Not Worth It

Aislinn Red just graduated high school and is now struggling all the hurt an pain she went through during high school. When she meets some one who changes everything. He turns her world around and helps her. He knows her pain and if there to comfort her.


6. Tears

Damon's POV

I can't wait until my date with Aislinn tomorrow. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and even though she wasn't that interested at first I will make this the best, most romantic date she has ever been on. 

I need to buy something nice to wear and impress her. I knew exactly where to go. It was only a block away.

After a few minutes of walking, I was standing in front of my favorite shop. I opened the door, and the bell jingled when I opened it as usual. The same girl as always was standing there reading her magazine at the cash register, but some else was standing there too. She was gathering her things off the counter. She kept walking until she ran right into me, and dropped she shopping bag spilling its contents on the floor. 

Before she could pick it up, I bent down and grabbed the black dress in my hands, I straightened and handed it to her, only then did I realize who it was.


"Why, hello there, beautiful."

"Sorry about that." She blushed and her cheeks became a light pink color. "...Damon."

"Fancy running into you here."

"I needed something for tomorrow, I haven't been out in a while."

"I'm honored, you think I'm worth buying a new dress for."

She blushed deepened, and I couldn't help but let a small smile play at the corners of my mouth.

"I need to get home."

"Let me walk you home."

"No, it's okay. I can handle myself."

"I insist."

"No, really it's okay, and didn't you come here to get something."

"That can wait, especially for walking a beautiful girl home."


I walked in front of her, and held the door open for her as she walked out." 

She mumbled a quiet, "Thanks."

We walked along in a comfortable silence for a few minutes. I kept glancing at her, wow she was beautiful. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to meet her, and get the chance to go on a date with her. I was so happy I had convinced her to give me a chance. 

I looked at her again and noticed she looked a bit uneasy. 

"Hey, what's wrong."


I grabbed she wrist, pulling her to a stop making her face me. "You can trust me. Please tell me what's bothering you." 

It looked as though tears were pooling in her eyes. "I just ran into someone today, that I haven't seen in a while, and planned on never seeing again." 

"Ex?" I asked trying to lighten the mood. 

"I guess you could call him that." 

"Want to tell me what happened." That was it, all the tears spilled out of her eyes, flowing down her flawless cheeks. 



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