Change My Mind (Jacob Black Love Story)

Addison Vega has known Jacob Black her whole life.She has fallen for him to but will not ever admit it to any one.Addison knowns he doesn't like her like that though.But can he change her mind with three simple words "I love you?"


3. New reputation

School on today I wasn't looking forward to because I knew I'd be hanging with the boys and that would get rumors started quickly.When I went to my locker my best friend Taylor ran up to me.

"I heard you have been hanging with Jacob,Jared and Embry please tell me it's a lie."Taylor said. I shook my head "I've been hanging with them."

"Oh no your doing drugs to.God Addison rememeber hugs not drugs."she said worried."Tay I'm not doing drugs I swear my mother would kill me if I was any way."I said laughing at her. "You're swearing now to.Addy you are just going down hill now."she said shaking her head.

This is why I'm friends with her because we can be weird and it won't be awkward.I walked away from her and over to the boys.

"Hugs not drugs Addy."Jared said and I punched his arm which hurt my hand. "I'm not hitting any of you any more."I said and they laughed.

"Why does she think that you are doing drugs any way?"Jacob asked.I looked at him "Well lets see you guys were all boyish and now your all hot and stuff that just doesn't happen over night to normal guys."I said.

"Actually you can go from being a boy to a man in one night."Jared said winking at me. "No ew stop I don't want that image in my head before math."I said. "To late your already picturing it I know it."he laughed. "And this is what I get for hanging out with boys."I sighed walking right into some one.

I noticed I walked into Ross a guy I use to have a crush on but I relized why spend time liking some on who doesn't know you are even alive when I could like Jacob a guy who knew I was alive.

"I'm sorry,um are you new here?"Ross asked and my heart dropped. "No why?"I asked him. He shrugged "I never seen you before."he told me. I was pretty angry right now "We've been in the same class since first grade."I said and Jacob put his arm around my shoulder.

"Let's go to class Addy."he said. "You don't like him any more do you?"he asked when we sat in our seat. I shook my head "I stopped liking him a while ago becuase I liked some one else."

In lunch I was walking past Kelsey Gomez's tabel when she called my name "Want to sit with us today?"she asked. "I would but I promised Jacob I'd sit with him." She smiled "Another time then."

"The weirdest thing just happened to me."I said sitting down at Jakes tabel. "Kelsey Gomez asked me to sit with her.Like what the hell is that?"

"Look at our little Addison growing up and saying hell."Jared joked. "Be serious for a second please."I begged.

"It's your new rep your like the bad ass.Since your hanging with us any way."he said. "I haven't done any thing to make me a bad ass except hang out with you guys.Oh my god every one thinks I do drugs now."I freaked out and a few people looked at me.

"No they don't they just think your sleeping around with us."Embry smirked.I put my head in my hands "My life sucks now.That's why Kelsey asked me to sit with her."

"No one believes those rumors Addy."Jacob said looking me in the eyes.

This whole week every class I went to people would whisper about me doing drugs and being apart of Sam's cult.Rumors are never a good thing and they get worse when they reach your mom.

It was Friday and I just got home to my mother waiting with a stern look on her face. "What's up mom?"I asked. She sighed "I know your doing drugs and I wanted you to know that I can help you honey you just have to let me."she said motherly. I laughed "Mom I'm not doing drugs thats just what people say since I'm hanging with Jake."

"Oh thank God we all know I'm not good with being the stern mom.Trust me those rumors went around when I went to school with your dad."she said.My mom never talked about my dad not until now and it made me wonder why.

"I'm going for a walk."I told her and went into the woods.Leaves started to fall and it looked so pretty and quiet out here.

"What are you doing out here all alone?"Jacob asked standing next to me. I shrugged "Just wanted to get away from everything."I said.

"Well call me next time I don't want you out here by yourself since theres a leech around here."he said pulling me close.I felt something when ever Jacob touched me it was a spark and I never felt happier when we were together.

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