Change My Mind (Jacob Black Love Story)

Addison Vega has known Jacob Black her whole life.She has fallen for him to but will not ever admit it to any one.Addison knowns he doesn't like her like that though.But can he change her mind with three simple words "I love you?"


1. What About Me?

Takes place during New Moon.Going on the movie since it's easier and the book and movie are sort of the same.Comment and let me know what you think.I know it's the first chapter but I swear it'll get better .

"Look at Andy looking beautiful as always."Jacob said smiling using my nickname.I rolled my eyes "Shut it Jake."

"He is right you are as beautiful as always."Quil said.I looked at two of my bestfriends and asked "Okay what do you want?" They both  looked at each other and back to me "Nothing Addy.What can't two of your bestfriends call you beautiful?"Quil asked putting his arm around my shoulder as I walked into the school.

"You only say I'm beautiful when you guys want something so what is it?"I asked.Jacob leaned against the locker next to mine "We don't want any thing honest Andy."he said looking at me with his beautiful brown eyes. "Alright then but me and you are still on for our movie marathon right?"I asked smiling.He looked at his feet "I uh sort of made plans already."he said.I nodded "With Bella of course.I better get to class."

"Andy I can cancel them."Jacob said.I shook my head "No it's fine I have Quil any way."I told him walking to English.

I didn't hate Bella at all I promise it was just I hated how Jacob was spending all his time with her and him and I have been friends longer. "He likes you,Addy he told me awhile ago."Quil said.

We were about to walk into English when Adam blocked the door.Adam was a football player who thought he was the coolest guy here.

"Move Adam."I said rudely.

"I'm good I'm actually enjoying the view looking at you Addison."he smirked.

I rolled my eyes and walked past him finally.He was so annoying no wonder he never had a girlfriend.At the end of the day I seen Embry hanging out with Sam's gang at his locker he kept stealing glances at me while I put books in my locker.Slamming it shut I turned around but back hit against it as Adam was infront of me.

"Let's go out Addison."Adam said."No Adam I don't date animals."I said.He put his hand on his heart "Ouch that hurt Addy."

I tried to push him off me since he was getting way to close "Move Adam."He shook his head and put his face close to mine like he was going to kiss me "Adam stop please."I said helplessly.

"Leave her alone before I rip you apart."I heard some one say.I opened my eyes to see Embry behind him.Adam rolled his eyes at Embry "Doubt that." Before I knew it they where fighting.I got Embry outside angry at him for starting a fight but I was glad he stuck up for me.

"Are you alright?"I asked him.He smiled "Never better Addy.I have to go."I sighed and walked to my car then drove home alone.Walking into my house my little 2 year old sister Lucy ran to me and hugged my legs. "Is Jake coming over today?"my mom asked putting her hair up since she was getting ready to leave for work.

"That's a joke mom.He's stopping coming over since Bella started to come over his house."I told her as the doorbell rang.My mom was leaving any way so she answered the door.

"Friday is our movie days."I heard Embry say.I sat Lucy down and hugged him tight.Sure I seen him before I came home but I missed him."I've missed you so much."I mummbled.

"Where's Jake isn't he usually here to?"he asked as I released him from the hug.I nodded "Usually but since Bella came around she's the only person he wants to be with."I said "What are you even doing here?"I asked.

He smiled "I missed hanging out with you Addy."That made me smile and I hugged him again.We watched a few movies until I fell asleep with my head on Embry's shoulder.When I woke up I was in my bed which made me wonder how I got here.

"Finally your awake."Jacob said sitting on my bed next to me. "Who brought me up here?"I asked. "Embry last night.Look Andy I feel so bad not hanging out with you any more I promise tomorrow is just you and me."he told me.I grinned and hugged my best friend feeling butterflies in my stomach. 




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