Falling For My Hero

One day while walking home, Aria is almost raped, but luckly someone saves her, Zayn. Not wanting her parents to know she stays and Zayn's house for a few days. In those few days she starts building up feelings for Zayn. They become really close but Aria will have to go home.


1. Saved

  *Aria's P.O.V*

"Okay i'll see you tomorrow," Emily said waving goodbye as i walked out the door. I waved back and started walking along the sidewalk. I looked down at the white vans i had on and smiled. For some reason i just loved my white vans, since the moment i opened the box they were in on Christmas. I then looked at the black skinny jeans i had on. They had a little dirt on the right side of them, so i patted it off with my hand.

 I looked up at the sky and it was beautiful. I loved looking up at the London sky on a Winter night. Suddenly a gush of wind hit me. I pulled my jacket together and wrapped my scarf around my neck.

 When I got to Cannon St. I decided to take a short cut home through a few alleys instead of walking around the whole block.

 While walking, I seen two guys sitting down on the side of a building smoking what looked like a joint. As I walked by they whistled, but i ignored them and walked pass. I could feel their stares on me and then heard foot steps coming my way. Are they following me? I pulled my phone out of my pocket and held it on the side of me.

 Something grabbed my wrist. Not something some one! I turned to see that one of the guys who were sitting down beside the building grabbed my wrist. I tried to pull away but it only made hime tighten his grip on me.

 "Ow! Let me go," I screamed.

"Whats the rush honey don't you want to have a little fun?" asked the other guy who was walking toward me. He stopped in front of me and reached out to unzip my jacket. Once he unzipped it he took it off of me. I could feel the snow flakes falling on my shoulders and it made me shiver.

 "No! Let go of me," I screamed. He then started tracing the outline of my shirt on my chest and slowly started pulling it down. "Stop!" I screamed while kicking him. He bent down and placed his hand on his thigh where i kicked him. I could feel the guy behind me grab me on both of my arms to keep me from running. The other guy quickly got up and slapped me in the face. A scream released out of my mouth and I went to kick him again. The guy holding me put one of his hands over my mouth and added my arms together behind my back. A sudden rage of pain ran across my face. I was punched in the eye and started feeling dizzy. I was sobbing now and begging the guy to stop. He just ignored me and began to take of my shirt. I closed my eyes and prepared for what was about to happen.

 I heard the sound of the sound of a punch against someone. I was so cold that i couldn't tell if it was me who got punch. I opened my eyes and seen one of the guys on the ground . I quickly looked around and relized that my arms were no longer behind my back. Out of the courner of my eye I could see the other guy fall to the ground. I turned and looked at the guy who done this.He had a black jacket and some jeans on. I couldn't see his face, it was to dark but i could see his dark quiff styled hair.I know he just helped me but what if he has plans of the same for me. I slowly backed away.

 "It's okay im not going to hurt you love," he slowly wispered bending down to pick up my shirt and jacket. I forgot that I was only in my bra and quickly wrapped my arms around my ice cold body. He handed me my shirt and i put it on. He then opened my jacket and uproached me closer so I could put my arms in. I did and he zipped it up. "I'll call the police," he added.

 The police. I dont want my parents to know about this. I wasn't supposed to be around Emily, she was supposably a bad influence on me. Which I was 18 and know who I can and can't hang out with. They knew the only time I came around this part of London was to go to Emily's. If the police came they would have to tell my parents and they wouldn't like it at all.

 "Pleace don't," I begged.

 "What do you mean?" he asked shaking his head. "You have a black eye, you might freeze to death if you don't get medical treatment and you were almost raped."

 "Im not supposed to be in this part of town," I said. "My parents would kill me if they fount out that i was around here." 

 "Well what are they going to say about your black eye? You cant cover that up."

 "I'll lie or i'll stay at a hotel until it heals."

 "That can last over a week and what are you going to about you freezing to death?"

