Forever and Always

Victoria was diagnosed with cancer and was told she would most likely not survive it. She filled out a form for the hospital and there was a question that she didn't expect. It was... If there was one thing you wanted to do before you died what would it be? There was one obvious answer, meet one direction......


9. That one Simple Thing so Easy But Yet so Difficult

     'Hey are you still up? I can't sleep.' I quickly texted him.

     'Ya, I'm up do you want me to come over?' He replied almost immediately.

     'Ya I guess if you don't mind.' I answered worriedly. I mean I want him to come but then I will also have to tell him and I wanted to wait until tomorrow. I didn't get a reply, and then there was a knock on my door. It had only been about 5 minutes since I asked him to come. He couldn't have possibly gotten here that fast.

     I hesitantly got up and answered the door and sure enough, he was standing there with a smile on his face.

     "Hey come on in." I said with a small smile creeping onto my face. "How did you get here so fast I just texted you a couple of minutes ago?" I asked

     "I couldn't sleep either so I went for a drive and found myself near your house so when you texted me to come over I was already close by." He said shyly. 

     "Okay I was just wondering." I replied with a smile. "Do you want any tea or anything?" I asked him as we made our way to the couch and sat down. 

     "No, I'm fine." He says then pauses. "I just really wanted to know what you had to tell me. It's kinda killing me and that's why I couldn't sleep and decided to go for a drive. I just really want to know. I mean are you okay? You really made me kinda nervous when you said that because I care about you Vic, I really do. Don't leave me hanging like this." He continues.

     And there it is the question that will change our relationship and either confirm or destroy my will to fight. This one thing so simple and easy to say but yet so difficult. Will it help me to finally get this off my chest and have someone to confide in and help me fight through this? Or with it break me and leave me helpless and alone with no will to fight?

     He says he cares, that he really does, but after I tell him will he stil,l or will it be to much for him. Will he abandon me like everyone else does or will he stay and tell me he won't ever leave me alone. That I'll be his and he'll be mine forever and always. 

     This one simple thing that will change my life. But the question is for better or worse. It's all up to Harry. I must tell him now, it's to late to take it all back so here goes nothing.

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