The contract of Keylay Foundher

Elva is a demon a getter demon, the ones that tricks small kids tor people with no way out to sign the forever contracts. But when she realizes that her best friend signed her name and exsperisnceing the transformation she knows that she has to help her brake her contract before it is to late.

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6. Ch6 Misa

I came to the portal room and Misa was inside talking to someone. "the dark wants you Keylay." she says and I steped forword into the crypt the smell of salfer met me and tried my best not to be noticed, but I failed as a wall of flames cut my path in front of me. "looks like we have a visitor. Although she knows that I hate being rudely interrupted." She hissed and started to gaze in my direction and then slowly went back to starring into the portal. I knew that I had oversteped my bounds with her but I didn't care I had to leave hell and go where she is as a soft beep of a machine started to creep I to the room. "to bad that keylay knows about that day vividly. And is reminded very well, her death lays in the ballance Elva and you know if you see her she will never live again." I knew that she was talking to me and Keylay at the same time. Mockery is Misa's speshalty and she showed it well. I knew that this time I had to give Keylay her wings as I pushed Misa aside and dove into the portal knowing that keylay's life must end for her to save from this hell.

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