Forever and Always

Victoria was diagnosed with cancer and was told she would most likely not survive it. She filled out a form for the hospital and there was a question that she didn't expect. It was... If there was one thing you wanted to do before you died what would it be? There was one obvious answer, meet one direction......


5. Time to Fight

     We walked in and Harry came over and grabbed my hand. It surprised me and even though I knew I should, I didn't pull away. We walked around and went in random stores and just goofed off. No one seemed to notice the boys and they seemed to be having a really nice time not being attacked by crazed fans and just having fun. 

     We decided to play mall hide and seek. We all got partners Liam and Niall, Zayn and Louis, and Harry and me. Louis and Zayn were going to seek first so we all ran off to hide.

     Me and Harry ran into Forever 21 and hid in the middle of a clothing rack. There wasn't much room so I ended up sitting on his lap while he was on the floor. We were pressed up against each other and it felt so good, like it was meant to be.

     I was peaking through the clothes when I saw Louis run into the store, I pulled back and shot Harry a warning look to tell him to be quiet. He nodded his head to signal that he got the message  Nothing happened and it was eerily quiet for a while, almost too quiet. 

     Then all of a sudden the clothes in front of us were thrown apart and Louis stuck his head in. I stifled a scream as Harry grabbed me and we ran for it, but his glasses and hat were knocked off and girls soon came running and screaming trying to catch up to all of us. We ran back to the van and called the other boys. They soon came sprinting out and got into the van too. 

     "Well now I understand how you guys stay so fit!" I exclaim out of breath my body is not okay with all the running I just did and I feel really nauseous and dizzy. I sit back and close my eyes trying to fight it off. I had been doing so good all day but this might have thrown me over the edge. 

     When I feel a bit better and open my eyes they are all staring at me worriedly. 

     "Are you alright love?" Niall questions.

     "Ya I'm fine. I just bumped my head when we were running out of the clothes rack, it made me a little dizzy, but I'll be fine." I lie smoothly with, what I hoped to be, a convincing smile.

     "Alright love, just let us know if it gets any worse. I don't want you to have a concussion or anything." Liam replies, still looking a bit skeptical. 

     "Okay, I will. I'm sure I'll be fine though." I answered even though I knew if I didn't feel better I wouldn't tell them. They all take another look over me to make sure I am okay and all seem to believe me. They then start to talk to each other.

     I sit back in the seat and rest, when I notice Harry slide next next to me and grab my hand. I look up at him and can tell he doesn't believe me, and knows that something is wrong.

     "Are you sure your okay you really don't look good?" He asks and gives me a questioning look. 

     I smile back and say, "Ya I'll be fine Just a little dizzy after I hit my head. I don't think the running right after helped and that's why I don't feel to good now."

     "Okay if your sure. But, is there anything I can get you to make you feel better?" He asks eagerly.

     "Um.. No I don't-" I begin to say, but am then interrupted by the loud noise of my stomach grumbling signaling to me that I need food. "Well I guess I could use something to eat." I say giggling a bit. 

     "Well we were planning on going for lunch now anyways so that's easy enough to fix." He says with a smile. 

     "Okay, where are you planning on taking me?" I ask.

     "Well I was thinking of this place called Plan B, it's a burger place and is really good." He answers.

     "Okay that sounds good to me, I don't know whats good around here anyway it will be a nice experience." I agree.

     We hold hands and stare out the window for the rest of the car ride. I can't believe I am falling for Harry Styles and he is falling for me too.

     I think it's time to start to really fight and win this battle. 



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