Love is everything

its a love story.


1. Love

Me and my twin sister Ashlee was at school, we had parade that morning. As we're in grade 11 and during parade one of our teachers told us both to go to the top of the school with our bags. We gave each other worried glances and started make our way up to the office. When we got their we told the office Ladies and they just said to take a seat outside where they can see us. We took a seat and waited for what felt like hours but really just 5 minutes. A group of 5 young boys by the look of them started to walk up towards us, we didn't know what to do. We continued to sit their as they got closer to us. The one with the brown straight hair with ice blue eyes started to say something. "hey, I'm Louis, this is Niall, Zayn, Harry and Liam and we were told to pick you girls up, and I'm guessing you lovely girls names are Tayla and Ashlee  am I wrong?" we both shook our side ways saying that indeed is our names we shook their hands and said hi. They looked familiar, they sound familiar and their names sound familiar. So I took the chance to speak as Ashlee didn't know what to say. "hi guys, it's a pleasure too meet you, I'm Tayla the 'eldest' one by a few seconds and that is my lovely twin sister Ashlee. I'm guessing by your looks, accents and your names that your indeed one direction right? Cause if you are, its a pleasure seeing you guys, my sister here has a major liking for you guys as do I, but we don't fan girl like all the other fans of yours" after I finished my little speech they stared at us with smiles and smirks and when a smirk comes along me and Ashlee love to play a game. Ashlee started to smile my way. We talked at the same time in sync, " hey guys would youse like to play a game with us?" they stared at us confused then they all shook their heads and leaned in for the instructions. Me and Ashlee went to the office ladies and asked if we could have the rest of the day off and they said Yea, And we asked if they could look after out bags and it was another yea.

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