The contract of Keylay Foundher

Elva is a demon a getter demon, the ones that tricks small kids tor people with no way out to sign the forever contracts. But when she realizes that her best friend signed her name and exsperisnceing the transformation she knows that she has to help her brake her contract before it is to late.

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4. Ch 4 demon rest, awakens

"Sire?" I walked into His room. I have never done this before, walk into The High Demonmest quitters her husband has been out for a few days and I heard that she is worst. Although I have never met her, I have met the King though. Not my best memories of this place. "What mortal?" She hissed. Her breath smelled like a corpse and her face was a white but her hair was jet black with silver lineing highlights. She looked quite nice for a Demonest but I learned over the few years looks can be quite deceiving. Just like now. I mustered up some courage and stood my ground. "I want to see a paper!" I commanded,trying my best to show that I have strainth. "Which one mortal? I have mutch torching to do." she said and a chemical filled my nostrils that told me that told me that I shouldn't stay long. I hesitated on my next sentence there was nohing that I could spit out in sound my speech fled and my tonge was tied as she leaned forword and looked like she belonged in a painting red faced with charcoal blush and dark black eyes that stained my mind. Very griping, no wonder the King picked her as a mate or right hand woman. Then that was all I could think about was those features that griped whatever I had left of my soul and destroyed it. I knew what had to be done as my mind searched for the name I want to come forth. "Keylay Founder." I demanded putting a smirk on my face showing that I to can play her game. She started with a stiff snort and a stair but I was to proud of myself for standing up agenst a true demon. She slowly let out the rest of the air out of her lungs, maby she isn't so bad after all, although I do have to keep in mind that she is THE true demon next to Misa. She waved her chained hand behind me as intense flames formed a dark file cabinet. I knew that keylay had to be in there. I slowly oppened the drawer screams met me that were from every race and every color. Some were fine but others were ear piercing but I kept going and if I couldn't find her one way I would another till I saw the name I was looking for and I was horribly wrong.

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