The Dream That Actually Came True

I have this story in another webpage its totally mine, i have written it all, except a few chapters that my friends wrote themselves :D

So, i had this dream a while ago, and i keep replaying it in my head all the time. i actually redreamed it a few days ago jeje. I will be adding memories with my friends and stuff so if you think its weird, well, we are :D


It starts with me in plane on my way to germany, then my 4 friends tag along after some really good news i give them.

for the rest, you'll just have to read


10. Playing Matchmaker and introducing the boys


Meli's POV

"OMG!" Thats all I could say, lau was in shock, she was frozen. "Lau! Earth calling lau!" No response. "ONE DIRECTION CALLING LAURA PRADA!!" "Huh?!?" thats all she muttered before we looked at harry and andre. THE Harry Styles was kissing our best friend.

Lau's POV

OMG! I am so jealous of her. But whatever! Its Harry, i can still get to the other boys,Louis would be great. jeje. Then i saw the unexpected, behind harry were Louis Tomlinson and my bestie Cata. Louis' arm was around her waist, she looked up and they kissed. NO! My boo bear! ughh calm down, theres still the other three boys. "HARRY! Let the poor girl breathe!" Louis started yelling at Harry. "Hi, I am Harry. Nice to meet you beautiful." that was directed to Andre. She was smiling, a huge smile to be exact. "h..Hi, H-Harry. Nice to meet you too. Im A-Andrea." "I know." He winked at her.

Andre's POV

OMG! Harry styles just kissed me. Im going to faint, i swear im feeling my knees get weak. and he just winked at me. Hold me Harry Styles, cause im about to fall. I felt two arms wrap around me. That got me out of my fangirling moment in my head. "ITS SO NICE TO MEET YOU ANDRE! WE HAVE HEARD A LOT ABOUT YOU. How was your trip?" Louis said, half screming in my ear. "Hey there Louis. Its nice to see you again." I tried keeping my calm. I knew cata was dating him, i knew i would meet them sooner or later, i just didnt expect to be greeted by them, like THAT. "BOO! You are going to die for not telling me these two were coming!" I yelled in her ear while hugging her. Lau and Meli were still frozen. Harry and Lou were trying to get them back to earth. "allow us to bring them back." Cata said, a smirk on her face. 


Cata's POV

"LAURA PRADA! Louis tomlinson is dating someone new! and guess who?! and dont you dare stay like this, cause you might wanna talk to them before we get to my aunts house, and you see the other 3 boys. "SAY WHAT!?!?" She came back to me. I hugged her tight and went back to Lou's arms, this time letting her know that it was me who he was dating. "OMC! I am soo happy for you. Hi Louis, nice to meet you." She was really blushing, and i could tell she wanted to fangirl. "We now need to bring meli back, Harry would you do us the extraordiharry honor of bringing her back to life. just kiss her cheek and she will scream, so get away as soon as you do."I said, a smirk on my face. "Sure babe! no problem!" He let go of the arm that was around Andre's waist, i could see how he was looking at Andre, that my friends is me being a matchmaker. A loud scream brought me back to reality.

"AHHHHH!!!!" meli was screaming, she tried to calm down, and then realized we were all laughing. Then she pouted and hugged harry, i think she broke his bones. After Meli let go, she walked over to me, saw Lou's arm around my waist, grabbed my hand and pulled away, taking Lau with us. Lou was left behind with a confused look on his face. I turned, "I'll be right back." Thats all i could say before two of my best friends started fangirling and screaming at me at the same time.

"WHY DIDNT YOU TELL US?!? HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON FOR?!? IS HE LIKE THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER?!?" they said all that in unison. God were we weird. "Okay, before you eat me alive, I didnt tell you because this happened yesterday and i was overwhelmed, andre knew because she called right after i got off the plane. And yeah he is the best. Forgive me?" I said all that in one breath. "Okay, you're forgiven." They hugged me tight and gasped. I turned around to see what was going on, Harry and Andre were kissing passionatly, her arms around his neck, his arms wrapped around her. Then I saw Lou, he was standing there awkwardly, i ran towards him, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. He was surprised at first, me coming out of nowhere and all. But then he deepened the kiss. we stayed there for a while, until Lau and Meli couldnt take it anymore and faked coughed, bringing not only me and lou back but Harry and Andre. 

