Not Worth It

Aislinn Red just graduated high school and is now struggling all the hurt an pain she went through during high school. When she meets some one who changes everything. He turns her world around and helps her. He knows her pain and if there to comfort her.


5. Him

Aislinn's Pov 

I needed to think fast. I couldn't just sit here and act calm. 

I looked up at him and he was just sitting there calmly looking my the pictures in my folder. 

"These are very impressive, Aislinn." 

"Thank you." I sat stiffly in my chair, waiting. 

"You know I really missed you."

"Wish I could say the same about you."

"Now, now Ash, no need to be rude."

"Don't call me that."

"You got the job." Then he smiled his menacing smirk. 

"Are you sure I'm good enough for it." I responded coolly.

"You sure have changed quite a bit. I like this darker, more harsher you."

"Well thats great to know, but I'm only here for the job. Nothing more."

"That is quite disappointing, but we will see about that." 

I needed to change the topic. "When do I start."

"Come in tomorrow at 8:00, and we will have your new camera waiting for you, as well as you first assignment, and office."

"Great, i'll be leaving now."

"Aw why so soon."

I glared at him, and stood up. "I have things to do."

I turned to leave when I felt his ice cold hand grab my arm, and his hot breath on my neck. "Can't wait to see you tomorrow, wear something professional."

I yanked my arm away and stalked out of the room, on the verge on tears, but I couldn't let him see me cry...not again.

I nodded as I passed the receptionist, and hurried out the front door into the cold outside. It hit me like a wall, but I ignored it and hurried to my destination. 


A bell on the door jingled as I pushed it open. The girl at the cash register barely nodded at me before turning he focus back to the magazine she was reading. The store still looked the same as last time I was here, but this time with better more modern clothes. I walked to the rack nearest me and began to flip through the dresses. No luck. I walked to the next one, but I noticed a black dress hanging on the far wall. 

I walked to it and lifted it off the rack and brought it to the changing rooms. I quickly changed into it and spun around to look in the mirror. It was perfect.

It had a low cut neck line, the back consisted of straps cris crossing  each other, the sides were open, it was a long sleeve on one arm and not even a strap on the other. The material fitted my body perfectly, and fell exactly as it was meant to. I smiled. 

I changed back into my other clothes, walked out of the dressing room, and handed the dress to the girl at the cash register. I handed her my money and was out the door.

I now had the perfect dress for my date tomorrow. I realized, that I was actually excited.


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