Forever and Always

Victoria was diagnosed with cancer and was told she would most likely not survive it. She filled out a form for the hospital and there was a question that she didn't expect. It was... If there was one thing you wanted to do before you died what would it be? There was one obvious answer, meet one direction......


7. Home

     As we were walking my stomach began to twish and I felt really dizzy and sick. I stopped walking for a second and turned to Harry, "Um, where's the closest bathroom?" I asked quickly. He could tell something was wrong.

     "Follow me." He said and grabed my hand as soon as the small building came in sight I ran for it. I dashed inside and into the closest stall luckily there was nobody else in there and I was alone. I pulled back my hair and threw up into the toilet.

     Then I felt a comforting hand rubbing circles into my back and I looked up.

     "Sorry love, I didn't mean to like intrude on you or anything you just looked really bad when you were rushing in here and I coldn't take not knowing if you were okay." Harry says sheepishly.

     I look at his concerned expression for a couple more seconds and get the biggest urge to just kiss him right there in the bathroom stall. Nobody has ever really carred about my well being bofore, other then my doctor I guess. It felt great to have somebody who cared. But I supressed the urge and remembered that I had just thrown up and that he probably wouldn't appreciae it if I kissed him right now.

     "It's fine. Thank you for comming in and taking care of me. You don't know how nice that is." I answer after a little while of just staring at eachother.

     "No problem love, I will take care of you always." He says with a slight smile and stands up and then extends a hand to help me up. I grab his hand and we walk out and wash our hands.

     "Well we should probably get you home you still look a little sick and I don't want you to get worse because you stayed out with us." He says somewhat sadly.

     "Ya I probably sould go home and get some rest." I answer a little sad to have to part with him.

     "Okay, lets get back to the car and then we'll drive you home." He says. We walk back to the car and get in he explains what happens to the boys and they all ask if I'm ok I just answer that I am feeling a bit sick still and that I should probably go home. They all agree and I give them my adress so they can get to my house.

     The ride back home is relatively quiet and I snuggle into Harry's chest and close my eyes to try to fight off the sick feeling I have. We arive at my home and Harry gets out with me and walks me to the door.

     "Do you want me to stay with you and make sure you are okay?" He asks hopefully. I need time to think and rest so I don't think I sould let him and I won't, not this time I need to learn to have some will power around this boy.

     "No, I'll be fine I'll probably just sleep anyway." I answer somewhat proud that I actually went through with what I knew I had to do, but also sad that he is going to leave now.

     He looks dissapointed, but says , "Okay, just promise you'll text me if you need anything or want me to come over."

     "Okay, I will but I'm sure I'll be fine" I answer.

     "Okay I'll talk to you later then and we can maybe set up a date soon or something."

     "Ya, that wouls be nice." I reply.

     He smiles and gives me a big bear hug and then pulls back and gives me a kiss on the forhead and on my cheak and runs back to his car. I hear a bunch of chears from the other boys and giggle to my self.

     I open the door and step inside. Everything that happened that day rushes into my mind and I sit down to think.

     What have gotten my self into. I think I might love him and I'm not even gonna be able to be with him much longer in the condition I'm in I can barely go a day without being sick. I begin to cry quietly as i let my head fall into my hands.

     I think  for a while and come to one conclution, I'm going to have to tell him sooner or later, I just really hope he will still want to see me if I do because if he doesn't there will be no point to fight. He is my reason to fight and without him I might as well just give up. I can't believe one boy could mean this much to me after one day.



     Sorry if there are a lot of misstakes I didn't get edit cause I have to go to bbal right now. Thanks for reading likig and favoriting. Let me know what you think!



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