The contract of Keylay Foundher

Elva is a demon a getter demon, the ones that tricks small kids tor people with no way out to sign the forever contracts. But when she realizes that her best friend signed her name and exsperisnceing the transformation she knows that she has to help her brake her contract before it is to late.

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2. Ch 2 Keylay

It had been a long time since I saw that paper again and I for once I wasn't worried. Till I heard voices in the communication hall. The ones that the people on earth calls a conchence, but our side is the worst side since it usuly is the ones you hear just before death or if you have one of us on your side. You can see us, we are everywhere. When we need to, we can go to earth and stay as long as we want. As long as we do what we are told by Him, the king demon.

I can hear Misa telling someone a deal of the perfect place to another child. An easy target for Misa since her cover name is Maisy. But something in policular cought my attenchion. A name, a name that I knew well. The name of my best friend, Keylay. I couldn't beleave that I was hearing Misa talk to my closest friend.

I haven't seen her since well, I rather not say the right date other than the day that I was moving. She was standing in the driveway as the moving van drove away. I was about ten then and she.....I want to say was about five.

Darkness had found her as it did me, at a vonrable moment in time. My mind was blown I couldn't beleave that she was that dumb. I knew her as the perfect angel other than lack of volentearing. And I needed proof and I couldn't hold back any longer. My intrests had cought up with me and I have to find that she is the one that I hoped never signed.

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