage proposal, Evie,” he paused as he chuckled to himself, “at least, not yet it’s not.”

I took the arm of his jacket that was hanging loose around me and smacked him with it. “Maybe if you stopped talking like that, I’d be a little more willing,” I threw at him, a hint of a smile sparking upon my lips.

He took his hand and rubbed in between his eyebrows, annoyed with himself and looked down with a smirk. He didn’t say anything for a few seconds, and then his head lifted right up. “So is that a yes?” Ugh him and his reverse psychology!

“Fine, if you’re going to be so annoying about it!” I just semi wanted to shut him up while revealing a little of my real feelings all at once.  

His face lit up at this, and he smiled widely, making his face look overall goofy. “See you already know something about me, apparently I’m annoying!”

I stuck out my tongue at him and noticed that the rain had let up after all of this. It was now a little bit of a partly cloudy day. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was a little bit of fate. Nevertheless, I slipped Harry’s loose jacket off of me, revealing my skimpy little sweater that was now soaked with water. I threw it back at him, since it was kind of heavy and he caught it perfectly. I noticed something fall out of his pocket as the jacket was in the air. He bent down quickly to pick it up. He looked at it a moment and then gasped.

“I forgot to tell you! I think this belongs to you.” He handed me a plastic little card like item. My face was beaming. It was my Student I.D.! He had found it. Thank GOD! One thing I can now successfully cross off my stress causing list.

I jumped from my excitement. This day was turning around quite fast, remarkably even. “Oh, God you are my savior! I love you!”

“See? Not even the first date yet and you’re already confessing your love for me. I might as well be Jesus.” Harry remarked, slyly. Bugger, he got me!

 “Don’t get your hopes up,” I shot back, hoping this conversation would cool down.

 “Oh, don’t worry I will,” he said, actually now that I think about it, more seriously. Was he just out to push my buttons half the time?

 “All right, all right. Our ‘date,’” I made air quotes, “isn’t until tomorrow, remember. Now if you’d be so kind as to leave me alone for a little while, that’d be just splendid.” I really did want to be alone at the moment. I felt like I needed a good cry to let out as the utter disappointment my mum will be in when she finds out what happened. She was too busy at work to come to my debate today. What a surprise.

“Wait! I have no way of contacting you!” He exclaimed, desperately.

“Here.” I tossed him my business card I always handed out when I wanted to advertise myself for babysitting. He caught it perfectly and glanced at it. “Now, get out of here!”

He put on a pouty face that made me want to run into his arms like a fool and run my fingers through his perfect, side-swept hair. “But . . . wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?”

“Quoting Shakespeare, seriously?”

“Well, excuse me for finding an original and more literature way to say I want you. Unless your into just straightforward business, of course.” God, he was so different from pretty much everyone else I knew. He was so out there, open and confident. Everything I was not.

I shook my head at this nonsense. “If I kiss you will you leave me be?”  

He nodded like a person in need, vigorously. He was such a baby. But with all of that aside, I walked closer to him slowly, teasing him, and looked up at him. He was roughly four inches, give or take, taller than me. He bowed his head little and looked down at me. So, I reached up and put my hands on his shoulders and forced them down on him. He caught my drift and bent his knees so that he was at my level. Now we were the same height, my hands still on his shoulders as I leaned in to press my lips to his. We stayed like that as my hands drifted from his shoulders to my arms being wrapped around his neck. Getting totally lost and carried away in the kiss, I realized that after all I didn’t want to be alone. I just wanted to stay with him there.

I suppose that Harry noticed that I wasn’t pulling away like I usually do after at least a minute, so he deepened it. After a while, he was the one that pulled away and he took my hand and laced his fingers through mine. His touch sent electrical waves through my entire body.

“Do you really want me to leave now?” His voice barely above a whisper that if I wasn’t so close I wouldn’t be able to hear him. When I thought about it, his voice was really sexy like that.

I didn’t say anything. Instead, I let go of his hand and laid back in the grass. It was damp, but I didn’t care. Harry looked at me for a second then turned to walk away. I turned my head in his direction and grabbed his hand tightly and pulled him back. He turned around and fell on his bum. I laughed at his clumsiness.

In return, he gave pretty much the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen on him and we lay next to each other. I kind of felt like we were in that Twilight movie. Except, a less creepy version at least. Just lying there with him next to me admiring me and this beautiful forest was what I’ve sworn the closest thing to perfection I’ve ever experienced.


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