 "I'll take a hot shower or something." Honestly I don't know what i'll do. If the hot shower doesn't help than i'm screwd because i'm not going to the hospital and I don't know were im gonna stay. Emily's. No i don't want to go there it would make things even worse. The only other person i could think of was Hannah. No. Her moms good friends with my mom and would tell her about my eye.

 "Fine, i'll take you to a hotel." He was shaking his head most probally thinking in his head that I as crazy. "What hotel?"

 I put m hand over my back pocket. I checked all my other pockets and there was no credit card. "Sh**," i mumbled. I didn't bring my credit card with me.


 "Nothing i don't have my credit card. I'll just stay at...at ...I dont know"

 "Come on," he started walking out of the ally towards the streets.

 "Were are we going." I started following. I knew nothing about this guy, he could turn out to be a murder but I followed him. He saved me so he can't be bad. Can he?

 "You can stay in my flat for a few days."

 "You sure I don't want to bother you or anything."

 "You won't and I don't want you out here freezing." We got in the car and sat quietly for about five minutes.

 "I didn't notice it before but im freezing." He reached out and put the heat all the way up.

 "So may I ask what you were doing in that ally?"

 "I was coming from my friend Emily's and thought it would be quicker to get home that way."

 "That reminds me whats your name?"

 "Aria." "Whats yours?"


 "Oh not a name you hear everyday but I heard it before." After that it got quiet. I reached out to the radio. "You mind?"

 "No, go ahead."

   *Zayn's P.O.V.*

 I looked at her has she turned on the radio, slowly pressing the button because she wasn't sure if it was the right one. I'm glad I saved her.

 I was walking out of a cafe and I heard a scream. I ignored it but when I heard it again I went to go see were it was coming from. When I got there I seen to guys hitting on a girl and pulling her clothes off. I did what I had to do. I hit them. She had nothing but her bra on when I fount her. I quickly fount her shirt and gave it to her not wanting her to freeze to death. She was scared when I tried to approach her though. I don't blame her. Finally shes safe. She can stay at my house for a few days. She says she doesn't want to be a bother to me but actually i could use the company.

  She fount the right button and clicked the radio on. Secret by One Republic was just going of and a lasy started talking. "Number one in 32 countrys here's One Directions Little Things."

 A huge smile grew on my face. Yes! were number one in 32 countries. God our fans are amazing.

 I quietly started singing. " Your hand fits in mines like its made just for me but bear this in mind it was ment to be"

 Aria quickly looked at me with a blank expression. "What?"

 " Your Zayn Malik from One Direction."

 "Yep, are you going to start screaming and call of your friends."

 "No why would I do that."

 "Because you think i'm one of the best singers alive."

 "Yea okay, that place belongs to Bruno Mars!" she laughed.

              ~30 MINUTES LATER~

     *Aria's  P.O.V.*

 We pulled up to the building were Zayn's flat was. He stepped out of the car and came to oped my door. "Come on," he said walking towards the building. When we got to his flat I was amazed. It was huge and beautiful. The walls were painted a light brown which really brung out the furniture. He had a trophy case on the wall which showed of his EMAs and bambis. I followed him as he walked into the kitchen. "I'll make some hot tea. Would you like some?"

 "Sure."  When the tea was done we both sat down by his table.

 "So Aria you said earlier that your parents would kill you if they knew where you were. Why is that?"

 "Because they don't like me hanging out with her. They say shes a bad influence one me. They act like im 12 years old or something but im not im 18."

 "With Emily?"


 "Oh." We both sat in silence while drinking our tea. When I was finished I put my cup in the sink and ran some water in it. "If you want to take a shower my sister left some clothes here. You can use them for now."

 "Okay." He walked me through the hallway. "This is my room," he said pointing to the right at a room in the back of the hallway. Then his eyes looked back at a room across from his and he said,"you can stay in there." He walked in the room and showed me around. "This is the bathroom," he said opening a door in the corner of the room.

 "Okay thanks so much."

 "No problem babe." "Well ill let you take your shower," He said walking out the room.








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