Change My Mind (Jacob Black Love Story)

Addison Vega has known Jacob Black her whole life.She has fallen for him to but will not ever admit it to any one.Addison knowns he doesn't like her like that though.But can he change her mind with three simple words "I love you?"


4. He loves me

"Addison I have something to tell you."Jacob said looking me in the eyes. "What is it?"I asked. "I love you."he replied and put his lips on mine.Nothing felt more right at this moment.I felt fearless when he kissed me."I love you to."I said once we parted from the kiss.

I heard a noise andopened my eyes.Damn it was just a dream.If only that could really happen.I jumped when I seen Jacob climbing in my window.

"Damn you Jacob I thought you were going to kill me or something."I said as he sat on my bed laughing.

"I'm not a leech.And I couldn't dream of killing you let a lone hurting you."

"Can I ask you something?"I asked and he nodded.

"That day you turned into a wolf which still I'm getting over Jared started to say something about imprinting what is that?"I asked.

"It's like love at first sight but more stronger then that.It's not the earth holding you here any more it's her.You become any thing she needs it could be her protector,friend,lover any thing."he explained.

"Seems like you know the feeling.Have you imprinted yet?"

I asked and he nodded "Yeah I have."

"On who?"I asked I bet it was Bella not that I was hating about it any more.

"See if you can figure it out."he smiled.

"Jacob Black I'm going to hurt you.But I'm to tired to right now."I yawned.

"Then go to sleep Andy."he said using my nickname and was headed for the window.

"Jake stay with me please."I said. It seemed as if he thought about it for a minute before shutting the window and getting under the covers next to me.

"Your so warm."I said tiredly. "It's a wolf thing."he said chuckling.

"Of course it is."I muttered before falling alseep.

When I woke up Jacob was still next to me fast asleep.I sighed softly and just looked at him.He looked so perfect like I don't know how to describe how perfect he looked.There was a knock on my door and I got out of bed sadly and seen Paul and Sam looking at me.

"What's up buddies."I said smiling.By the looked they gave me I knew I was in trouble.

"Where's Jacob?"Sam asked.

I bit my lip and batted my eye lashes "Why do you think hes here?"

Paul laughed "Let's be serious Addy he's in love with you so he must be here."

Jacob was in love with me this is awesome.I smiled and walked back in my room locking the door behind me.I was going to say something to Jacob but his sleeping figure was gone all that was left was a puple sticky note.

"How the hell did you get in my room?"I asked Sam and Paul.

"It's not that hard.So he isn't here,why don't you come over later though Addy,Emily really wants to see you again."Sam said and left.

Once I got dressed I went over to see how Bella was doing since we haven't talked in a few weeks which was killing me.Since she was one of my few girl friends.I knocked on the door and Charlie answered.

"Hey Charlie."I said smiling.

"She's upstairs.How are you by the way?"he asked letting me in the house.

I shrugged "I've been good.How about you?"

He smiled "Good but Bells she's screaming again at nights.Since Jake won't call her back."

Guilt was setting in I knew something Bella didn't and I knew that since Edward left Jake and I are the only ones she really will talk to willingly.

You have to lie Addy "He won't call me back either.Well I'm going to see Bella now."I said walking up the steps to her room.

"Bella darling lets go cliff diving."I said.

She gave me a crazy look "Your crazy it's November."

I nodded "Best time to go trust me.Come on get dressed and meet me downstairs."

Turns out Bella had plans today with some girl named Jessica.So I was all alone until I went to Emily's.Walking into the house I got attacked with hugs by three shirtless boys.

"Put shirts on before you hug me next time please."I begged and they laughed.

Emily smiled and hugged me "Thats like asking them to clean their rooms which I'm sure they are asked to do every day."

"Where's Jake?"I asked and they all looked around the room ignoring my question "Hello."

"Sorry what was that?"Jared asked bitting into a muffin.I took a seat next to him and Embry shaking my head.


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