Forever and Always

Victoria was diagnosed with cancer and was told she would most likely not survive it. She filled out a form for the hospital and there was a question that she didn't expect. It was... If there was one thing you wanted to do before you died what would it be? There was one obvious answer, meet one direction......


2. Dream Come True

     I continued to go to my tretment sessions and begin to feel the efects of the chemo. I am tiered all the time and feel sick my hair hasn't begun to fall out yet but it will happen soon enough. I have become very depressed and have also started emotional therapy sessions to help deal with the depression. I don't smile much anymore and don't really have any reason to.

     I am at one of my therapy sessions when my doctor walks in, she has become increasingly worried about me and my mental health, but she still walks in with a smile on her face. She asks to speak with me so I walk out into the hallway.

    She looked at me for a little while with a big smile on her face. She is making me nervous to hear what she has to say. She finaly opens her mouth to tell me what she is so happy about and she says, "Well, what if I told you that you are going to be able to meet one direction! I have been trying my hardest to get them to be able to meet you through our program and their managment finally agreed to set it up!" A smile lit up my face for the first time in weeks and I gave her a big hug. "I also aranged it so they won't even know you are sick. They will treat you just like any other normal girl."

     "Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! A million times thank you! When do I get to meet them?" I reply excitedly I can't believe this is happening to me! Maybe my luck isn't all bad.

     "Tomorrow, I am sorry it is such short notice but they are going to be in Connecticut for a while and tomorrow they don't have anything schedueled so they decided that it would be the best day for them."

     "That's fine it's not like I had anything else to do anyway and it doesn't matter when the sooner the better for me!"We share a small laugh which is also my first in a while.

     This is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I get to meet my idols! Oh ya, but wait, one problem, I still have cancer and could die.

     I keep the smile on my face with some effort and walk back into the therapy room and sit down in the big comfy chair. I am still depressed, but I am much happier then I was, I didn't have much fight left in me, but maybe meeting them will help give me the motivation to keep fighting that I am so desprately low on.

     I finish my session and leave the hospital in a much better mood and decide to figuer out what I will wear to meet them tomorrow.

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