Summer love

An 18 year old girl who wasn't planning on a summer fling, turned out to have one with a very unexpected person, that she would have never guessed.


1. The Coldplay Concert

I stared out the window, waiting for Jennifer to get her. Waiting for her to pick me up was agonizing, the sooner we get going, the sooner we can get onto the highway and get through the concert traffic. I sat in the dining room, sighed as I slammed her body against the back of the seat. As soon as I got comfortable, I heard the sound of my best friends car honk, which I have gotten so used to. I quickly grabbed my ticket, and purse, and ran out the door, locking it behind me and then getting into the car.
Jennifer smiled, "Sorry I wasn't sooner, Jake decided to have our make out session go on a little bit longer." I gave her a disgusted look and said, "Ew! You were texting me while making out with your boyfriend?!" She smirked, and drove the car in reverse out of my driveway. We sang and danced to Coldplay and Trey Songz for the rest of the car ride and traffic.
We finally got to the stadium, we quickly got into the stadium. I turned to Jennifer, "Hey, I'm going to go to the stand to get some dip & dots, you wanna come?" She snarled, "No. That's nasty. I'm gonna go buy a cheeseburger. Meet you at the seats?" "Sure. See ya." I quickly went to the back of the line. I stared at the person ahead of me's head for the longest time, until I heard the sound of girl's shrilling at the top of their lungs. I swirled my head to the side to see what was going on, and saw One Direction and tons of girls heading right toward me. I sighed and knew what would happen. Girls started pushing and shoving and then this huge girl came running toward the band from the opposite direction of me. She ran as fast as her legs would let her and slammed right into the side of my body. I attempted to keep my balance, but knew that with my clumsy side, it wouldn't work. I quickly fell on my ass. Feeling entirely embarrassed. Too embarrassed to get up, until I heard the sound of Zayn's voice saying, "Oh my god, is she hurt?!" My eyes widened as I saw Harry come to my side and said "Hi sweets, are you hurt?" He smirked and Niall hit him in the side of the head.
Niall pushed Harry backwards away from me, and gave me a hand and helped me stand up. He smiled, "Are you hurt beautiful?" I smiled as I felt 1000 butterflies flutter in my stomach, "Yes, just hungry." Louis laughed really loud and said, "It's the girl version of Niall." Niall smiled and put his arm around my shoulders, "Lets get you something to eat, and then you can come backstage with us. Is that alright with you love?" "Yes, but could my friend come too?" His smile vanished "Is it your mate?" "No, I'm not dating anyone. It's my best friend Jennifer." He smiled, "Of course."

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