Change My Mind (Jacob Black Love Story)

Addison Vega has known Jacob Black her whole life.She has fallen for him to but will not ever admit it to any one.Addison knowns he doesn't like her like that though.But can he change her mind with three simple words "I love you?"


6. Those three words

So the last chapter and this one and the rest take place in Eclipse

"Addison you owe me twenty dollars."Paul said walking in Emily's house as her and I were making cupcakes.

I looked at him like he just spoke German "Um no I don't."

"Maybe it's not you but I know some one does."he said sitting at the table.

"Well it's not me,maybe it's Embry or Jared."I said as they walked in the house stopping in their tracks as I said their names.

They looked at each other then me "Talking about us Addy?"Embry asked.

I flashed them a smile and jumped off the counter "Of course how could I not talk about you guys? I'm going to go see Seth since Sam has the kid all locked up."

I walked out of Emily's house and down the street to Seth's house.He was always at home doing homework since he had phased a few months ago.I felt bad he never had any visitors so I felt I should see him mostly because he was like a kid brother to me any way.Knocking on the door Seth opened it with a smile.

"Hey Addison didn't know you were coming over.Leah isn't here though."he said.

Shaking my head I smiled "I'm here to see you Seth. I feel since no one ever comes to see you I should."

"Awesome so what should we do?"he asked letting me in the house.

I shrugged "Doesn't matter to me."

"We can talk,go to the beach,visit Sam and Emily."he said hinting the last part.

Smiling I said "Lets go to Sam and Emily's then.And if they have an issue with us hanging out their I'll kick their asses."

He nodded and we went to their house.All the boys were their and so was Leah.I felt bad for her having to be in the same place as her cousin who is engaged to the guy Leah was in love with.I wonder how that pain felt alot I wondered how Leah could stand to be by them.

"Do you?"Sam asked me.

"What?"I asked confused since I had no clue to what he said since I was deep in thought.

He laughed "I said you don't mind Jake hanging with Bella?"

Bitting my lip I shook my head "Nope I mean I'm friends with Bella and I'm also friends with Jake so whatever."

"He loves her though Addy."Embry pointed out.

Oh right forgot about that he was in love with her then there was me who loved him yet he didn't bother to even notice the fact that I was in love with him.Maybe this is how Leah felt but minus the whole leaving me for someone who happens to be related to me.

"Shut up Embry."Leah snapped at him.

"He's right he loves her then theres me Addison who will be forever friendzoned."I joked earning a few laughs.

Jared smirked at me "I would never friendzone you Addion in fact we can get into a new zone."

"You have a girlfriend Jared."I reminded him.

He nodded "Yeah I know."

Later Jacob came over to my house since he was done hanging with Bella.

"So how was your day with Bella?"I asked.

He shrugged "It was okay I guess I missed hanging out with you though."

"Thats sweet yet weird why did you miss hanging out with me?I mean don't you love Bella?"I asked him looking at my hands.

"Thats the thing I love her but look Addison you're my imprint and I'm starting to fall for you more every day I hang out with you."he said stepping closer to me.

"Jacob can I tell you something?"I asked my voice shaky.

He nodded "Of course."

"I love you."I whispered and his lips crashed onto mine.

This moment was more perfect then anything butterflies where in my stomach and sparks flew.Jacob broke the kiss and looked into my hazel eyes with his beautiful brown ones.

"I love you to."he smiled brushing hair out of my face.

A smile appeared on my face as he said those three words I was longing to hear.This was more amazing then anything he kissed me and said "I love you."

"Will you stay with me tonight?"I asked him turning off the tv since it was pretty late.

Jacob nodded and carried me up to my room.The silence was so comfortable not to mention having Jacob with me made it easy to sleep.



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