Boy was she blushing. I looked at her and winked. She looked at the ground again. "Okay people, lets go home, we have a lot to do today. And its only 9 am. LETS HURRY!!" I said, really excited, i couldnt believe i was spending the rest of the summer with my best friends, and hopefully, Lou. "OH! Before we forget, what time does Steff arrive?" "She said she was going to take the flight after ours so she should be here in 2 hours." Lau replied, while dialing a number on her phone and putting it on her ear. "Hey mom, we landed, Cata's here and we are on our way to her aunts house. Love you to mom, bye!" "LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!" We all laughed at Meli's comment. Harry, Lou and I helped the girls with their bags and went to the car.

This was our sitting arrangment, I was driving, Lou was in the passengers seat. In the back were Harry Lau and Meli and on Harry's lap, Andre. I couldnt believe how badly she was blushing. It was like she thought she was dreaming but at the same time knew she wasnt. This was a great way to start the summer. 


"We are back!!" Lou yelled. I found Liam, Niall and Zayn running towards us as i put the keys on their place and closing the door. "HI!!!" The three excited boys said in unison. "Im sorry if they scream or freeze guys, they are really getting used to this. You shouldve seen their reaction at the airport. Now, who's hungry?!?" I said, walking to the kitchen after putting one of their bags next to the stairs. "I AM!!!" Niall yelled running past me, "I know Niall, other than him, whos hungry?" I saw all hands raise. I laughed and went to the kitchen. Everyone followed me in and we were all trying to make our breakfast, okay so 9 people in a small kitchen is not a good idea. "OKAY STOP!! BOYS GET OUT! LET US GET BREAKFAST READY!" I couldnt take it anymore, there was no space to make breakfast, we were all crammed in the kitchen.

We were able to finish making sandwiches and eggs after the boys left. We sat at the table and started digging in. I think Niall stood up 3 times to get more eggs. Boy did he like his food. I looked at the girls, who looked really tired, "If you guys want, go sleep for a while, i will wake you before i go to the airport." "Thanks Boo, i will take that offer, now where are we sleeping?" Good question."You guys can take our room for now if you want. We can decide sleeping arrangments later." Louis said, before i could say the same thing. I swear he is a mind reader sometimes. "Thanks Lou, are you sure though? We can sleep in cata's room or something." Lau said, awkward silence rose. "His room is my room Lau." I blushed, breaking the silence. Niall laughed as he saw lau get bright red. "Oh! okay. Which one is it then?" Lau said, trying to kill me with her death look, i just laughed and took them upstairs, "okay so this is mine and Lou's room. I will bring the other mattress in a second. Let me go look for it." i really wanted to run away from Lau, cause i knew she would kill me for letting her say that. I got to my aunts room, knocked and she let me in.

"Tia, can I get the air mattresses, the girls are here and they want to take a nap before we get ready to leave." "Yeah sure, they are right there in the corner, i took them out after you left for the airport but havent had time to actually make them. You need any help?" "No thanks Tia, Im good, the girls will help me. Thanks though." "Sure thing, let me know when you leave, are you going to need the cars?" "I will, and i dont know about the cars, we would need both and i think the boys said something about renting one for the week. I'll ask and let you know. Thanks, bye!"

"Here you go girls, do you need anything else before i get in the shower?" I asked while i grabbed my laptop and headed for the door, stopping by my closet and grabbing an outfit. "We are fine, if we need anything we'll ask your aunt or one of the boys. Thanks" Said andre, i looked at her she just blushed, i knew what she meant by one of the boys, Harry, she was falling hard for this guy. "Okay, i will go downstairs to leave my laptop and i'll be right up to shower, you guys need anything or anyone from downstairs?" i winked at andre, who just turned bright red as we all laughed. 


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