Forever and Always

Victoria was diagnosed with cancer and was told she would most likely not survive it. She filled out a form for the hospital and there was a question that she didn't expect. It was... If there was one thing you wanted to do before you died what would it be? There was one obvious answer, meet one direction......


1. Diagnosis

     Well my names Victoria and I was just your average ordinary girl until I went for a yearly checkup at the doctors that changed my life forever......

     "Hello Victoria." the doctor said as she walked into the room and shook my hand. "I have some news for you." she said with a sad smile. "You have lung cancer."

     I sat there in complete shock. How could this be happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? I began to panic.

     "Unfortunately we found it late too. It is not impossible to treat but you don not have a very high chance of survival." She paused as I became even more shocked, how could I not even know there was something so wrong with me? But most of all, why me? "We will immediately start your treatment. we will try chemotherapy but if that doesn't work we may have to try surgery." She continued.

     I was in complete shock I didn't cry or make any noise, all I did was nod my head. I can't believe this.

     I began to fill out a form so they could begin my treatment, when I got to a question that surprised me. It asked, 'If you could do one thing or meet one person in your life what/who would it be?' I didn't understand why this question was on here so I asked the doctor she said that they have a program in this hospital where they try to fulfill there patients wishes while they are sick to help them heal emotionally from there injury or illness as well as physically.  

     Wow, that is a very special thing for them to do for people but there's no way they'll be able to grant mine but I guess they can try. So here goes nothing, 'In my life I would want to meet one direction.' I handed here the form and she takes me to a room so I can begin the first session of my treatment. 

     They stick an IV in me and begin to add the chemicals into my body I sit there and wait for it to be done. When it is over I rest in bed.

     I haven'y kept in contact with my family because they never really cared about me and I left home as soon as I could. I don't really have any friends either because I recently moved to America and haven't met people, so I don't have anyone to call and talk to about my diagnosis. 

     After a while the doctor comes in and tells me that I can go home and sets up a schedule for my next treatment sessions. 

     I drive home in silence and just think and pray that I will get better. Why did this have to happen to me? 

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