Not Worth It

Aislinn Red just graduated high school and is now struggling all the hurt an pain she went through during high school. When she meets some one who changes everything. He turns her world around and helps her. He knows her pain and if there to comfort her.


4. Job interview

Aislinn's Pov 

"I'm the perfect person to fill the job you put an add for in the newspaper." 

"We would love to interview you for the job." 

"Great, when can I do that." 

"Well, since one of our other applicants was supposed to be interviewed today, but had to cancel. We have an open appointment in 15 minutes." 

"Great, I'll be there. My name is Aislinn Red."

"Okay, we are excited to meet you."

I hung up the phone, and ran upstairs to my bedroom to get the folder with everything I would need in it. 

I pulled out my phone and googled the address. It was only a few blocks away. I can walk there in 10 minutes and be early. I walked back downstairs, grabbed my blue jacket and headed out the door. 

I was happy that the wind had died down since this morning. I tilted my head towards the sun and let my skin soak it in as I walked.  


I checked my phone to make sure I was had the right address. Once I was sure, I pulled open the big glass door and walked into the beautifully designed building. 

There were huge beautiful pictures hanging on the walls and almost everything was made of either glass or shiny silver. 

I walked up to a silver desk and told the lady my name. She nodded stood up and told me that I should follow her. 

We walked down a long hallway that had more amazing pictures hanging on the walls. 

After a moment of walking we came to a dark wood door. 

"I have Aislinn Red here for her job interview." 

"Send her in." Commanded a voice that sounded familiar. 

As I walked into the room, I realized why it sounded familiar.  

It was him. He was sitting behind a sleek black desk in a tall black chair. He was wearing a black suite with a purple tie.  

"Quite nice to see you again, Aislinn." 

"You, work here?" 

"Actually, I own this place, quite beautiful, isn't it." 

I couldn't run. I just needed to stay calm. 

"Well, don't just stand there, take a seat." 

I sat down in one of the two identical black chairs that were facing his desk. I pushed the folder I was holding across the desk for him to look at. 


Hope you like it. Who do you guys think is the man. What job do you think she is applying for? Tell me in the comments and also I need some feed back. Do you guys even like my story? If I get enough votes I might change it into a fanfic, so please comment your opinions. 

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