The Dream That Actually Came True

I have this story in another webpage its totally mine, i have written it all, except a few chapters that my friends wrote themselves :D

So, i had this dream a while ago, and i keep replaying it in my head all the time. i actually redreamed it a few days ago jeje. I will be adding memories with my friends and stuff so if you think its weird, well, we are :D


It starts with me in plane on my way to germany, then my 4 friends tag along after some really good news i give them.

for the rest, you'll just have to read


30. Talking To Harry and Walking Down The Street


Louis' POV

Paul placed his hand on my shoulder and told me to go backstage for a second, where Harry was waiting for me. FINALLY HE APPEARS! I dragged my feet over there, leaving dozens of girls shouting "And Harry and Louis??" behind. Harry was sitting down on a couch, his iPhone in hand. I could tell he had just used it because the screen was bright. When he saw me he sighed and brushed his hand through his curls. I sat down across from him and stared blankly at his direction. 

"I just talked to Andre. After the signing we're going to this ice cream parlor they're at and you'll see Cata-" I shot up, mouth open and ready to argue, when Harry interrupted me "DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK RIGHT NOW! You are gonna go there and tell this girl EXACTLY what happened and you are gonna listen to her, without discussing, and you'll apologize. AND you'll tell her how much you love her. You'll tell her everything you have told me about her. Because Lou, let's face it, you can't actually live without her. Not with the feelings you have for Cata" Harry finished and stood up, towering me as the tall bastard he is. I frowned as if I was angry, but in reality, I was terrified. I wanted to see Cata! He was right, I was tearing up inside just thinking I had caused her so much pain. But facing her... what if she didn't take me back? What if I had lost her forever? Thinking about this, I clenched my teeth, formed my hand into fists and looked at Harry, anger reflected on my eyes. We stayed like that for about two minutes, and then, out of the blue, we hugged each other.   "Let's do this" I told my best friend "Thank you, you idiotic cunt".

Harry smiled, pleased "You're welcome Jennifer."

Cata's POV

A picture of the girl that Louis had kissed was displayed on the screen.  More precisely, a picture of the kiss between them. This picture was taken by someone outside the changing room, probably one of the assistants backstage, which I had somehow missed to see. In this picture, Louis and the girl seemed so into the kiss, like she was grabbing him by the shirt and everything... I stood up. My friends were all looking at me, troubled and worried.  My face was expressionless.

 "No" I said plainly, and without hesitation leaned over the table to return Lau her phone.

 "Cata, sweetie" Ari cried "No what?!"

 "Just... No. I'm not going to deal with this. If he thinks he can somehow apologize and make things better again, he's wrong. I'm not doing this anymore" I said, my eyes in the verge of tears, but somehow managing not to show it. My friends had been so good to me; they didn't deserve to see me cry again. Only my room and my sad songs playlist deserved that.

 "But Cata-" Steff started, standing up.

 "I know what you're going to say Steff, that I should let him explain. But honestly, a picture says more than a thousand words. And you have seen it; have the world has through the Internet now. I'm sorry guys, I love you all so much and I really enjoyed eating ice cream here with you. It really made me happier. But this... this picture; I can't, just no. I'm leaving now" I turned to Andre "Andre would you please come with me? You guys please stay and finish your ice cream, don't worry about me." Andre nodded. 

 "Cata are you sure? I want to go with you, we all want to. It's ok" Lau said. I smiled at her and stood up, going to hug her. "I'm alright, hun." I said, and Andre and I headed for the door. As I walked out my group of friends had fallen in complete silence, we all knew there was nothing left to say then. Andre quickly sent a text and then offered me her arm as we walked down the street. 

Andre's POV

"Andre would you please come with me? You guys please stay and finish your ice cream, don't worry about me." I nodded, understanding it was the best for Cata to leave. As we walked out the door, I took my phone out and quickly texted something to Harry: "Don't come by please. We're leaving. Louis is SO DEAD Haz, SO DEAD." And put it away in my purse and turned to Cata. I could see the tough act she had put one in the parlor was beginning to fall as tears rolled down her cheeks, so I offered her my arm and she took it as we walked down the street.

Louis's POV

 About an hour and a half had gone by since Harry had confronted me and had told me I was being forced to talk to Cata. All the time we were in the car, driving towards the ice cream parlor, I had been leaning my head on the passenger's window, watching numerous buildings pass us by. The signing had seemed eternal, but the car drive was twice as worse. Eons could have taken place from my perspective. All the while, I had been thinking over and over what I was going to tell her, and it always ended with "I'll shoot myself." I. am. so. bloody. depressing!!!

 Harry, instead, had been complaining all the time about the poor cell phone signal he had. He kept on telling me how the text he had written Andre hadn't yet been sent, but I really didn't care. My whole focus was on reaching that place. From then on, I had to put all my faith on the fact that the girl I loved would believe and forgive me. 

Harry's POV

 When we reached the place and I parked the car in front of it, I knew something odd was going on. Through the windows, I could see an old couple were the sole costumers of the parlor at that moment. They were sitting on a table behind two others that had been placed together as to be used by a large group of people. But no sign of Cata. No sign of my girl either. What the -? 

Right then, my phone beeped, letting me know my text to Andre had finally been sent. And immediately after, it beeped again, differently, telling me that I had received a new text message. It was Andre's, and she had sent it to me quite a while ago. It read: "Don't come by please. We're leaving. Louis is SO DEAD Haz, SO DEAD." So that explained the absence of people in the parlor. I looked at Lou, and then let my head fall against the driving wheel. What had happened?

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