Forever and Always

Victoria was diagnosed with cancer and was told she would most likely not survive it. She filled out a form for the hospital and there was a question that she didn't expect. It was... If there was one thing you wanted to do before you died what would it be? There was one obvious answer, meet one direction......


10. Fight we Shall

     If I make him promise not to leave do you think it would make a difference? I guess it's worth a try. "Harry, after I tell you this do you promise not to leave me? Do you promise you will stay with me and help me through this? Do you promise to care for me even after you know? Do you promise me?"

     "Victoria what is it your scaring me." He whispers with a scared and worried expression on his face. 

     "Promise me Harry please. I need you I can't do this alone." I plead.

     A very serious look came over his face, his eyes became dark and began to smolder as he said, "I promise Tori, I absolutely one hundred percent promise to never leave you alone not even when you want me too, I promise to help you through everything, I promise to care for you always, I promise you everything. And most of all Victoria I promise that I think I am in love with you, and I will do absolutely anything for you so please just tell me what is wrong."

     Wow, he just said he loved me. I can't believe this. I don't think he will leave me. If he truly loves me he won't and he promised he wouldn't. Well I guess this is the ultimate test of his love. "Harry." I say but pause trying to find the right words. 

     "Yes, love please just spit it out." He says with a slight chuckle.

     I give up on trying to find the right words and just focus on trying to tell him without breaking down. "I.. I.. I.. I.. Harry I have cancer." I say and even though I try not to, by the end of the sentence I break down crying into his chest.

     He sits there for a moment and doesn't do anything he doesn't even try to comfort me. Oh no, he's gonna leave he doesn't really love me he doesn't care he might have though he did but he doesn't, he's going to leave me alone and if he does, I might as well just give up everything.

     But then he fiercely grabs me and holds me so tight to him. I look up and see tears in his eyes. "Now it's your turn to promise me." He says. "Promise me you will never ever leave me. You know I will never leave you and if you don't believe me I will tell you every second of everyday, but right now it's your turn to promise me that you won't ever leave me you will fight for me. As I will fight for you, we will fight this together." He pauses. "Together, forever and always, together." He whispers into my ear.

     "Yes I promise I promise to fight this and to stay with you. I promise. I promise, that I.. I think I love you too." There I admit it I love Harry Styles.

     I know it has only been a day and I know it's absolutely crazy to already feel this way, but I do and so does he. And I'm not afraid to love him. He knows everything now and he's still here and he promises to stay. So I can love him and he can love me and we can fight. And fight we shall.


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