Change My Mind (Jacob Black Love Story)

Addison Vega has known Jacob Black her whole life.She has fallen for him to but will not ever admit it to any one.Addison knowns he doesn't like her like that though.But can he change her mind with three simple words "I love you?"


5. Best dream ever

Here I was standing infront of a mirror with Bella and two other girls behind me with huge smiles plastered on their faces as well as my own.I had on a long white dress and my hair was done in curls but put up.

"You look so amazing Addison,Jacob is so lucky."Bella smiled at me hugging me.

I shook my head "No I'm the lucky one,how often do you find a guy like that?"I asked.

The blonde girl smiled at me "He may be a mutt but you do make a cute couple Addy."

"Thanks Rose."I laughed along with Bell and the dark haired girl.

There was a knock on the door then Emily and Sam walked in.Emily had tears in her eyes looking at me and Sam had a smile stuck on his face although he tried not to show it.

"You look so beautiful.Alice you did an amazing job picking out the dress."Emily said to the dark haired girl.

She smiled "Thanks Emily.So I guess everyones ready now?"

"We better go take our seats now."Emily said kissing my cheek then Bella,Rose and Alice hugged me.

"Ready for this Addison?"Sam asked as I took a shaky breath.

"Don't let me fall."I joked.

He shook his head "Never if I did Jake would have my head for it."

I laughed and looked down the aisle where Jacob was standing a smile plastered on his beautiful tan face.Everyone was looking at me but I was only looking at Jacob.Jacob and I said our vows and then we kissed.It was the best thing ever.

"I love you Addison forever and always."he said kissing me again.

"I love you to Jake forever and always."I replied smiling.

I heard the faint sound of some one yelling my name and shaking me.When I woke up Embry and Jared where looking at me laughing.

"Whats up guys?"I asked my voice still tired.

"Nothing we thought we'd keep you company until Jacob could come over tonight"Jared said.

"Why are you smirking like that?"I asked not moving from laying down.

Embry flashed me a smile "You talk in your sleep so um why did you tell Jacob you loved him?"

I blushed and shook my head my dark hair falling in my face "No reason."

"Five bucks it was them getting married."Embry said.

"Ten says they had a kid."Jared bet.

Shaking my head I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair.When I walked back into my room the boys were arguing about what my dream was about.

"Who's right Addy?"Embry asked.

Bitting my lip I nodded at him "You were right shockingly."

"How cute Addison you got married to Jacob."Jared gushed.

Getting a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt I went back to the bathroom to get dressed so I could go over Sam and Emily's.The boys followed of course and told Emily about my dream.

Emily was smiling like a fool "How cute Addy,you know you guys will get married I just know it."

I shook my head "I'm good with being a single pringle for the rest of my life."

"Pringles damn you Addy I want pringles now."Jared said.

Shrugging I grabbed a muffin eating it silently thinking about my dream.I hadn't noticed Jacob walked in and was sitting next to me.

"Why are you so happy today.Not that I don't like seeing you smile."Jacob said.

"She had a dream th-"before Embry could finished the sentence Emily put her hand over his mouth.

"If it comes out of your mouth about Andy I doubt it's true."Jacob joked winking at me.

Later that night after my mom left since she was going to New York for some business trip Jacob came over because there was a vampire by my house or something.

"Shouldn't you guys be watching Bella instead of me?"I asked walking into the kitchen.

He shook his head "She's in Italy getting her leech back."

"Oh well at least we don't have to worry about her doing crazy things any more."I said leaning on the counter.

He seemed off in his thoughts for a minute "So what do you want to do?"

I bit my lip "Can I ask you something?"

He nodded "Of course."

"Do you love Bella?"I asked.

He sighed "It's complicated I mean I'm in love with Bella but I'm supposed to love my imprint to."

"So you do love her more then your imprint?"I asked.

"I think I'm starting to love my imprint more."he flashed me a smile that made my heart melt.

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