The contract of Keylay Foundher

Elva is a demon a getter demon, the ones that tricks small kids tor people with no way out to sign the forever contracts. But when she realizes that her best friend signed her name and exsperisnceing the transformation she knows that she has to help her brake her contract before it is to late.

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7. Ch 7 Earth

I had forgotten how great it feels to have grass on your feet instead of hot, burning ash under your bare feet to where you forget about shoes becouse of the rubber or wooden soles that were under your feet but if you came with leather than you are still burnt. The sky was a brilliant blue with a lonely cloud driving in the mist. the birds sang insted of wails or screams of your huntress or the worst moments of your life that you tend to ignore after the first year. I for once is alone in this magnifisent aria, alone with the beuty of fredom and my own thoughts.

My thoughts of how to spend this moment was interupted by a horn that was coming from the east. right then i realised i had to be carefull since i am not alone anymore in this planet called earth. A man came on a little scooter and was honking the horn he had a nice blue shirt and jeans like he was going to work or school. his hair was pure black and bushed to the side with the brightest blue eyes that i could see where i was standing. his smile was perfect as he started to chuckle. "well helo there.. I haven't seen you around" he said as I looked around thinking that there was someone else he was talking to but I had forgotten that there was only me. He laughed at me and looked down towards the spidomiter of his scooter. "thought I was talking about someone else?"

he laughed and his face brightened. I smiled nicely and felt my fave turn red. His smile was bright and cheerful while his eyes all of a sudden turned a deep blue with red outline that indicated demon in hunting or a demon on leave to grab someone when they die. "You heading somewhere?" He asked after he got himself pulled together. He knows I am a breaker, or someone that runs away from Hell. "The hospital my friend is dying and she ummm...." I know I said to much but he just padded the seat. "I get it your one of them." He said as I nodded sadly."I'm one of them to, a getter demon, I have a signature to grab from a homeless child near the aria hop on." I should have known that he was a getter demon because of how he was acting, way to nice and way to shady. But I went on and excepted his offer.

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