The Love of Music!

Addison addi fr short is a normal girl from Georgia but when her father gets a new job as the tour manager and a bunch of other stuff for the famous boyband One Direction a curly headed boy will change her life read and find out about the love of music;)!!


1. The Suprise:)

"Addi get down here in need to talk to you" my dad yelled
from the end of the stairs.As I walk swiftly down the stairs
im nervous of what he is about to tell me when i reach the
living room dad sits me down on the couch "Addison" my dad
started "i got a promotion today "i nod in understandment " And we
are moving to London in 2 days" I stare with a blank expression going
through mind is oh my god London oh my god im moving finally getting out
of this hell hole i then jump up with a huge smile on my face and hug dad he
was apperantly not expecting that because cause it took him a minute to
hug back but then he did and he said i needed to start packing incase they
move us out earlier then dad expected. I rush up stairs and pack my
room besides a few clothes. Okay let me go back my name is Addison,
Addi for short im 18 and i just graduated from High School. My passion
is singing and my dad is a record producer I live in Atlanta im not a beautiful
girl to myself but others tell me different. Anyway OH MY GOD WE ARE
Haha no but the one the only ONE DIRECTION!!. About an hour into my power
packing dad calls me back down yes dad i chime all happy "Addi i have to tell
you one more thing i am the new co-manager of One Direction" i look at him
in shock then question the truth of this. He promised he was tellig the truth
and that we are actually leaving in TWO DAYS !! YAYYY i screech when i ge
t back up to my room hearing the bellowing laught of my dad. Then then i hear
the front door open knowing its my step mother I dont go down stairs
.I finish packing half my room then fall into a nice dreamless sleep.
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