The Dream That Actually Came True

I have this story in another webpage its totally mine, i have written it all, except a few chapters that my friends wrote themselves :D

So, i had this dream a while ago, and i keep replaying it in my head all the time. i actually redreamed it a few days ago jeje. I will be adding memories with my friends and stuff so if you think its weird, well, we are :D


It starts with me in plane on my way to germany, then my 4 friends tag along after some really good news i give them.

for the rest, you'll just have to read


19. Where are we going??

Nobody's pov

Cata and Louis were on their way to the restaurant, holding each others free hand. Lou was driving so his free hand was holding cata's. She was smiling like an idiot, as was he, even though lou was trying to focus on the road. 'where are we going lou?' 'you'll see when we get there babe.' 'ughh fine.' a pout on cata's face appeared while a smile appeared in Lou's. It took them 20 more minutes to arrive at the restaurant. 

'oh my. Lou, you didnt have to. You know that right?' she said as a smile grew on her face, lou smiled, 'yes i did its our first date and i need to treat my girlfriend right. I do it all out love babe.' 'awww lou. I love you.' she said as he got out of the car and went around to open her door. 'thank you kind sir' she said a smile on her face. 'you are very welcome my lady.' he did a little bow as he extended his hand for her to hold. 

She smiled and hesitated to take his hand, he grew a confused look and she smiled, she grabbed his hand and pulled herself out of the car with his help. 

'you my lady look beautiful.' he said, cata started blushing and hid her face by pulling lou into a hug, 'thanks lou, you look handsome yourself.' she pulled away, but louis didnt let her, he pulled her in for a kiss, a very passionate kiss. She sighed as they pulled away. 'Im hungry Lou.' 'yes! Me too  hahaha. Lets go inside.' he said this and pecked her lips. 

They walked to the restaurant, as they go to the door lou let go of her hand and went straight for the door. He opened the door for her and let her through. There was a smile on cata's face, you could tell she was really happy. 'thank you kind sir.' she said as she winked. 'anytime beautiful.' she blushed and kept walking. Slowing down a bit to wait for lou to catch up. He grabbed her by the waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek, she smiled and walked towards the woman at the front of the restaurant. 'we have a reservation.' louis said, 'whats ur name sir?' said the lady.'Tomlinson, party of two.' 'come right this way mr and mrs Tomlinson' when she said that louis and cata turned to look at each other, they giggled and followed her.

After about 30minutes of talking on and on and laughing about everything, their food arrived. 

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