The contract of Keylay Foundher

Elva is a demon a getter demon, the ones that tricks small kids tor people with no way out to sign the forever contracts. But when she realizes that her best friend signed her name and exsperisnceing the transformation she knows that she has to help her brake her contract before it is to late.

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14. ch14 powers of a demon with wings


As soon as we entered we felt the door slam behind us and the whistle blew signaling that it was leaving it's station. A single jolt almost though both of us to the floor. I cought my balance and stood to find a firry red faced and skin, to skinny to be alive with a simple skin colored shirt and pants. "Welcome, we were waiting for you Keylay." the red person said. She came close to us and bumped me out of the way and into a table that crumbled under my waight.

 "You know that your friend was going to lead you back and just keep you for herself, she is a demon you know and who knows you might be as powerful as me." she seductively said as she took Keylay away.

 "elva! I can hear Keylay cry.

"Look at your friend. She's better then you if it wasn't for her moving away you wouldn't be dead. She wanted you to die!" the red person said as a blue one formed in a puff of smoke next to her and Keylay started to look lost.

 "maizey is right. She did tried to kill you before and seceded. Why do you think she wants you to go with her? Back where she belongs!" the blue one said as I felt the floor of a trap door open and someone tugged my calor of  my shirt and sent me over the door. "valoret is right maybe she dose need to figure out where she belongs!" I hear a voice say behind me as a cool heat was felt and sent chills down my spine. I could see Keylay being confused and unsure about the sinario.

 "Is this true elva, you wanting me to die and return me with you to...." her voice faded into a whisper.

 "Keylay it isn't true! I wanted you to go to a safe place! I promise!!!!!" I yelled knowing that my time might be up as an angel and a demon.

 "prove it!!!" she yelled. The words hit me like a pound of bricks. I was shut silent as I looked down to the spiraling gray cloud underneath me. The everlasting fall was going to be my fate if I don't time this right. I looked right at Keylay and said the two words that I knew would stung her and wherever Misa is. "drop me."

Keylay looked horrified as I let myself fall into the hole. The wind sliced my body as I fell. But I had no clue weather to wait and see where I am going or just use my powers to fly out of the hole and miss fading by a hair. Like so many others i thought this was it as i grasp fir something and came up with cloud.s

  But then I started to think about Keylay so young and yet so strong then it hit me Misa was on the train! I know her cover name is nice kind sidistic maisey. I couldn't let her win.

 I managed to get the courage to flip myself over to where my winds cought the  air around me and flapped them to get my balance. I looked up to see that I had only had fallen a few feet and the hole is filling in quickly. I soured up and busted through the wooden boards with a big crack and floated above the group of demond's . " how?" Misa has now taken form instead of the red maisey.

 "becouse I know where you belong. Misa said and I just floated above the trap door. I knew that Keylay knows that I am now an angel as she looked at me wide eyed and saw her chance. "i'm sorry i doubted you." she shuttered and She pushed Misa over edge and into the trap door. There wasn't much I can do for her.

 "Keylay!" I cried as  I dove into the everlasting falling hole and could see both of them fall in a tumble. Misa trying to get on top of Keylay as she struggled to get free.  I could see Keylay's agony and seeing that she needs help. "Elva!" she cried and I could feel something like a ball of light form in my palms. I looked down to see that the balls of light were forming and that gave me an idea.

 I patiently waited in till Misa's back  was to me for a perfect shot. I fired my ball of light into her back for a direct hit that made her let go. Her limp body  fell as well as Keylay! I rushed and slipped my arms under her as I held her tight agenst me. We slowly rose out of the portal as I saw Misa's soul disintegrate in front of me as she fell deeper and out of sight. but just before her spirit faded I saw something like a kitchen knife stabbed deep into her neck that I didn't see earlier.  Right then I knew that the contract is officially broken since It was Keylay that made Misa bleed to where her demon fades into nothing.

 We finally came to the train car and I set Keylay on the ground. Her eyes were closed as if she was asleep. I quickly turned to  board up the portal but had closed itself.   I heard a stir behind me as  the scenery faded to the gray world of nothing we were at before we got on the train. Keylay was trying to stand and I raced over to help.

 "elva," she asked with the softest voice I have ever heard her. Keylay's face was dirty but with no harm. "Did we brake my contract?"

 I smiled as a tier rolled down my cheek. All honesty I thought I lost her but her soul didn't fade.  I nodded at her I felt proud of both of us by facing our own demon. " we broke it Keylay. We broke the contract you're free."


I could feel something like a warm portal opening up to us in front. David came forth when my eyes adjusted to the light  "Well done Elva." he  said and I instructed Keylay to move behind me.

 "Don't worry it is safe now." he said and I felt Keylay come out from behind me. I smiled as I heard the news.

 "time to go Keylay." I notaned seeing her and her bright blond curls. She started a few steps and noticed that I wasn't fallowing. She quickly turned around with wide eyes and a startled look.

 "aren't you coming Elva?" she asked giving me her hand. I retrieved it slowly and gently like a parent with bad news to a young child, which she was.

 "I'm not coming Keylay. I am going to stay in hell and find other angels that have signed." I said.

 "but what about your parents!" she cried.

"you can tell them the whole story. Besides they have always taken you under there wing. I don't why they wouldn't now." I cheerfully said but I choked on my tears a little.

 " Elva, don't cry you can come with me and we can have fun together. Let it be over!" she said as cheerful as ever.

 " it might be for you but there is others what about them?" I asked and Keylay nodded and then said,

 " go get them. They will appreciate it." she said and we hugged each other in a tight squeeze.

 "thanks for understanding." I said as David grabbed Keylay's hand and said it was time to go. I stood there and watch as they both went into the light together but just before they did David said. " I know someone that will train you and she has helped you out before." he said and I knew he meant the Demonmest. I smiled that my mission was set before me as Keylay and David continued on into the light and I into the darkness.

 I swore as long as this forever mission stood as long as there are souls that go to heaven but signed to hell then I will find you because you are right. I will find you because  you will need a demon with wings to guide you to where you belong, out of the forever dark into the light. And yes swearing is a demand's  trait.

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